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Name: ………………………………………………………………. …………………………………………………….... Date: …………………………… VOCABULARY 1.-Complete the sentences with the words in the list. active mild




a) Lying on the beach is not my idea of fun. I much prefer __________ holidays, like skiing or cycling. b) She doesn’t like going to very hot countries. She’s used to a __________ climate. c) He’s been very busy and stressed recently. He really needs a _________ holiday. d) They spend a month in the Amazon _________ last year. e) It always rains when we go on ________ holidays. ..../5 2.- Complete the sentences with the correct form of the phrasal verbs. sort out count on

fall out

pick up

check in

get on

a) My mum _______ me _____ 50 minutes late. b) We ___________ the train just before it left. c) I’ll park the car while you ___________ at the hotel reception. d) I ___________ with my ex-girlfriend yesterday. We had a big argument. e) If you need help, you can ____________ me. f) I don’t know how to ___________ this problem. ..../6 3.- Complete the sentences with a suitable verb. Use the gerund or the to+infinitive form. a) I want ________ (go) scuba diving in the Costa Brava next year. b) _________ (listen) to music is a good way to make time go by faster when you’re on a long journey. c) We’ve arrange _________ (stay) in my uncle’s flat in Marbella for a week in August. d) When I was in Thailand I couldn’t get used to _________ (eat) so much spicy food. e) _________ (swim) in the sea just after a big meal is bad for the digestion. f) We can’t go by plane because my mother’s afraid of ________ (fly). ..../6 GRAMMAR 4.- Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. a) ______________________ (you / see) Sam yesterday?

b) He ________________ (go) to school by bus most days. c) I _________________ (not understand) what you’re saying. d) When she got to the check-in desk, she realized she _______________ (leave) her passport at home. e) He broke his leg while he ________________ (play) tennis. f) The teacher was angry with Tom because he _____________ (not do) his homework. g) I ____________ (hear) the new album yet. h) ______________ ( you / wear) your new dress to the party last Saturday? i) Joe’s outside. He _____________ (play) football in the street. j) I ______________ (not see) Andy yesterday. ..../10 5.- Complete the sentences with the past perfect or past simple.

a) Belen _____________ (not can) come to the b) c) d) e)

disco because she _____________ (arrange) to do something else. I _____________ (not recognize) Clara because she ____________ (change) so much. My friends ____________ (already leave) by the time I ___________ (arrive) at the café. I ____________ (ask) Miguel to come to the cinema with me but he __________ (already see) he film. When Jaime ____________ (get) home, his wife _______________ (already go) to bed.

..../10 6.- Write sentences. Use the present perfect or past simple. a) the train / leave / Madrid / at 6 a.m. _____________________________________ ____ b) there / be / a lot of rain / this year _____________________________________ ____ c) I / come back / from Lanzarote / yesterday _____________________________________ ____ d) he / ever / be / in a helicopter? _____________________________________ ____ e) the plane / land / five minutes ago _____________________________________ ____ ..../5 7.- Rewrite sentences 1-5 without changing the meaning. Use the present perfect with for or since.

a) They got married 60 years ago and they’re still married. _____________________________________ ____ b) I had something to eat at 7 a.m. I didn’t eat after that. _____________________________________ ____ c) The last time she went to the dentist was two years ago. _____________________________________ ____ d) They moved to Malaga last spring. They still live there. _____________________________________ ____ e) John last called me on Friday. _____________________________________ ____ ..../5 8.- Complete the sentences with yet, already or just. a) Would you take those dirty shoes off, please? I’ve _________ cleaned the floor. b) He’s just got a new MP3 player and he’s lost it ___________. c) Shhh! The baby’s ___________ gone to sleep. d) They haven’t booked their flights ____________ . e) ‘Would you like a biscuit?’ ‘No thanks. I’ve __________ had two.’ f) Have you decided what you want to do for oyur birthday ____________ ? ..../6 9.- Choose the correct alternatives.

a) I can’t be used to live / get used to b) c) d) e)

living / get used to live on my own. Luis don’t call / doesn’t call / isn’t calling me very often. Look! That man tries / is trying / tried to steal your bicycle. Ben hurt his leg so he can’t / couldn’t / won’t be able to play basketball yesterday. Maria used to live / was living / had lived in Cadiz when she was younger.

..../5 READING Mount Everest At 8,848 metres Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world. It is part of the Himalayan range and is located on the border between Nepal and Tibet. Attempts to climb Mount Everest began in 1921 when Tibet opened its borders to foreigners. Before that the Sherpas, who lived at the foot of Mount Everest, hadn’t thought about climbing the mountain, which they thought was a residence of the gods and off limits for humans. In 1924, two British climbers, George Mallory and Andrew Irvine, attempted the summit. Mallory, who had already made two unsuccessful attempts to reach the summit, was famous for saying to newspaper reporters when they asked him why he wanted to climb Everest, ‘Because it’s there.’ The two men never

returned. Mallory’s body was discovered 75 years later but it is not clear whether he had got to the top before the mountain killed him. In 1953, Edmund Hillary from New Zealand, and Tenzing Norgay, a well-known Sherpa climber, became the first to reach the summit and come down again safely. Since then 2,062 individuals have reached the summit and 203 people have lost their lives climbing the mountain. Many people have broken records, including the first ascent by a woman, the first solo ascent, the first to go up one route and come down another. The most significant record, however, was broken in 1978 when two Austrians climbed the mountain without extra oxygen. The conditions on the mountain are extremely dangerous with avalanches, winds of up to 201 kilometres per hour, temperatures of 40°C below zero and lack of oxygen. Climbers spend months getting used to the climate and usually attempt Everest only in May and October to avoid the winter snow and summer monsoons. In recent years, media access to Everest has increased. We have seen live internet reports, using solar energy, from the mountain. A television camera team has filmed their own climb. There are now guided trips up the mountain so that anyone who is in good physical condition, and can pay $65,000, can get to the top. People like Hillary do not agree with the commercialization of Everest as they feel it shows a lack of respect for the mountain.

10.- Read the text and choose the correct answers A, B, C or D. 1. The Sherpas hadn’t climbed Mount Everest before 1921 because they … A . thought it was too dangerous. B . thought it was the home of the gods. C . didn’t know how to climb. D . didn’t have time. 2. Mallory attempted to climb Everest … A . once. B. twice. C . three times. D. four times. 3. The first person to climb Everest was … A . Mallory. B . Sherpa Tenzing. C . Edmund Hillary. D. (We don’t know.) 4. Climbers go up Everest in May and October because … A . they are the warmest months. B . they are the safest months. C . there aren’t too many other climbers then. D . the guides are cheaper then. ..../4 11.- Answer the questions in your own words. (6 marks)

a) Why hadn’t any foreigners climbed Everest before 1921? _____________________________________ _ b) Why did George Mallory want to climb Everest? _____________________________________ _ c) How has Mount Everest been commercialized? _____________________________________ __ ..../3

12.- Write about your last holidays using everything you have studied so far. (75-100 words) _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _____________________ ..../10

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