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May 2014/LOKuuRAZ


May 2014/LOKuuRAZ



Criolas Contra Cancer

14 Interview with Ani Lobo

16 Exclusive with Bambi “Adicao”



Sandra Alicia

34 Cape Verdean model & reality star Photography by Cristiano


P. 23 Rapper D. Lopes

“Inside the mind of a rapper”

P. 20 Paulo Fidalgo

Fidaldo Family Kidney Walk

P. 30 Wendees Crew P. 48 “CV COUPLES” by TO GOMES MODELS

P. 54 Photographer W Lee Thurston Jr. P. 55 Chief Editor Claudina Silva P. 25 Confident Apparel

P. 28 “My Story” by Kendall Bretto Smiley P. 45 CASA DE ANGELINA

LOKuuRAZ Magazine Team: President, Graphic Designer: Jose C. Silva Chief Editor: Claudina Silva Photographers: 337photos


May 2014/LOKuuRAZ

P. 5 Arlinda “R.Lynda” Fashion Designer/Singer/Songwriter

R.LYNDA The best elements of couture

Model: Melanie Nunes

Cape Verdean from Brockton, MA “Modeling isn’t only a passion, its my life”

Model: Marlene Chantre Monteiro

From Mindelo, Sao Vicente, Cabo Verde. “I’ve had a passion for modeling since I was 9 years old”

Who is

Arlinda R.Lynda?

Arlinda’s story is a product of cultural and travel experiences driven by her unique style, her undeniable passion, and her determination to succeed. Having grown up in a family of seamstresses and dressmakers, Arlinda learned the craft at an early age, and she has dedicated herself to making a living doing what she loves ever since. Growing up, Arlinda learned the process of creating your own style through watching her mother, who always opted to make her outfits rather than purchasing them from a store. Naturally, creating and alternating fabric quickly became a norm in her household. Arlinda later decided to study fashion design and develop the skills to create her own brand. R.Lynda is a distinct merge between the details of haute couture with the needs of the modern woman. It’s simply the best elements of couture! The brand is feminine and romantic, yet sexy and bold. When designing her line, Arlinda uses delicate fabrics that highlight the woman’s shape. “I cater to the femme who wants to impress, be unique, and stand out,” said Arlinda. Being Cape Verdean has impacted Arlinda’s creative process in a great way. She describes it as drawing inspiration from the beauty of the ten islands to create designs. According to Arlinda, every Cape Verdean woman has a magic touch. “The way our bodies are shaped and contour the sensuality in each and every single one of us so differently and uniquely, it inspires me to create pieces that will enhance the beauty and shapes of modern women.” When asked what advice she would extend to young Cape Verdeans seeking to pursue a career in fashion, Arlinda stressed the importance of putting together a plan, getting an education, and remaining strong and consistent throughout

the process. She emphasized the need for persistence in following your vision, keeping in mind that plans shift while on route, not being afraid to ask for help, adjusting and adapting, and ultimately fighting to the finish! “Fashion is my passion, music is in my blood, and flying is what makes it all possible,” said Arlinda. “Yes, I’m also a Flight Attendant and I absolutely love it,” she added. It is no surprise that Arlinda embraced the world of fashion early on and would eventually pursue careers in the entertainment, such as modeling and dancing, allowing for her expansion in the market. Arlinda has recently launched her career in the music industry as a solo artist. The release of her first single, Magia di Kriola on March 8, 2014, International Women’s Day, denotes her wish to empower women, particularly Kriolas, to make their mark in the world. “I’m a proud Cape Verdean woman and it felt right to start on that note,” said Arlinda. Currently working on her debut album, set to release by the end of this year, Arlinda has been promoting her hit single in the USA, Cape Verde and Europe. As she continues to work on the album with producer MarkG, Arlinda is working on other projects with producers such as Saulo Montrond from Green Studios in Cape Verde, including her video, now available on YouTube. Stay tuned as Arlinda has many surprises in store for the fans out there. To keep up with all the latest news, you can follow her on Facebook, Twitter and IGs (RLYNDAMUSIC), and visit her website, Check out Arlinda’s unique line worn by Cape Verdean models, Marlene Chantre and Melanie Fernandes, also featured in this issue.

