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Custom Progr am Destinations CEA Global Education offers custom faculty-led and group options in 24 destinations around the world. Partnering with CEA to develop custom programs allows you to expand your international network, increase education abroad offerings at your institution and help internationalize your campus. CEA supports U.S. faculty and administrators in development and implementation to provide high-quality international programs for your students. From Mathematics in Shanghai, to Global Health in San Jose or Literature in Paris, CEA’s Academic and Program Development teams are positioned to co-design unique opportunities that meet your institutional and academic goals. Our resident staff in every location provide expertise and connectivity to help you best utilize the host city as an extension of the classroom. We work closely with you to plan housing and co-curricular activities. By partnering with CEA to develop custom programs, you will help your students open the door to a unique experience and the many advantages a quality study abroad program can provide.

Czech Republic Prague

England London

Paige Sindt, Ed.D. Director of Custom Programs Tel: 480-375-2732 Fax: 480-907-1177





Aix-en-Provence French Riviera French Alps Paris


Florence Rome

Alicante Barcelona Granada Madrid Seville

Ireland Dublin Galway

Poland Krakow





Costa Rica San Jose

Australia Cairns

Chile ViĂąa del Mar

Argentina Buenos Aires


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Exemplary Service . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 A History of Success . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 CEA Fast Facts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3

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It’s All About Your Students . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Maximum Flexibility . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Advantages of Creating a Faculty-led or Group Program with CEA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CEA Custom Program Facts . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Advanced Spanish Language Study in Madrid . . . . . Customized Program Planning Guide . . . . . . . . . International Ethics in Costa Rica . . . . . . . . . . Explore Gay Paris: Culture & Identity Studies . . . . Planning Timeline . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Welcome to CEA

Our Company Profile

Academic Quality

Since 1997, CEA Global Education has maintained one simple philosophy: to provide world-class international programs and services. CEA’s vision for innovation and creative global education offerings has led to tremendous growth. We continually push ourselves to provide value, engage competitive challenges and always look for better ways to serve the interests of you, your university, your students and all of our academic partners.

CEA Global Education seeks out strategic relationships to strengthen our academic programs for students and their sending institutions. The result is the assurance that our programs are designed, monitored and approved in collaboration with respected institutions and their accrediting bodies, host countries, and U.S. and international faculty. At CEA, we’re serious about continuing to innovate the field of study abroad. That’s why we invest such an enormous effort in self-study, professional collaboration with U.S. and international faculty, and the hiring of experienced academic leadership with proven track records in engaging active learning, meeting global learning objectives and bridging international goals with U.S. institutions.

Mission Statement At CEA, we strive to create and facilitate opportunities for personal growth and global understanding through quality international education and cultural experiences.


“CEA Global Education offers a vast academic network at your fingertips. Through the co-development of educational programs, your students will gain the cross-cultural experiences and global competencies that will last a lifetime.” - Dr John Heyl, Vice President for Strategic Partnerships, CEA

Exemplary Service CEA Global Education was founded on the principle of providing quality service to students and parents throughout the entire international education process, from pre-departure planning through your students’ return home. Our regionally focused University Relations team provides the same level of service to U.S. faculty and advisors through campus visits, promotional events for students and instructional opportunities for staff and faculty. Every CEA program is evaluated to ensure that we are not only meeting, but exceeding your expectations. Program components such as advising, orientation, staff, academic quality and excursions are evaluated through pre-departure and re-entry surveys.

On the Leading Edge CEA Global Education was the first in the study abroad industry to adopt a comprehensive Internet enrollment strategy. From the moment students first visit our Web site, they can chat with one of our admissions counselors, create a secure MyCEA account to assist in organizing their information, and fill out and save their application online. CEA continually innovates and creates new and improved tools based on input from our partners and institutions with which we work. Whether it’s a dedicated Web site for universities or a university portal developed to help educators know the status of their students, we work to help universities and their students prepare for a successful study abroad experience.

CEA Fast Facts • Founded: 1997 • Headquarters: Tempe, Arizona • U.S. Satellite Offices: 4 • Staff Size: 159 worldwide • U.S. Affiliate Partners: 126 • CEA Global Campuses: 9 • CEA Global Alliance: 1 • CEA Global Partners: 32 • Countries of Operation: 15 • Cities of Operation: 24 • Alumni: More than 18,000


School of Record School of Record Partnership The University of New Haven (UNH) in West Haven, Connecticut, serves as CEA’s School of Record for all Global Campuses within CEA’s Global Education Network. This role includes UNH faculty approval of Global Campus courses and academic policies, as well as teaching and administrative academic appointments. This unique partnership requires continuous oversight and collaboration to maintain the highest standards in education abroad while also meeting the requirements of UNH’s institutional accreditor, the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).

