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THE GOOD NEWS TIMES STAFF Ace C. Acosta Aimee C. Acosta Esther Joy Herradura Chief Justice Reynato S. Puno, (Ret.) Rosemarie Regalia Mary Rose Regalia Erika Jenny Rocena Lady Angela Rocena Rev. David Sablan,Jr. Cookie Calaguas-Puno James Rey P. Velasquez Myrna P. Velasquez, M.D. Renato M. Velasquez ARTISTS Cris Asumen Nikki Rocena Joseph Rey P. Velasquez






Philippines Central Conference The United Methodist Church

Greetings Blessed greetings to the Ministerial Staff, Church Council and Members of The Puno United Methodist Church on the celebration of your 26 25th Church Founding Anniversary! Today, you celebrate 26 25 fruitful years, a manifestation of your overwhelming gratitude to the faithfulness of God. PUMC is a pillar of vital leadership and deep commitment to spread the Word of God especially to the lost and the least. You continue to joyfully serve and witness to God’s faithfulness by living out and sharing the Gospel at all times. Your theme “Declaring God’s Abounding Grace” is a timely and commendable that in the midst of difficult times, you stand tall to declare His infinite love, mercy, favor and goodwill shown to all men and women. I salute you for spearheading a ministry for the deaf and mute! It is my earnest prayer that the flame of the United Methodist faith continue to be alive in and among you today and in the future. Continue to serve in the number of capacities which have prepared PUMC for spiritual growth and vital leadership here at QCPACE, and in our connectional church. Congratulations for remaining strongly united and faithful in the service of the King! “God gives us everything that we may do good therewith, and so receive more blessings. All things in life, even rewards are, to the faithful, seeds in order to a future harvest”. (II Corinthians 9:8)

REV. DR. RODOLFO A. JUAN Resident Bishop

Mailing Address: UMC Building, 900 United Nations Avenue, Ermita, Manila, Philippines 1000 Email Address: Tel: (632) 523-0297; Telefax: (632) 521-2278





Chief Justice Reynato S. Puno (ret.)


October 2013

Time flies faster than sound and it’s now the 26th year of founding as a church, as part of the body of Christ. Anniversaries are celebratory occasions. But over and beyond our overflowing joy, let us pause and ponder on the past, the present and the future of our little church. Let us reflect on our past: Have we laid the proper foundation of the church? Let us examine our present: Do we need to readjust our strategies to make our church more reflective of Christ in our lives and in society? Let us think of tomorrow: Will our church be a blessed church when the time that will come comes? As we ponder on the role of our church in our spiritual destiny, let us be guided in our journey by James 1:22: “Do not merely listen to the word and so deceive yourselves. DO WHAT IT SAYS.”

Congratulations to all and all glory to God!

In Christ,

Chief Justice Reynato S. Puno (ret.) Chair, Administrative Council



MESSAGE “Let us give thanks to Christ Jesus our Lord, who has given us strength for the work he has given us. Together let us thank God for considering us worthy and appointing us to serve him. Our Lord poured out his abundant grace on us and gave us the faith and love which are ours in union with Christ Jesus.” (1 Tim. 1:12, 14) I give my highest felicitation to the members of Puno United Methodist Church family for the display of faithfulness for the ministry and service to our Lord Christ Jesus. This year’s celebration of our 26th founding anniversary with the theme: “Declaring God’s Abounding Grace” is a definite testament of how God sustained and empowered us for more than two decades now. His abundant grace has given us joy and thanksgiving in our hearts to God who is forever faithful and gracious. Our oneness in faith, passion and spirit has given much reason to praise and honor God. With our theme, let us as a body of Christ continues to proclaim the grace that was and still is abundantly poured out by God through the Holy Spirit on us to face and scale greater summits of opportunities as well as challenges. With our faith in the Triune God and shared gifts and maximized potentialities, we are confident to continually respond to the call for evangelization of people and train them as disciples of Jesus Christ. I sincerely congratulate all our church leaders, staff and Servant Leadership Team for a ministry well done! Hallelujah! “I will give you a sacrifice of thanksgiving and offer my prayer to you.” Psalm 166:17, TEV

REV. DAVID S. SABLAN JR. Senior Pastor Puno UMC



To the Servant-Leaders and Members of PUNO UMC:


The 26th Founding Anniversary theme of PUNO UMC, “Declaring God’s Abounding Grace” (2 Cor. 9:8), is a timely statement of praise and thanksgiving in the highest while her silver cup is overflowing with God’s abounding grace. As part of the Servant-Leadership Team, may I say that every step of the way our unprecedented opportunities for ministry has made our spirits soar high with grateful anticipation of God’s abounding grace. My family and I have been abundantly blessed with our opportunities for doing ministry: Mission & Evangelism, enhancing our family’s discipleship journey & sharing it with others, God’s gift of transformation felt continuously as part of our faith journey, and hoping that many thirsty & hungry souls will continue to find peace & fullness of life at the feet of Jesus. Happy 26th Founding Anniversary! To God be the glory!