Photographer: 337photos Article by: Claudina Silva Designer: R.Lynda

Models: Marlene & Melanie

May 2014/LOKuuRAZ



May 2014/LOKuuRAZ

May 2014/LOKuuRAZ


Interview with Ani Lobo

Article by Claudina Silva Interview by Jose Silva Photography by Paulo Fidalgo

Criolas Contra Cancer is an initiative created by a group of friends who decided to come together with the common goal of helping those less fortunate. Sharing the common background of being immigrants from Cabo Verde who have worked hard to secure a better future in this country and having been blessed with health, supportive families and many other great fortunes, these young women felt they had received a calling to make a difference in the community. The group’s motto is that “we are all Criolas Contra Cancer,” so they remain open to suggestions, ideas, opinions and help from anyone who wishes to adhere to the goals of the organization. Although the name reflects the word cancer, the aim is not limited to just helping those affected by the disease.  Rather, the word cancer is used to define something malign, or bad in nature. “Our inspiration comes from seeing the difference one can make in someone’s life just by sharing comforting words. It comes from seeing the amazing outpour of support our community has shown us,” said Ani Lobo, one of the group’s founding members. The group promises to keep moving forward with this mission by remaining honest and transparent and seeking donations from the community. The ultimate goal of the group is to form a solid non-profit organization that will continue the work that these young women have started for generations to come.  “We don’t want this to be a just a phase.  We want our children and grandchildren to inherit the spirit of giving and doing for others,” stated Lobo. The next step is to make the group’s presence known and strengthen their efforts in raising funds to help others.   Coming up in March of this year, Criolas Contra Cancer will be in Santiago, Cabo Verde for an event which will benefit needy children, in collaboration with local promoters Cockpit, Jean Iventus and Sigui Sabura.  The group is also currently in the planning stages of their first annual Criolas Contra Cancer Gala in celebration of their anniversary taking place in May.  Stay tuned for many other events to be held throughout the year with the help and cooperation of the community. All donations are welcomed via Paypal or through the group’s Bank of America account. Criolas Contra Cancer can be contacted via email at


May 2014/LOKuuRAZ

May 2014/LOKuuRAZ



May 2014/LOKuuRAZ


May 2014/LOKuuRAZ


Bambi Daddabbo, born and raised in Boston, MA is a professional dancer, model, VJ, actress, fashion designer and performing artist. With a passion for performing, and her Cape Verde swag, Bambi says she “has it all.” Most recently, Bambi has traveled as an artist to the Cape Verde islands while traveling with music mogul Akon for his concert tour in Africa. She also signed on to a production deal in 2010 with Marvin McIntyre’s Right Time Records where she has received top of the line artist development along with the four members of her former pop group New View, which is based out of Boston. Bambi is currently working with her new music group Enve. Bambi began her career early as a dancer and model at the age of three and was fortunate to travel the world with the Nia Dance Troupe – a Boston-based group that recently won several of the BET 106&Park dance contests and performed with world-renowned artists worldwide. With what Bambi calls “street smarts and book smarts,” she expanded her talents when she found herself running Freaky Fridays – an under 21 nightclub at the Bay Side Expo Center in Boston.  By the time she would turn 14, Bambi would begin a hosting gig for Music Vision - a weekly Boston T.V. show. Four years later, Bambi stepped onto the Miami club scene and began promoting and hosting at various venues while receiving a fashion degree at Johnson & Whales University in Miami. When asked how she stays grounded, she replied that she never takes any of her success for granted. “The entertainment industry has pursued me since I was a child,” says Bambi “I’ve had nothing but great opportunities in the industry not only because of my many talents but because I can light up a room - which I believe is a gift.”