School of Record signing ceremony, June 2007

Ensuring Academic Quality CEA Global Campuses undergo rigorous evaluation beginning with an extensive self study – similar to self studies prepared for institutional accreditors – and followed with a site visit by a team of UNH faculty on a five-year cycle. The entire process is based on the Standards of Good Practice developed by the Forum on Education Abroad, the leader in study abroad quality assessment. This commitment to continuous quality improvement is a hallmark of the CEA Global Campuses. The goal is nothing less than to develop enhanced global competence in every CEA student.

Please visit our website for more information:


CEA Global Campus Advantage The CEA Global Campus








Buenos Aires

CEA’s Global Campus sites provide an ideal way to meet your institution’s needs in several of the world’s most popular destinations. CEA’s Global Campus locations are permanent, proprietary facilities. As such they are available year-round, with access in the time-frame your program may require. CEA operated Global Campus locations are ideal for custom university and group programs. Using a CEA Global Campus location allows you to determine the type and level of instruction that meets the needs of your university. You can build academic programs by providing faculty from the home institution to teach your own courses, choosing existing CEA taught courses, and/or requesting new courses for CEA to develop and teach. Students can receive direct credit from the home institution, transfer credit from CEA’s academic institute of record, University of New Haven, or both. This flexibility allows you to supplement the student’s classroom experiences with diverse learning opportunities, support the teaching load of faculty abroad and manage the number of credits offered in order to best meet the academic needs of your institution.

“The preparation, openness and thoughtful care beforehand with staff in the U.S. and abroad has added value to our program. CEA staff really tailored the program to students’ needs and concerns, as well as mine. - Dr. Nhora Lucia Serrano, Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature, Department of Comparative World Literature and Classics, California State University, Long Beach


Learn more online about the CEA Global Campus 5

CEA Custom Progr ams It’s All About Your Students CEA understands the tremendous work, time and logistics involved in establishing and operating a successful academic program for your students in an international setting. Designing courses, making local connections, performing relevant international hiring, organizing logistics, providing strong academic focus and ensuring students’ safety are all components of a quality academic program abroad. CEA also knows that the responsibility for coordinating these initiatives often lays with busy study abroad administrators and faculty – and CEA can help by handling the logistics and removing this burden from your shoulders. With a focus on providing global education, CEA is proud to offer Custom Programs, including facultyled and group program options, in addition to a robust portfolio of CEA Global Partner and CEA Global Campus programs. Whether your university wants to develop a Custom Program taught by your institution’s faculty or a group arrangement focused on a certain interest group or academic discipline, CEA has the flexibility to accommodate an array of needs. And while we use the “Custom Programs” label, CEA’s programs are affordable, often priced at or below the standard program price for comparable offerings, depending on your level of customization and projected enrollment.

Maximum Flexibility CEA offers maximum flexibility for groups of 10 or more students:

Choose Your Format

Choose Your Duration

Choose Your Options


Short-Term, Summer


Airport reception & transportation


J-Term, Maymester, Intersession




U.S. faculty


Quarter, Trimester, Semester


Course planning


CEA Global Campus faculty


Academic Year


CEA Global Partner faculty


Social and cultural engagement activities


Combination of any of the above


Academic field trips and excursions

Choose Your Location ‰‰

CEA Global Campus


Housing and meals


CEA Global Alliance


CEA Global Partner


Eligibility, prerequisites and screening processes


Combination of the above


Application and billing processes

“The management of housing, transportation, health and safety liability and risk are invaluable. Having created my own program, these aspects of CEA’s services relieved me of pressing obligations. This resulted in the success of my program.” - Renée Arnold, Instructor, Languages, Linguistics and Literature, Kapi’olani Community College, Hawaii


Advantages of Creating a Faculty-Led or Group Program with CEA • Complete program planning • Comprehensive risk management • Personal and dedicated advising • Professional overseas infrastructure • High quality academic support

CEA Custom Programs Facts Since 2009, CEA has: • Partnered with more than 75 colleges and universities across the U.S. to develop custom programs • Developed custom programs in more than 25 destinations around the world including various cities throughout: Africa, Asia, Australia, Central America, Eastern Europe, South America, U.K., and Western Europe • Collaborated with faculty from a multitude of academic disciplines such as: Architecture, Business, Chemistry, Criminal Justice, Engineering, Fashion, Gender Studies, History, Journalism, Language and Culture, Public Health, Religion and more • Created high school, undergraduate and graduate level custom programs with specialized curricular design, and options for tailored co-curricular activities and internships