Associate & Contemporary Worship Pastor Youth/Campus Ministry




THE BULACAN MISSION “Though your beginning was small, your latter days will be very great.” (Job 8:7, New Revised Standard Version)

Starting something new usually means creating or establishing it from nothing. This will require a lot of effort to make it happen, from formulating the ideas to carrying out the actions to sustaining for its existence. Sometimes when people want to begin something, for example a business, they prefer it to be huge already so that the returns will be great. Perhaps it can work to some people at one point, but it doesn’t always go that way. In fact, we may hear a number of accounts telling of extravagant beginnings but ended up in failure. Doing simple things at first will not hurt for sure. So why not try to start small? This was the path that the Bulacan Mission took, and it seems a road to something glorious.

Lord because the family owns a farm in Barangay Sto. Cristo, San Jose del Monte, Bulacan.

Humble Beginnings

What spoke to her heart was to start a small group bible study. She started going around the neighborhood to find out who were interested to learn about God’s Word. Five people responded to her invitation and soon after, in January 0f 2008 that they started their first bible study. Then a support group from Puno United Methodist Church led by Pastor Bong Mangubat came for worship gathering and to study God’s Word. There were also evangelistic crusades led by Pastor Bong in two consecutive years, 2009 and 2010. In addition, Joan Cedillo and Laarni de Belen also came to introduce Daily Vacation Bible School.

It was a call for commitment for Sister Eva Laureano when she was asked of what her goal was after graduating from the Haggai Institute. Then she saw an opportunity to begin something for the

There were times that people felt worn out, felt far, and commitments lost their trail to the goals but God was consistent and faithful all along. “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” Sister Eva put her deep



faith in the Lord that the mission work would continue to flourish. The volunteers from Puno United Methodist Church, led by Pastor Dave Sablan, came on a weekly basis from June of 2011. The team of volunteers led by Deaconess Esther Joy Herradura started teaching Sunday school, training and mentoring the tambourine dancers, and the pastors conducted two bible studies in a week. Bulacan Mission turns 1 In June 2012, the first worship service in Tagalog was led by Pastor Dave Sablan, Jr. According to Sister Eva, “Ang dating kulungan ng manok ay naging worship place.” Indeed the place which used to be “kulungan ng manok” was now the sanctuary where worshippers are freed from all kinds of bondages: physical sicknesses, emotional brokenness and spiritual problems. The former “kulungan” is now a place where worshippers honor and worship the God who is Spirit and Truth. Bulacan Mission celebrated its first year anniversary with a line-up of activities, among which, the Evangelistic Night for two nights. The mighty work of the Holy Spirit was manifest in the lives of those members who desired God’s righteousness by releasing forgiveness, the tambourine dancers experienced the thick anointing of the Holy Spirit when they fell under

the power of the Holy Spirit. Brighter days ahead Bulacan Mission has now a resident pastor in the person of Pastor Jay Ar Piolino. They also have conceptualized a beautiful packaging of their weekly activities, and they have moved their worship service from afternoon to morning. They hold two bible study classes in a week, a prayer meeting on Monday, and a feeding program every Saturday. Also, they now have a coffee fellowship after their worship service. At present, the number of regular worshippers every Sunday reaches an average of 40 already. Indeed, if you look back from their beginning of a small group bible study, the Bulacan Mission has reached a long way. As they say these days in Taglish, “nag-level up na sila” or they have now stepped up to a new level. And the good news is that it doesn’t stop there. From the little things that were started, something bigger is yet to come. Mye Regalia



PICKI NG UP FROM WH ERE IT LEF T OFF It’s that time of year again and our Church Anniversary is just around the corner. And apart from the festivities and special services, it signals that the Ablaze Holy Spirit Conference is fast approaching. This year the Ablaze Conference will be held on November 16 at the Word of Hope Christian Family Church, 8AM-6PM. Read on to find out why you should be at there this year. What is the Ablaze Conference? The Ablaze Conference was started in 2009, envisioned to be a gathering for Christians who sought to have an intimate and life-changing encounter with the Holy Spirit. Each year had different themes and every time, the Holy Spirit released a powerful manifestation. In the most recent conference alone, hundreds of people from all walks of life experienced the amazing outpouring of God’s miracles, signs and wonders, through the power and manifest presence of the Holy Spirit. Why attend a Holy Spirit Conference? After painful suffering and an excruciating death, Jesus rose again to the delight of His disciples. He lingered for forty days after His resurrection and continued to teach them about the kingdom of God. Just when the disciples thought life couldn’t get anything better, Jesus gives them a most peculiar command: Acts 1: 4 …“Do not leave Jerusalem, but wait for the gift my Father promised, which you have heard me speak about. 5 For John baptized with water, but in a few days you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit.”


Jesus Himself told them that things would actually get better for them. It wasn’t enough that the disciples were re-energize with Jesus coming back to teach them and prove to them that He is indeed the Messiah as He had said. They had to wait for something greater --- a gift from the Father that He had talked about before. They needed something more to sustain them in their faith journeys so that their impact to the world will be in a scale that none of them ever imagined. They needed the Holy Spirit. And so they waited. One day at Pentecost while they were praying, the Holy Spirit -- the promised gift, came in power, baptized them and filled them. The disciples began to speak in tongues, which was God’s chosen advertising campaign so that every Godfearing Jew from different countries all over the known world would know about Jesus and the salvation He offers to everyone. The disciples were never the same again after that day. The world was never the same again after that day. The disciples became powerful witnesses with