May 2014/LOKuuRAZ

In 2000, Bambi’s dance career was side tracked when she severely injured her neck in a freak accident. But with survival in the forefront of her mind, Bambi pushed forward and overcame her accident – mentally and physically. “My confidence, culture, versatility, positive mindset, work-ethic and willingness to learn pulled me through,” says Bambi. “I am authentic to myself and I am a leader and I stand out from the crowd - all of these attributes helped propel me forward and overcome atrocities in my life.” While she would never dance again competitively, she switched gears and began to pursue the fashion industry and co- established a T-shirt line called Get Fresh Clothing, which in turn would prompt the launching of Lee Dionne International, TEHO, Xatia and Adição – fashion enterprises that Bambi continues today. With a thirst for knowledge and a love for fashion, Bambi is determined to succeed. It is her goal-driven personality that has led Bambi to where she is today as a successful designer. The idea for her most recent designs came to her while on the set of a photo shoot when she saw the stylist lugging tons of clothes and footwear to the location. Bambi began thinking about how to simplify this process. Most of the outfits needed a little something extra to bring the garment to life; and what would later be known as Adição (i.e. the perfect addition) suddenly emerged. Adição is an easy to use, simple to attach, patented accessory that can be used in many ways to make that addition or alteration to something you already own into something even greater. With the economy the way it is, multiplied by the amount it costs for quality products, it only makes sense that you could benefit from getting more use out of what you own. Bambi has been working with the best fabric houses and leather skin suppliers to bring out a great collection of Adição to enhance just about every garment in your closet. “What I’ve developed is a proprietary system in which magnets are embedded into the fabrication to allow for a strengthened closure and safe attachment of the fashion compliment of your choice,” said Bambi. “I’ve shown you one avenue, the boot, but that very same Adição can be added onto a jacket or a collar! And it’s not just for the ladies; guys can pop one on their cap or a pair on their cuff!” Bambi’s passion is undeniable. While her success is quickly skyrocketing, she has never forgotten her upbringing. Bambi donates her time and effort to young teens. In 2009, she established Divas that Make a Difference with the purpose to “give back to the community and keep young women informed in what’s important in life.” In addition, her non-profit program D.M.D (Divas Mentoring Divas) under J.A.B Step recently celebrated a year of providing mentoring through performing arts to young females ages 5-16. The program runs every school vacation week. Performing Arts Academy of D.M.D classes start Saturday March 1, 2014 and will continue every Saturday thereafter. “I plan to offer more programs to help females gain knowledge and education on resources that help them to be more independent and role models for their children,” says Bambi. “I love to motivate and support young women of talent who are exploring paths toward healing, reconciliation, and achieving their dreams.” Bambi’s advice to young Cape Verdeans looking to pursue the fashion industry is to follow their dreams and stick to their vision. Anyone can learn the skills and techniques, but it is the artist’s job to create his/her own vision. Bambi is currently filming her own Reality Series, called She Is Boston, in the hopes of being picked up by one of many interested networks. It is a female based reality show displaying the work, community service, drama and struggle of six well-known females: Feeva, Brianna Amor, Neah, Meeh, Cassandra, and Karly Chae” of Boston, who are made the focal point of this show and were chosen by Bambi Daddabbo . With her jam-packed schedule, Bambi is hoping to launch a spring fashion show this April, write a book and put together a documentary on an organization which she started 10 years ago, known as G.W.O.P Divas. She is also hoping to raise funds to start a non-profit called Bri’s House - a group home for women, in honor of Briana Bigby from G.W.O.P Diva, who passed away June 1, 2013. There is likely to be much more in store from Bambi. Stay tuned!

