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Why does my computer freeze? – Read what to do when your computer freezes and how to repair it.

Nothing can be more disgusting than your pc suddenly freezes while you’re writing a briefing document, chatting with friends or playing a game. In this article we’re going to identify some of the most common reasons why a computer can freeze, mainly in windows operating systems where this problem mostly occurs. Maybe you’re asking yourself: What should I do for prevent freezing? Is there any practical step-bystep guide to fix my computer? Below I listed some possible causes: 1. Memory ram: RAM is the most common type of memory found in computers and other devices, such as printers. When your Pc lack of it, you can start experiencing the freezing up. Bad programming can be another cause to memory leaks. This involves the software that you installed in the computer yourself without being assisted by windows. 2. CPU overheating: check if your computer processor overheats. Sometimes, the dirt on the fans makes malfunction. Open your computer and verify that all the fans are working properly. You can also determine the temperature of your CPU by onboard thermal sensors. 3. Virus infection: virus infections can cause the system crash down and even show the blue screen of death. 4. Missing DLL: When some of these component, which are crucial to your system performance are removed or disappears. It will definitely slow your PC speed and cause your PC to freeze up. 5. File fragmentation: When your hard disk is almost full and you want to store more data in it, the system tries to find different empty spaces to store the information. During fragmentation the pieces of one file are separated from

each other, this cause the slowdown and freeze up, for instance when you want to access a file, your computer has to hunt from different sources taking longer than if they were together. Nowadays, with the ultimate hard disk technology fragmentation hardly ever occur. 6. Spyware issue: Spyware also known as “Adware” it is used by companies to gather information about people and selling them products. They used tracking cookies to store information about your likes and movements. This helps the advertisers to show better ads and offer target products. Pop-up ads are great examples of a type of spyware. Overtime the storage of so much spyware can cause the computer freeze- up. 7. Driver Issue: For example if there is any issue with your video drivers, your computer could freeze up while you’re watching a movie or playing a video game. To avoid this kind of problems assure to have the latest updates for every device (modems, sound, video, etc.) Now we’re going to talk about the solutions for pc freeze-up 1. Identifying Software issues: Use the “safe mode option” which loads only the necessary files to run your operating system, to identify any malware or software issue. 2. Clean your windows registry: Use PC Health boost and restore your pc performance automatically.


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