signs, wonders and miracles, to show that their message about Jesus wasn’t anything the world can offer. Their message was straight from heaven, from God whom so many are searching for and trying to understand. That’s what the Holy Spirit can do. It can start a world movement that can bring people to know that Jesus in the only way to heaven, to salvation, to an exciting life of victory on earth, and an everlasting life of bliss with God the Father. Why go to the Ablaze Conference this year? This year the theme of the conference is “Broken no more” with an emphasis on healing the total person --- body, soul and spirit. It is based on Jeremiah 17:14 (The Message) “God, pick up the pieces. Put me

back together again. You are my praise!” The invited speakers will be tackling different aspects of healing --- spiritual, emotional and physical. Everyone is broken. Everyone is hurt. Everyone needs God to move in their lives to set things in order again. This year you can receive that healing. God can work in any kind of situation through the power of the Holy Spirit. Let Him work in your life. Let the Holy Spirit move to put back the pieces so that you can be made whole and be filled with joy instead of hurt, sickness and sin. Then, you will have no other choice but to praise! Be broken no more. Cookie Calaguas-Puno




CELEBRATES SECOND ANNIVERSARY A reason for great rejoicing in the Lord!! From an idea to an ideal midweek gathering for all who are so in love with the Holy Spirit!! I. What is WindWatch PUMC? WindWatch PUMC is a midweek gathering that aims to make people experience the presence of God every time they gather for worship. The liturgy of WindWatch is its cutting edge where people can hear from God through WKs or Word of Knowledge. The Holy Spirit is ushered in through prayer and the anointing falls on the prayer leaders who voice out what they hear from God; and the same message they hear is what they relay to those who seek God through intercession. A pretty long list of testimonies of answered prayers, of hearing from the Lord and instructions followed, of instant healings, of healings with instructions and gradual healings have been documented to this day. The weekly feeding from God’s Word is another WindWatch’s cutting edge. Even CJ Puno has reiterated it in his welcome address during WindWatch PUMC’s second year anniversary celebration. He said, “I have been a Sunday School teacher since I graduated from the university. And I have read and used a lot of Bible Study materials for that matter. None has come as good as those messages prepared by LGI for WindWatch, so far. They are one of a kind.”


When the “Mighty Wind” blows, lives are transformed; people start becoming hungry for the Word and they don’t stop until they mature in the Word as well as discover and develop their spiritual gifts; their faith is increased through answered prayers and they come to believe and obey the God who heals them, who provides for them, who loves them, who fights for them and who delivers them from all forms of bondages. Those who come for the first time undergo the First Timers’ Orientation and they also receive the Holy Spirit baptism. II. Glorious Beginnings The wind truly blows whereever it pleases and Puno UMC was the direction of that mighty “Wind” two years ago. WindWatch PUMC was birthed in the mind of Ester Lee Paragas when she suggested to Charles Puno whether another WindWatch could be opened in PUMC, and it was concurred by no less than CJ Reynato S. Puno himself. The first prayer gathering was on September 1, 2011, the first Thursday of the month, with Pastor Cris Navarro as the first preacher and Dr. Naomi Damian as the Coordinator. Pastor Cris Navarro provided pastoral oversight for one whole year. For the first year, WindWatch PUMC was under LGI. During its first year anniversary celebration, it was formally turned over to Puno United Methodist Church as a ministry under the Worship Committee. More than


200 people have attended since September 2011 with regular weekly attendees reaching 35. Preaching God’s Word is also rotated among Pastor Dave Sablan, Jr. ( presently a scholar of LGI Christian Life Skills program), Atty. Charles Puno ( LGI Integrated Biblical Studies graduate), Ester Lee Paragas (LGI graduate of Integrated Biblical Studies and Christian Life Skills and on her last year in Life Builders for Jesus); and Rose Marie Regalia (LGI graduate of Integrated Biblical Studies, Christian Life Skills and on her last year in Life Builders for Jesus). Its weekly offering also forms part of the general fund of the church, to date, accumulating to P103,910.90 from September 2012 to September 2013. Last September 5, the second anniversary was celebrated by WIndWatch PUMC with some 72 people in attendance with no less than Pastor Cris Navarro and Pastor Naomi Damian as guests. CJ

Reynato Puno, PUMC’s Council Chair, gave the welcome greetings and Pastor Cris Navarro represented LGI in releasing prophetic blessings and greetings. Pastor Dave Sablan gave a moving and powerful message about Seeking God. MAFSI catered for those who attended, as it had done faithfully, rain or shine for the last two years. III. Testimonies of Healings, answered prayers and provisions through WKs (Word of Knowledge) 1. The epithelial cyst on Bella’s tongue grew from just a small speck to as big as corn kernel in months. After the healing prayer, Bella was instructed to continue to rebuke the cyst for the next 72 hours and thank God for the healing. Bella did not obey at first so there was no healing. Upon having been reminded by Pastor Ester B to make her “Yes be yes and no be no”, she was afraid and she obeyed. After 72 hours, her cyst just disappeared and she was completely healed.



