When You Drip

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X When You Drip I Drip So

Joseph Young

When You Drip I Drip So

Joseph Young

6 Stories

Temple in Tomb Begin your brand but let’s make it of fish and gold. Hey? Type slowly, someone said. Ok, we’ll collect us where to see the smoke accrued.

The Long Bride Mountains red in full failed light, that’s the money over there. You see where we’re going? A long drive with nuptials to think about.

Mistress Dolla Haha, you’re angry, to the tips of your hair. Cut it off and make a yellow market. She stands between our Carolinas, eating dear-dear heart.

Enough Links Here we’re in the fourth quarter tossing coin. You do love a cat, a loving blue. Say we don’t say it’s all in our About.

1 Unclaimed Land There at the tip, spinning snow, we hoard the penguin. The banks of them in black and white. How say we don’t get dressed and go to dinner?

Extra Inning for the Fish Never the same—trod upon—separate drips of river. When I drip it looks of nickles and blood. When you go to sleep, I’ll school.


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