Paulo Fidalgo is an example of how great trials can be turned into something impactful.  After being diagnosed with kidney disease, Fidalgo decided to start a movement that would help others affected by this condition. What began as a team made up of 15 family members has quickly become one of the largest teams in New England.   The purpose of Team Fidalgo Family Kidney Walk is to raise money and help raise awareness about kidney disease. The belief is that in educating the community, people will be better prepared to face this disease. After only four years of existence, Team Fidalgo Family is receiving the Award for Largest Team in New England for the third time this year.   The annual Kidney Walk takes place on October 26, following the annual Fidalgo Family Fundraiser. Donations are always welcome, and those interested in contributing  are encouraged to  contact Team Fidalgo Family via facebook, email or call Fidalgo at 617-447-6304.       Stay tuned for more upcoming events from this great organization.

February 2014/LOKuuRAZ


Daniel Lopes, also known as D Lopes is a Cape Verdean-American artist who has been making a name for himself through the world of hip hop. Having participated in school choruses growing up, D Lopes knew that music was his calling early on in life. At the age of 15 he started out as a DJ with partner DJ Backspin. As a DJ, he was able to learn the structure of music, which helped him to pursue the industry. D Lopes eventually found his niche in the genre of rap, mostly freestyle. However, it wasn’t until his first trip to Cape Verde that he found the confidence to perform in front of large crowds. The support he received in CV encouraged him to move forward with his music and to do it as a tribute to Cape Verde. Growing up, Lopes looked up to artists like Tupac, Biggie, Nas, Jay-Z, Rakim and Krs One. “I grew up listening to them. Their messages molded the man that I am. They were like my big brothers,” said Lopes.  Living in Brockton, Lopes was constantly exposed to the kind of environment typically related with rap mentality, which at times placed him in harm’s way. Yet his love for hip hop was greater. When he first started out, D Lopes’ music was mostly influenced by contemporary artists, until joining J. Beats. The duo began crafting their own sound, which has now transformed into a mission. “We make CABO Hip Hop, it is not just hip hop and it is not just CABO; and I think J. Beats and I have something the world should hear,” said Lopes. “That is my goal, not just to get Cape Verdean people to like us, but to get the world to love Cape Verde and its beautiful sound,” he added. D Lopes is currently building what he calls the largest catalog of non-released music. It is a combination of CABO2, a follow up to their most successful album to date, along with a second Cabo Mixtape and a Hip Hop Mixtape. In total, Lopes has recorded well over 120 songs through these projects, and hopes to continue making music for as long as he can. When asked what advice he would offer to those looking to start out in the music world, Lopes stated: “Go to business school, because music should come natural with practice. If you take business, you can apply it to your own product; and if you fail, you have something to fall back on.” He added, “I have been blessed to last this long and to release 3 albums without a record deal, but it is because I understood business. I understood that if I can’t profit, I got to stop it.” Stay tuned for much more to come from D Lopes and J.Beats.

May 2014/LOKuuRAZ



May 2014/LOKuuRAZ

Jorge Antunes Pires is a living testament to how one’s dream can change and evolve into something greater. Inspired and motivated by strong women in his family, namely his mother and grandmother, Pires learned at a young age that pursuing one’s dream requires hard work and perseverance. “My dream was to play professional soccer ever since I can remember. But not all dreams come true that’s reality,” said Pires. “I always imagined I’d have my own company and that’s what I’m trying to do now, build ‘my new dream,’” he added. In 10th grade, Pires got the idea to design a shirt for the soccer team. Little did he know that this shirt would be the first of many, which would later snowball into a career in fashion design. Because of all the positive people who supported him along the way, Pires is determined to make Confident Apparel (his clothing line) - a name he hopes everyone will come to love. Confident Apparel “ Be proud to wear you “ Confident Apparel is featuring a new line attracting men and women who need a new fresh sense of fashion. The line will offer new styles, colors, trends of comfortable clothing including tees, tanks, shorts, hoodies and everyday casual gear – printed on the finest material around to give you a truly premium t-shirt at a great price. “We are more than just a clothing company; Confident Apparel is a movement – an expression. The brand is not only up to the standards of the current trends, but we also stay in our own creative lane,” said Pires. “We pride ourselves on constant improvement of quality designs, products and overall service to the customer. This is because we are never happy to just sit on what we have achieved, rather we are constantly looking to improve and grow as a brand,” he added. Pires compares the design to an infant, in that the designer creates a mess and makes mistakes without fearing the consequences. The brand is all about expressing how you feel. Confident Apparel is a reflection of how you feel inside. The team’s mission is to uplift and give people self-confidence, assuming the belief that if you look good, you feel good. In 2014, Pires and his team plan to continue working on some new designs, including summer wear. They will also add the kid’s line later this year. In addition the crew will be teaming up with a few organizations to give back and help the community. Stay tuned for much more to come from Confident Apparel. “Big shout out to those who inspired me thus far: Jackie Canuto, Kim Canuto, Jorge Pires and Michael Pires.” Thank you to LOKuuRAZ Magazine for giving us a platform to share our brand with everyone. Thanks for the support. “Whatever you believe about yourself on the inside is what you will manifest on the outside” Thanks to our confident apparel team for all the hard work. Kim Canuto and Jorge Pires