2. Sharamae Cea’s (PUMC deaconess) lower back pain persisting for a month due to a bad fall was healed instantly when the pain was rebuked and healing was declared in Jesus’ name. She testified that the intercessor’s hand was really hot and she felt extreme pain of twisting inside her body as she was being prayed for. After the prayer, the pain was totally gone. 3. Mar Diokno, a regular attendee of Wind Watch Don Antonio stood in the gap for Dr. Marizel Wong who has cancer. At the Regalia’s family Bible study, she was prayed for. The following Thursday, Mar wrote a testimony that her friend had a follow up MRI and whole body scan and was declared cancer-free. She now treats patients for free as her way of thanking God. 4. James Velasquez’s tendon cyst which should have been removed through surgery was healed by God through a commanding prayer by the intercessor. 5. During REVIVE, James suffered from vertigo. Through the healing prayer, the vertigo just went away and James was able to do his job as a co-emcee for that big, life-transforming event for the Methodists. 6. Digna Demo has been a regular “suki” for healing prayers. Many times did she receive miraculous answers to her prayers. One of the most impressive was when she received a WK that she would receive natural healing of her hypertension from a kind of plant that she would eat. True enough, Rikki Puno gave her Ashitaba which helped normalize her BP and weaned her out of maintenance drugs. 7. Frank Ines suffered from painful kidney stones that resulted in hematuria and high fever. His wife Mayet stood in the gap and intercessors prayed for Frank who had not even started medication due its prohibitive cost. However, the couple believed healing would come. One afternoon, after a very painful passing of urine, Frank saw with his own eyes the kidney stones falling to the base of the toilet bowl. He was completely healed. 8. Deaconness Joy Herradura sought


WK for her Sweden trip. She received the word that she would be given a visa. True enough, it was effortless and she was even given a month-long visa. 9. Digna Demo asked for WK for the Evangelistic Night in Bulacan Mission. The intercessor prayed together with her and had vision of a powerful move of the Holy Spirit. God really moved powerfully during the second night and the people in Bulacan received healing, emotional healing flowed through forgiveness and the manifest presence of the Holy Spirit was felt when some young people fell under the power of the Holy Spirit. 10. Ester Lee received WK that she would go to Israel with her family and it came to pass, all costs well provided for. It was also prophesied that she would be singing on top of Mount Olives. It also came to pass as it was said. 11. Through a series of WKs, the unpaid portion of the disability pay of Buen Regalia (son of Rose Regalia) which remained uncollected for more than two years was paid to him miraculously and was even paid much more than what was expected, after all instructions from God were obeyed. 12. For a widow like Rose Regalia who works as a free lance English teacher, traveling to Israel is a farfetched idea. But she desired it prophetically, with only her two mites to offer, her faith and her prayers. continued on page 28


are we on god’s side? CHIEF JUSTICE REYNATO S. PUNO (RET.)

Speech on the pork barrel scam, September 13, 2013, Central United Methodist Church

Corruption is a perennial problem plaguing our government. Year in and year out, surveys on good governance put us among the top countries afflicted with the virus of corruption. Stories of corruption both in the public and private sectors form part of the regular reading menu of Filipinos. They hardly shock the conscience of the people. In the last several days, however, the people appear to have broken out of their shell of indifference on government corruption. They released their righteous rage against corruption first thru the social media, then hundreds of thousands marched at Luneta, then at EDSA. The proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back is the PDAF or Pork Barrel Scandal that exposed corruption in the highest level of government at its ugliest. The Senate Blue Ribbon hearing yesterday gave us a good glimpse of the root and branch of the PDAF Scandal. The following facts appear to be irrefutable. At least P10B of the people’s money have been irretrievably lost thru corruption by some of our legislators. I used the phrase “at least” for the simple reason that the P10B loss only represents the losses from the use of 11 bogus NGOs of Janet Napoles. The COA has yet to investigate and release its findings on some 70 more NGOs used as illicit conduits to steal the people’s money. Also, the COA investigation has not yet covered the misuse of the PDAF of our lawmakers for the years 2012 to 2013. More importantly, the COA has yet to reveal its findings on how the Social Fund and the Special Purpose Fund, which include the Malampaya Fund, the PAGCOR Fund and the PCSO Fund, have been abused by our government officials. The totality of these Social and Special Purpose Funds runs to trillions of pesos, hence, in comparison, the P10B we lost in the Napoles NGO’s will appear to be just petty cash. It is

also beyond doubt that the people lost billions, if not trillions of their money because some of those whom they elected and trusted to be the stewards of their money were the very ones who robbed them of their money, thru acts of commission and omission. It is also crystal clear that some private persons and institutions are involved in the criminal conspiracy to steal the people’s money. What shell-shocked the nation is that while billions of the people’s money are being pocketed by some legislators, Congress cannot appropriate enough money to give our students a decent education; Congress cannot appropriate enough money to treat the sick in hospitals; Congress cannot appropriate enough money for the military to buy enough ammunition to safeguard the security of our people. Given the latitude and longitude of our culture of corruption, we must be undergoing a moral eclipse in our country, a moral eclipse whose darkness has been used as a cover by the governors to inflict injustice against the governed, a moral eclipse whose shadows have been used by the wicked to oppress the weak, a moral eclipse whose silhouettes have been used by the strong to deny the poor their inviolable right to dignity, the poor who are the beloved of God. In a battle where the people are being oppressed by their rulers, where the poor appear hopeless, where the power of the few is pitted against the powerlessness of the many, where is God’s side? To ask the question where is God’s side is to answer the question. Micah 6: 6-8 tells what side to take in this battle of unequals and I quote: “He has told O mortal what is good; an what does the Lord require of you



and human justice:

but to do justice, to love kindness and to walk humbly with God.” Our Lord, Jesus Christ, reiterated this duty to do justice for the oppressed and to fight for the poor in Luke 4: 18-19 and I quote: “The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. “He has sent me to proclaim freedom of the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind to release the oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.” Jesus did not walk with those in high tide of power but He walked with the unwashed and the unwanted. Time and again, the prophets and Jesus warned the rulers of their time that political power driven by selfishness corrupts just as He warned the wealthy that economic power driven by covetousness corrupts. But what does God’s justice require us to do where the rulers oppress the ruled, where law is used as instruments of lawlessness against the people, especially the poor? Does God’s justice tell us to be neutral observers? Does God’s justice tell us to be unbiased? Is there any difference between God’s justice and human justice?