Additionally, from custom faculty leading programs surveyed in 2009: • 100% overall satisfaction rating • 90% found their custom programs offered student connections beyond a traditional classroom • 90% felt participation in a CEA custom program expanded their professional network and offered future international collaboration opportunities • 100% would refer CEA custom and faculty-led programs to colleagues • 100% would run another program with CEA in the future

Key Contact Keely Davin, M.Ed. Custom Programs Coordinator Tel: 480-375-2808 Fax: 480-907-1177


Custom Progr am Models

Diversity Goes Beyond Student Demographics CEA has designed numerous program options that are customizable to meet a diversity of program needs. We can develop custom programs by building on existing CEA programs, which allows use of CEA infrastructure, or we can develop them from scratch — allowing substantial flexibility within CEA’s wide choice of destinations.

Faculty-Led or Group Programs

Early College Programs

CEA partners with faculty members and universities to design and lead their own Custom Programs while CEA handles the logistics. This gives you the ability to expand your offerings and achieve campus growth and internationalization. A CEA Custom Program allows your university or college to broaden its course offerings by adding international experience – while leveraging CEA’s logistical expertise and connections in foreign locations. U.S. Faculty leaders will gain global experience and professional development through participation in custom programs. CEA will assist in facilitating connections with local experts and academics.

CEA now offers programs designed to support semester, longor short-term study abroad options for college freshmen and sophomores.

Learn more online:


Freshman Experience Abroad The Freshman Experience Abroad model provides a unique recruitment tool for universities to utilize in efforts to attract and enroll outstanding first-year students. This program is advantageous to institutions wanting to increase the number of students going abroad annually, recruiting first-year students seeking the challenge and adventure of international studies and building a pipeline of globally engaged students early in their college career. This model may also serve as an enrollment management solution and retention practice.

Sophomore Experience Abroad Universities continue to expand programs and services aimed at second-year students and CEA can help. The Sophomore Experience Abroad is a program model institutions can utilize to reach students in the critical second year, helping improve sophomore satisfaction and persistence as students navigate the stressors of taking difficult courses, declaring majors and finding balance. Studying abroad is an excellent solution to help students avoid the “sophomore slump”. Early College Programs are available at any CEA Global Campus location. Academics: CEA will work with your university to develop an appropriate academic structure to meet the needs of your first or second year curriculum. Whether you send your own faculty and/or utilize CEA faculty, credits can be granted through UNH, the home institution or dual-transcripts may be awarded. Housing: Options generally include homestays, apartments and residence halls, depending on the location. Orientation and Excursions: Features of the program include group arrival and transport to housing, specialized orientation conducted by CEA, faculty-student meetings, city tour, social activities and excursions. Program Features: CEA will provide support to your university and your students before, during, and after the program. Examples include: marketing support such as fliers, collateral and social media campaigns prior to launch;

numerous activities to help students make the transition from high school to college and/or to focus on common issues facing first and second-year students; specifically integrated opportunities during the time abroad to connect students back to your school; on-campus peer mentoring for students while abroad; and re-entry activities designed to help students adjust once they return.

High School/Gap Programs CEA offers support for universities and high schools interested in developing study abroad initiatives for high school or pre-college students. Designed for high school juniors and seniors, or new high school graduates, these programs allow students to travel, study and live abroad. While overseas these students will enroll in age-appropriate courses, participate in exciting learning activities and gain international experience before embarking on their college careers. CEA will partner with your home institution to ensure these students are closely supervised and are engaged in a variety of group learning activities outside of class.

Internships CEA offers a variety of professional practice internships with CEA Global Partner programs in Australia, Costa Rica, England, and Ireland. Universities may send groups of students on standard internships or create specialized internship programs to meet specific institutional needs.

“My programs are not ‘off-the-shelf ’ programs that focus on language (per se). I had the vision to develop an international business ethics program, and CEA helped make that vision a reality. They connected me with high-level contacts that enabled us to offer guest lectures and site visits... CEA epitomizes flexibility.” - Dr. Paul Melendez, EthicsPoint Distinguished Lecturer in Business Ethics and Ethics Program Director, Eller College of Management, University of Arizona


Unique Progr am Examples University of New Haven Freshman Experience CEA and the University of New Haven paired up to offer a Freshman computer science/engineering study abroad program in Florence, Italy. Dr. Bill Adams and CEA faculty taught courses at the CEA Global Campus in Florence. Freshmen went through a tailored orientation prior to standard semester students’ arrival. They also participated in a CEA-developed Student Success Access Plan, a week-byweek plan designed to focus on common issues first-year students encounter in a college setting. The plan was supported by onsite advisors and peer mentors and complemented by a high level of support and services geared toward study abroad experiences.