May 2014/LOKuuRAZ

I was training for a Figure Competition scheduled for June 2013 and planning my August wedding. And what better way to help me fit into my wedding dress than to train for a competition. It would be my Figure Pro debut. My training was intense and my diet was very strict. I had only been competing for 1 year before earning a Pro Status in the industry. In February of 2013, I dislocated my left shoulder while working out. Being an Occupational Therapist, I popped it back in myself, only to realize, boy that really hurt. So with the abrupt halt to my workout routine, I was off to get an MRI of my shoulder. And in the same week I noticed a lump in my right breast. I reached out to my OBGYN, had an ultrasound done and was scheduled for a biopsy on Marathon Monday. We are all too familiar with how that day turned out. On the evening of April 16th my husband to be had just arrived home with our twin boys when I received the phone call from my OBGYN. I remember saying that was quick, because the doctors had told me it would take about 5 business days for the results. But, it was in that moment that my OBGYN said, “It’s not good, it’s cancer.” I went numb and screamed out a loud cry. I was the healthiest person I knew. Just 6 months prior, I won 1st place and the overall in Figure at a National Physique Committee competition. So, on April 23, 2013 I had my lumpectomy at the age of 37. Now embarking on my road to recovery, I believe that my Figure competition training saved my life. With the love and support of my family, friends, co-workers and gym buddies I survived 16 doses of chemo, got married wearing a fabulous Raquel Welch wig, worked out to maintain my sanity, played ice hockey, carted my twin boys off to soccer and ended the year with 33 radiation treatments. #Leavingitallbehindin2013. Life is about living, having a good time and not putting things off. So get to it!


May 2014/LOKuuRAZ

May 2014/LOKuuRAZ




May 2014/LOKuuRAZ

It all started when four guys met. Wendees’ original members: Michel, Bo Dze, Ukno and Tchara are a group of friends who shared a similar outlook on life. They organized a party for a close friend (Ja), and the turnout was surprisingly positive. This sparked the start of something that would later become a movement. Since Bo Dze knew how to DJ it was decided, they were set to begin an entertainment group. Wendees’ first official party took place at Mindelo Club and the feedback was amazing. Even though the results were great, the group knew that they would have to change it up to ensure that the crowd could experience something different at every event. This led to the addition of themes into the night. Since Four Loko (an alcoholic beverage which was very popular at the time) was being taken out of the market, Wendees came up with the RIP Four Loko Party. Once again, the turnout was extraordinary. After the first few parties, Wendees decided that it was time to throw a blowout party which ended up being one of their proudest moments. Brazao had joined the crew and together as a group they came up with the idea for a Funny T-shirt Party. The party was originally going to be held in Providence, but due to some issues they lost the space a few days before the night of the event. Since the tickets had already been sold, the event could not be cancelled. Thankfully, the group was able to land Joe Angelo’s, and the party was moved to Brockton. “The place was completely filled; that was by far the best feeling! What made it even better was that everyone adhered to the theme and wore a funny t-shirt,” said a Wendees crew member. From that point on, Wendees became official, three more members joined (Admir, Zoru and Louie) and the group has been organizing parties since. The Wendees crew has always kept two things in mind: their crowd and originality. Besides holding parties, Wendees remains simply a group of friends who enjoys having a good time and helping out in the community by supporting and promoting positive community events. This year the group wants to spread the word PEACE and hopefully get people more involved through this shared goal, which is to stop/minimize violence which is affecting our community. Wendees want to be Peace promoters. Some of Wendees’ Theme Parties to date include: Funny T-shirt 1 and Funny T-shirt 2.0, NYAN (Not Your Average Night), Neon 1 and Neon 2.0, Sexy Santa, Fashion Disaster, ABC (Anything But Clothes), Surprise Party, LMAO/No Pants Party, HalloWendees, Carnaval and Ami É. Stay tuned for much more to come from the Wendees Crew.