“We come now to one of the most important insights of biblical teaching on justice: it requires different priorities in different settings. In some circumstances, justice requires a disinterested impartiality, a repudiation of all favoritism. In other circumstances, however, it demands an unequivocal partiality, a definite bias towards the interests of certain parties over those of others. God’s justice is both impartial and partial, biased and unbiased, equal and unequal, depending on the issues at stake.” “While impartiality is essential in the Bible to the administration of procedural and retributive justice, a quite different emphasis emerges with respect to social justice (which deals with the way, wealth, social resources, and political power are distributed in society). Here a definite partiality is to be exhibited. A special concern or bias is to be shown for the welfare of four groups in particular – widows, orphans, resident aliens ( or immigrants), and the poor.” He concludes with the powerful statement: “Partiality for such groups (sometimes other parties are also included, such as prisoners, the sick, and the broken-hearted) is commended …by the nature of God’s justice, for “the Lord maintains the cause of the needy, and executes justice for the poor” (Psalm 140: 12; compare with Proverbs 14: 31, 22: 2).” (Biblical Justice, pp. 38-40)

“Where power is abused, our God favors the powerless.”

There is a world of difference between God’s justice and human justice. When there is a need to vindicate the vulnerable, when there is a necessity to lift the down-trodden, God’s justice is biased in favor of the marginalized. God’s justice is different from human justice whose essence is impartiality to everyone, rich and poor alike. This kind of impartiality of human justice is symbolized by the blindfolded lady who holds a balanced scale of justice. The blindfold and the balanced scale signify that in human justice, the powerful and the powerless are treated alike even if they are unalike. God’s justice is different. We do not have a God who is blindfolded. We have a God who sees all. We have a God who knows all. Where power is abused, our God favors the powerless, where the rich abuse the poor, our God favors the poor. Dr. Cris Marshall very well explained this dichotomy between God’s justice


Secondly, when we ask where is God’s side in the people’s fight for justice, we are assuming a God who is not on the safety of the sideline, we are assuming an active, not a laidback God. God’s justice therefore demands that we do no stand still, that we take the side of the oppressed. God’s justice requires us to engage those who oppress God’s people in God’s way. God’s way of engagement is infinite. Let us get angry with the powers that oppress God’s people but let not our anger lead to rage that runs riot. Let us get angry with those who violate the rights of the poor but let us be wary of the violent way. Jesus Christ was confronted by the worst oppression of the powerless by the powerful we can ever imagine. During


His time, the oppression of the marginalized came from the wealthy elite, and the oppression was made irremediable by the tolerance of the Roman government. The intolerable oppression gave birth to the movement of the Zealots who espoused the deployment of violence to vindicate the vulnerable. For all their seduction, Jesus never joined the Zealots for He saw no virtue in violence. He knew that the first law of violence is its vicious continuity for violence begets violence. Jesus knew that there are no victors in violence but only victims, for violence will ultimately claim and consume even the victors.

“we are on the side of a god who is a god of rescue, a god of power, a god of the impossible.”

In other words, let us not forget that God’s justice is not retribution justice but restorative justice. To quote a theologian: “the fundamental goal of the biblical judicial system is to restore what has been damaged by the offense. Restoration is required at several levels – restoration of the victim to wholeness, restoration of the offender to a right standing in the community, and restoration of the wider society to peace, and freedom from fear and sin…” “Punishments are often prescribed for particular offenses in biblical legislation. But punishment is a means to an end, not an end in itself.…Justice is satisfied by repentance, restoration, and renewal.”

“Jesus let us in on an astonishing secret. God has chosen to change the world through the lowly, the unassuming and the imperceptible… That has always been God’s strategy – changing the world through the conspiracy of the insignificant.”

Let me conclude by reiterating that in fighting for the redemption of God’s people who are oppressed, we are on God’s side. We are on the side of a God who is a God of rescue, a God of power, a God of the impossible. Let us remember that our God does not call us to do anything without empowering us thru the Holy Spirit. Our call is to be available to a God who is able. I leave you the assurance of 1 Peter 3: 12-14: “For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and his care are attentive to their prayer, but the face of the Lord is against those who do evil.” “Who is going to harm you if you are eager to do good? But even if you should suffer for doing what is right, you are blessed. Do not be afraid of anyone and do not worry.” (1 Peter 3: 12-14) Yes, let us rise, march forward and be not be afraid.