Advanced Spanish Language Study in Madrid CEA and DePaul University jointly offer this custom-crafted experience for advanced Spanish Language students, who study at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain’s top university and one of the oldest universities in the world. Complutense is located in Madrid’s alluring Ciudad Universitaria district. Students also take a course from a DePaul faculty member and have the option to participate in a variety of academic conferences and workshops at Complutense and standard engagement activities and excursions with CEA. After completing the course term, students may opt to remain in Madrid for a subsequent semester to participate in an advanced language internship program.

Custom Program Planning Guide Planning Checklist In planning for your initial conversation with your CEA Regional Consultant or University Advisor, we’ve developed the following checklist to assist you in articulating the program framework you desire. This information will be key in identifying the program set-up and planning elements required to make your program a success:


‰‰ Destination

‰‰ Excursions

‰‰ Estimated dates and length of program

‰‰ Engagement activities

‰‰ Expected enrollment

‰‰ Housing type for faculty

‰‰ Academic content ‰‰ Academic support (guest speakers or site visits related to coursework)

‰‰ Housing type for students

‰‰ Other inclusions/services ‰‰ Target price of the program

International Ethics in Costa Rica The University of Arizona partnered with CEA Global Education to explore International Business Ethics and the real-world applications in Costa Rica. Lectures are offered from key leaders on the ethical dimensions of trade agreements, eco-tourism, corporate social responsibility and the ethical challenges and opportunities of doing business in Costa Rica. Students will go “behind the scenes” through company site visits and hear from business leaders of corporations such as Café Britt and DOLE Fruit Co. The program includes excursions to Nicaragua, Panama, Arenal Volcano, Villa Blanca, Manuel Antonio National Park (Pacific Coast) and Puerto Viejo (Caribbean Coast). Students stay in local casa universitaria with other UA students and participate in social and cultural activities such as Latin dance and snorkeling.

Explore Gay Paris: Culture and Identity Studies CEA has partnered with the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (UW-L) to bring students this unique program in Paris, France. Students take two courses exploring various concepts in gender and identity studies, including: Introduction to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Studies, taught by UW-L faculty, and Gay Paris: Culture, Society & Urban Sexual Identity, taught by CEA faculty. Students also have the opportunity to participate in the annual Paris Gay Pride Parade. While in Paris, students live in the Marais district, the heart of Gay Paris, and are immersed in French culture.

Planning Timeline The following timeline reflects CEA’s general recommendations for program planning. We suggest you begin planning at least one year in advance.

12 Months Before Program Start Date

8 to 10 Months Before Program Start Date

6 to 8 Months Before Program Start Date

3 to 6 months Before Program Start Date

1 to 2 Months After Program Completion

Contact your Regional Consultant to discuss program ideas and objectives and begin developing a program proposal

Finalize your Program Agreemement with CEA, outlining all of the terms of the program

Begin active marketing of your custom program with assistance from CEA

Begin student enrollment and finalize academic and logistical details

Participate in active program assessment and evaluation and review student responses.


Taking the Next Step Get Started With Your CEA Custom Program Interested in collaborating with CEA? CEA is accepting proposals for custom programs. We make it convenient for you to supply us with the necessary information to begin developing a Custom Program for your program or university. Submit your proposal online, and CEA will contact you in one to three business days.

To Submit Your Proposal Online:

CEA Custom Program Partners CEA has developed Custom Programs, including faculty-led and group program options for many educational institutions, universities and colleges throughout the U.S. We will work to create a Custom Program that will meet your academic and extracurricular needs as well as provide marketing support for your recruitment efforts. CEA has collaborated with the following esteemed institutions, among others, in developing their Custom Programs. • California State University - Long Beach

• Ohio University

• University of New Haven

• Depaul University

• Texas A&M University

• University of San Diego

• Kapi’olani Community College

• Tulane University

• University of Tennessee, Knoxville

• Marymount University

• The University of Arizona

• University of Wisconsin - La Crosse

• Ohio Dominican University

• University of California, San Diego

• Western Kentucky University

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CEA Custom Programs Brochure  

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