May 2014/LOKuuRAZ

“I feel complete when I’m on stage.” Sandra Alicia

May 2014/LOKuuRAZ


The fashion world won a jewel when Sandra Alicia (SA) emerged on the scene. A product of hard working parents who strived to ensure that their children had a means for reaching their goals, she knew at a young age that it would take dedication and determination to rise from her humble beginnings. Although her father, Zecki was a well-known soccer player, SA knew she would have to make a name for herself in the modeling industry. From the first day she stepped on the runway at the age of 13, SA fell in love with modeling and knew right away that it would become her life’s passion. She would go on to participate in school fashion shows, get involved in community events, and later work with modeling agencies. SA wasted no time, as she immediately started getting out there and meeting new people, and getting involved in various modeling opportunities. Working nationally and internationally, she learned a lot and each experience reinforced her passion for modeling. It was through pursuing various venues in the field that SA had the unique opportunity to meet Tony Rocha, one of the best hairstylists. Rocha invited her to take part in a fashion show in Luxembourg. This exposure led to more invites from photoshoots with the likes of Maddog_Arts, Alexandre Zolynski and Eric Prudhon, to a grand fashion show with European hairstylist Keune. As more job offers lined up, SA continued building her career. She went to Portugal and did some work with Alexandre Conceição, and eventually returned to her homeland Cape Verde. By this time, she was being recognized by a majority of the population, thanks to her hard work and facebook. The best opportunity yet would emerge when she was invited to participate in a reality TV show in Cape Verde, called Casa do Lider. SA made it to the semifinals, and the experience really helped to shape her modeling portfolio. When asked what she considers a highlight in this field, SA said: “I love it all, traveling and learning about new cultures, the adrenaline of running backstage to change for the next shoot, and of course walking out on the runway.” She added, “I feel complete when I’m on stage.” SA’s dream is to be in fashion shows representing the greatest brands in the world and becoming one of the best models in the world. She hopes to one day be able to make a living doing what she loves. One of her main goals is to help youth who share her dream of becoming a model. Since there are not a lot of opportunities and resources available to young aspiring models in CV, it would be great to have a determined fighter such as SA to guide them in reaching their goals. Currently, SA works in Vaiss Models and Management in Cape Verde. She is also licensed in tourism, which allows her to pursue her other passion, traveling and interacting with new cultures. SA is also involved in the community through volunteering with Cruz Vermelha (Red Cross). Stay tuned for much more to come from this up and coming superstar.