Let us also remember that in fighting for justice, God’s way, we will often find ourselves in the minority. Consequently, it is a fight where all Christians have to be conscripted. Each Christian is called upon to devote his time, talent, and treasure in this fight to release God’s people from the shackles of injustice wrought on them by modern day Pharaohs. In this struggle, a Christian has no right to be useless, a Christian has no privilege to be idle. Christians will be doing battles with the Goliaths of injustices but let us take comfort in the thought that in God’s hands, the speck, the small, the insignificant, the slingshot can make the big difference. In the book “The Mustard Seed Conspiracy,” the author Tom Sine reminds us:





CHIEF JUSTICE REYNATO S. PUNO (RET.) September 21, 2013, The Good Samaritan United Methodist Church

Last Monday, cases of plunder, malversation, bribery and graft were filed in the office of the Ombudsman against three incumbent Senator, three former members of the House of Representatives, several bureaucrats, Janet Napoles and the presidents of her bogus NGOs for their alleged participation in what has become known as the PDAF or Pork Barrel scandal. The scandal could well develop to be the worst to hit our government as trillions of pesos misused by our public officials can still be unearthed by the COA. Indeed, the Secretary of Justice stressed that the cases filed is but the first tranche and that next week, and thereafter, the avalanche will descend on the Ombudsman. However you look at it, the Pork Barrel Scandal is all about abuse in the exercise of powers of government, especially the legislative power over the money of the people. The magnitude of the betrayal of the people’s trust has lighted the fuse of their indignation. We saw hundreds of thousands gathered in Luneta, marched at EDSA, met in the major and minor nooks and corners of the country, in prayer and in protest, all conveying the message that enough is enough of the thievery of the people’s money. As we hear the marching of the feet of the multitude, as we behold the clenched fists of the people rise on the air, as we hear the prayers of the poor fill the heavens, what ought to be the response from the people called Methodists? With humility, let me make the following submissions as a lay Methodist. First. The PDAF scandal requires us to have a crystal clear understanding of the source of power of our government. The first question to ask is who gave these people who govern us the power to govern? Where did they get the authority to rule the people?


Let me quote our Methodist articles of faith, viz: “we believe civil government derives its just powers from the sovereign God.” Our Methodist faith, therefore, teaches us that they who govern us --- they who lay down our laws, they who execute our laws, they who interpret our laws --- do not have a natural nor an inherent right to rule us. Their right to rule comes from God, the one and only Sovereign, whose sovereignty covers all creation and creatures, which includes sovereignty over governments and over nations. The sovereignty of God over government is recognized not only in our Methodist Book of Discipline but also in our 1987 Constitution. The Preamble of our Constitution states and I quote: “We the sovereign Filipino people, imploring the aid of Almighty God, in order to. . . establish a government that shall embody our ideals and aspirations. . . do ordain and promulgate this Constitution.” From the prism of our Methodist faith, it is clear that government derives its power from God. From the perspective of our 1987 Constitution, we looked up to God to establish in our country a government that shall embody our ideals and aspirations. In short, under any and all circumstances, our government is not above God. Second. Given the premise that government derives its power from God, the question is: what then is the proper role of government? Again, I quote our Book of Discipline which states: “Government and laws should be servants of God and of human beings. . . Governments, no less than individuals, are subject to the judgment of God. Therefore, we recognize the rights of individuals to dissent when acting under the constraint of conscience and, after having exhausted all legal recourse, to resist or disobey laws that they deem to be unjust or that are discriminately enforced” (par. 164 [f]). The role of government in our


1987 Constitution is no different. Its preamble states that our “government. . . shall embody our ideals and aspirations, promote the common good, conserve and develop our patrimony, and secure to ourselves and our posterity the blessings of independence and democracy. . .. In fine, those who govern us --- the Executives, the legislators, the judges --- all of them, without exception, without ifs and buts, must serve God first and must serve the people second. Those with the duty to serve are called upon to serve with selflessness, not with selfishness. Third. The next question is: as people of God, what is our political responsibility to the State? Our Book of Discipline gives us the answer and it states: “The strength of a political system depends upon a full and willing participation of its citizens. The church should continuously exert a strong ethical influence upon the State, supporting policies and programs deemed to be just and shall never be tolerated by the church” (par. 164 [b]). As Methodists, we are called upon to actively exercise our rights as citizens ever remembering that government should always promote their general interest. As a church, our duty is to exert a strong ethical influence upon the state. The Christian ethics is written all over our Constitution. The Preamble of our 1987 Constitution demands the establishment of a “regime of truth, justice, freedom, love, equality and peace” and all of these norms reflect our Christian ethics and values. This is not surprising for our Constitution was written by Christians and approved by a Christian nation. Fourth. The PDAF Scam exposes again the ineradicable problem of graft and corruption in our government. What should be our stance as Methodists on graft and corruption? Our Book of Discipline tells us and I quote: “. . . Graft, referring to unfair and illegal means of acquiring money, gain or advantage especially by abusing one’s position in politics. . . transgresses human dignity and violates human rights. Corruption referring to dishonest and undue exploitation of power for personal gain, subverts God’s intention for the fullness of life and creation. . . Good, just political governance characterized by transparency, accountability and integrity is crucial to the eradication of graft and corruption” (pars. 163 [c]). Again, our 1987 Constitution reflects the Methodist hard line against graft and corruption. Thus our Constitution also uncompromisingly

demands transparency and accountability among government officials. In sum, the Methodist position in regard to abuse of governmental power is clear, unchanging and unchangeable. Our North Star has always been and will always be the Word of God. We maintain that government derives its authority from God; that it is the sovereignty of God that counts, it is the sovereignty of God that controls, it is the sovereignty of God that should dictate the direction of human destiny. In the words of apostle Paul, ‘there is no authority except from God and that government authorities are ‘God’s servants instituted for the good of the people (Rom. 13: 1-6). As Methodists, we maintain that the only reason for the existence of government is to serve the people, the only rationale of government is to maintain order by promoting good and not evil, and above all, government must be an instrument of God, hence, no government can subvert the sovereignty of God. If you come to think of it, the abuse and misuse of the powers of governments is nothing new. Since time immermorial, God’s sovereignty, God’s will and God’s plan for His people have been violated by governments after governments, by kings after kings. The Old Testament is a compendium of continuous stories and unending tales of kings who abused their God given pwers against the people, especially the widows, the orphans, and the strangers. But more importantly, these stories tell us of the duty of God’s people when their governments inflict evil on them. They tell us that whenever God’s people are ruled and abused by evil authorities, God’s people do not standstill; they univocally and unequivocally proclaim on the rooftops that God is sovereign and that His sovereign will is for rulers to serve and not to subvert the people for again to quote the apostle Paul, ‘the people deserve to lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way’ (1 Tim. 2:2). In the Old Testament, God’s people did not keep in the secrecy of their closets, God’s people did not lock in the privacy of their breast the injunction of God that government should not abuse the people. This is a part of their faith and they defended the validity of their faith without trembling before kings who wielded the power of life and death over them. In no uncertain terms, Daniel warned the powerful king Nebuchadnezzar:



Therefore, O King, let my counsel be acceptable to you: break of your sins by practicing righteousness and your iniquities by showing mercy to the oppressed. . . (Daniel 4:27) In the New Testament, we have the supreme example of John the Baptist. John the Baptist entertained no fear in rebuking the evil deeds of Herod the Tetrach, the civil governor ruling under the Roman Empire (Luke 3:19) No one had the molecule of courage to criticize Herod for his moral ambivalence but John the Baptist confronted him with God’s moral law and in God’s perfect time, Herod’s evil kingdom collapsed like a house of cards.

of God. I refer to our founder, John Wesley, who took an unbending stand against the evil of slavery, at a time when it was subversive to do so, who denounced slavery even when it was legalized by parliaments, who courted the ire of the rich and the elite whose wealth depended in exploiting the slaves, who insist that slaves are properties and not persons. John Wesley fought for the dignity of the slaves, defied laws that bestowed rights based on the color of skin, and gave powerful witness to the whole world about God’s sovereignty that freely gives grace, mercy, and love to all His people. Some historians say “that Wesley and his Methodist people in England were responsible for such sweeping social change that they prevented the . . . bloody revolution that engulfed France in the final years of the 18th century (Yringoen, Jr., John Wesley, Holiness of Heart and Life, p. 27.)

“this is god’s It is not only in the Old and The PDAF Scam is the sad story battle, for New Testaments where we find repeated again and again in the authentic record of how God’s every battle history of governments. But the people espoused the sovereignty between good PDAF Scam is more than the stoof God against governments ry of how our people’s money was and evil is representing evil. Historian Alvin pocketed by some lowlifes among god’s battle.” Schmidt chronicles how Chrisour legislators. The massive theft tians influenced their governof our people’s money is unsetments which resulted in the outlawing of infanticide, tling enough but more disquieting is how the money child abandonment, and abortion in the Roman Emwas misused against the people’s interest. It was pire (in AD 374); that led to the outlawing of the brutal misused for political patronage; to buy the loyalty of battles-to-death in which thousands of gladiators have people whose politics is for sale; to corrupt our system diead (in 404); that led to the outlawing of the cruel of making laws; to corrupt our systems of enforcing punishment of branding the faces of criminals (in 315); our laws; to corrupt our system of election; to perpetuthat led to prison reforms; that stopped the practice of ate poverty; in other words, to violate the dignity of our human sacrifice among the Irish, the Prussians, and people, to demean our democracy, and worse of all, to the Lithuanians; that led to the outlawing of pedodefy the sovereignty of God. philia; that led to the granting property rights and other protection to women; that led to the banning of poThis is God’s battle, for every battle between good lygamy; that led to the prohibition against prohibiting and evil is God’s battle. This is a battle between God’s the burning alive of widows in India (in 1829); that led power and evil people in power. As God’s people, let to the outlawing of the painful and crippling practice us proclaim the sovereignty of God over government, of binding young women’s feet in China (in 1912); that the sovereignty of people over their rulers. When evil persuaded government officials to begin a system of reigns in our midst, let us remember that evil is tempopublic schools in Germany (in the 16th Century); and rary, while goodness is permanent; let us take comfort that advanced the idea of compulsory education of all in God’s promise that evil may succeed for a moment children in a number of European countries. (Grudem, but goodness shall prevail for only the right borne of Politics According to the Bible, pp. 49-50). righteousness has the power to rise and to prevail. As Methodists, we need not look afar for models to emulate, for leaders to follow in fighting the evils and excesses of government that violate the sovereignty


A pleasant day to all!