May 2014/LOKuuRAZ


May 2014/LOKuuRAZ


May 2014/LOKuuRAZ


A native of Brava, Cape Verde, Angelina has dreamed of becoming a fashion designer since she was a teenager. Confident that she would one day reach her goals, Angelina pursued the path that would lead her to the ultimate dream. While attending Bay State College, she held an internship with Newbury Tailoring and eventually graduated in 2008. Constantly striving to reach new heights, Angelina is currently attending Bristol College in pursuit of a degree in Graphic Design. Angelina’s experiences have included collaborations with the likes of Joseph Abboud, Bridal Boutique, Armani Exchange, Ann Taylor, Lord & Taylor, Banana Republic, and Brahmin. She has also worked with photographers such as 337photos, Chris Lyons Photography and My VIP Paparazzi. Angelina has held two shows for her first and second Limited Edition T-Shirts. Debuting her CASA DE ANGELINA 2013 Fall/Winter Collection during the Boston Fashion Week on September 28th at the Boston Winery is certainly the highlight of the year. Having partnered with the Boston Winery, CASA DE ANGELINA now has a wine collection available for sale only at the Boston Winery. The collection includes three different blends: the 2012 White Mala Femmine, 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon, and 2009 Carbernet & Syrah Blend. “My source of inspiration comes from my inner child. I love everything fancy. I love making people happy and having a good time with my friends. CASA DE ANGELINA represents loyalty and strength; it’s a connection from the older generation to the new generation,” said Angelina. “CASA DE ANGELINA represents overcoming all struggles and living how you have always wanted to live - by reaching the impossible and making yourself the possible. Welcome para CASA DE ANGELINA.” CASA DE ANGELINA aims to ensure that you are dressed to feel confident about yourself. Being a key ingredient in Angelina’s decision to pursue the fashion industry, the brand seeks to embody this emotion. It follows the belief that you can have any feeling you want by just putting on the right clothing. Angelina hopes to accomplish a fashion house that makes everyone “feel grand and happy one garment at a time.” When asked where she finds the drive to excel, Angelina describes that because she had a strong foundation growing up, she has always been able to be herself and go after her heart’s desires. Having envisioned herself in custom dresses from Christian Dior, Versace, and Coco Chanel, it is no wonder that Angelina’s “fancy” taste would carry over to her own brand. Angelina hopes to become a successful fashion designer, and to that end she will continue to work at her craft. CASA DE ANGELINA promises to be around for a very long time. “The advice that I would give someone at this point of my life is to be kind to everyone; don’t let anyone disrespect you in any way, and dream big beyond this world. Don’t be afraid to work hard, take jobs that you never thought you would take, learn the value of a dollar, and please, teach yourself how to save,” said Angelina. “The business advice I can give you is the same I give myself when I need a reminder. I usually say ‘don’t ever give up on yourself, on your dreams, on your family, on God and never give up on what most say is impossible; you can be the one to make it possible.’ Designing for the future starts today.” Stay tuned for much more to come from CASA DE ANGELINA. May 2014/LOKuuRAZ


May 2014/LOKuuRAZ




May 2014/LOKuuRAZ




W Lee Thurston, Jr. is a Boston-based photographer with over 26 years of experience shooting events, parties, model portfolios, fashion shows, and book/magazine covers. Among these events were New York Fashion Week and BET’s 2009 Rip The Runway. Some of the music artists he has photographed include The Clipse, John Legend,Alicia Keys, Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, Jaheim, Ja-Rule, Mashonda and Whitney Houston, Toni Braxton, the Braxtons, the New England Patriots,Governor Deval Patrick,Former Mayor Thomas Menino, the Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots Cheerleaders and D.J. Kid Capri. W Lee Thurston, Jr. is a fun-loving guy who is easy to work with, and he is always in search of that perfect shot. 337PHOTOS Boston, MA

Claudina Silva, also known as Titita, is one of the youngest of 8 children. Originally from Cape Verde, she immigrated to the U.S. at the age of 9. She attended Bridgewater State University where she received a Bachelor’s degree in English and Psychology, and went on to complete her Master’s degree in School Counseling at UMASS Boston. Currently, she is an Education Advisor for Brockton Talent Search. Claudina has been translating, writing and editing since high school. Born to a musical family, she also has a strong passion for the performing arts, and she has taken part in talent shows, chorus and dance groups since elementary school. The stage is where she feels at home! In her spare time, she enjoys staying active through aerobics and sports, as well as getting involved in community/volunteer activities. Claudina hopes to record her own album one day, and go on to pursue a doctorate degree in education and/or linguistics. May 2014/LOKuuRAZ


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