CHRISTIAN EDUCATION MONTH 2013: Inculcating Faith through Christian Education

CE Rally

Children’s Moment

“SUNDAY SCHOOL, SUNDAY SCHOOL! WE MUST ATTEND THE SUNDAY SCHOOL!” The sweet little voices suddenly became strong and persistent as the children’s chant rang through the sanctuary last September 1, 2013. Though it was an anticipated distraction, the children got all the members attention when they marched through the center aisle carrying the ribbons, flags, banners and posters that contain verses about the importance of attending Sunday School. Around 60 children from 3 years old to 12 boldly took the challenge to remind the worshippers that attending Sunday school is fundamental to one’s spiritual growth. They even called the attention of each organization starting with their own peers up to their own grandparents. The little rally only took a couple of minutes in the sanctuary but the chant kept ringing to the ears of their parents as there were reports that some pre-schoolers continued chanting even on their way home. The same rally happened during Contemporary Service and it had the same effect to the congregation. The Christian Education Ministries was grateful that the activity had a great recall but the impact is still yet to be observed through the attendance in all the Sunday School classes. The children will always be cute, but it’s not only their cuteness that is in them. They love attending Sunday School and they are serious in telling us adults that WE TOO MUST ATTEND THE SUNDAY SCHOOL. This rally was done to launch the CE month celebration.

PUMC kids would often refer to the church’s main sanctuary as the “big church.” And it’s always a joy for them when they altogether take part in the big church’s worship service. These children once again felt this kind of joy last September 15, 2013 when they had their own moment in the service. They went up the sanctuary, walked through the center aisle all the way to the altar where they were allowed to sit. This scene, where the children were comfortably seated at the foot of the cross while patiently anticipating a message, was such a wonderful sight and gave the congregation a modern picture of Luke 19:14, “Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.’” Mrs. Ester Lee Paragas, God’s anointed messenger to children, engaged both the children and the congregation in giving her message on Obedience. That moment, not only the children were ministered to for Mrs. Paragas took the opportunity to pray for the parents to be blessed with Wisdom to train up their children to be obedient. And more than the thrill and delight of being in the big church that this activity gives to the kids, PUMC’s Children’s Moment leaves a message to their hearts that while it is not very often that they do this, they are always free to approach God, in the big church or anywhere - no one’s to hinder them for the Kingdom of God belongs to them. The Children’s Moment was closed with the sweet voices of PUMC toddlers singing, “I Love You, Lord.”



Christian Education Sunday

Dedication of the Wesley Library

The Message

As the quotation goes, “Education and books are inseparable.” The PUMC leaders recognized that building a library is an effective way of preserving and advancing the Church’s ministry in education and discipleship. So the Wesley Library came into picture and was made into reality through book and monetary donations given by the church’s members. The PUMC Wesley Library is the first church library in the Quezon City Philippine Annual Conference to contain a collection of books written by and related to John Wesley and the United Methodist teachings. It was dedicated to God for His purposes last September 29, 2013 as Christian Education month’s culminating activity. Hon. Reynato S. Puno (Church Council Chairperson), Dr. Celia Ravelo (Nurture Ministries Chairperson), Ms. Lady Angela Rocena (Christian Education Committee Coordinator), along with other church leaders, workers and members were present in the Dedication Ceremony. Rev. Larry Eddings and his family also took part in the ceremony, and donated two volumes of John Wesley’s sermons which were published in the 1800’s – definitely to be considered as UMC treasures! Along with the John Wesley books, they donated two other books about Healing. As emphasized by CJ Puno, the books that the library contains are greatly relevant during this time when we are working towards the revival of our Church and Nation. And as stated in the library’s declaration of purpose, it is every generation’s obligation to impart its treasures of wisdom and knowledge to the generation following. The Wesley Library is PUMC’s way of recalling and imparting the spiritual legacy of John Wesley.

The Christian Education Sunday was made extra special by the presence of Rev. Larry Eddings and his family. Rev. Eddings is an ordained pastor in the United Methodist Church serving the Lord in that capacity since 1952. He is presently retired from full time ministry in the local church setting, which enables him, with his wife Mrs. Audrey Eddings, to be involved in renewal ministry beyond the local church. Last September 29, 2013, God brought him to Puno United Methodist Church to give a message during the church’s Christian Education Sunday. Rev. Larry Eddings encouraged the congregation to keep nurturing their Christian faith. He impressed to the listeners the need of a believer to keep growing deeper in God’s Word and continuously nurtured by increasing levels of Christian teachings. A Gift to Christian Educators The celebration of the Christian Education month wouldn’t be complete without giving tribute to the Sunday School teachers and Bible Study leaders – PUMC’s Christian Educators. While Rev. Eddings instilled the value of continuous Christian education, the church is so much grateful to have Christian Educators who makes it possible. As a tribute of thanksgiving, a short audio-visual presentation was viewed and a simple token was given to a total of 60 Christian Educators. Indeed, nothing could compare to the hard work, time commitment and lesson planning that the volunteer teachers put into their ministry. But the teachers’ day doesn’t end there. Later in the afternoon, during the UMYF’s Jamming and Sharing where a lot of Children’s Sunday School Teachers were present, Mrs. Audrey Eddings presented and gave a copy of the Sunday School curriculum about the Holy Spirit which she herself had written and compiled.


Lady Angela Rocena & Esther Joy Herradura


ANSWERED CALL KNOW MORE ABOUT REV. MARLON GONZALES sa amin ni Lord. Ito yung ‘Go’ signal ng Panginoon,” he shares. Fast forward to 2013; Pastor Marlon’s journey as a Church worker has been going strong for 19 years and has been filled with lessons and blessings. Not only did the Lord provide employment for both him and his wife (Dra. Edith Mateo Gonzales, working as a dentist), God also blessed them with four talented children who serve in the Music Ministry.

(This originally appeared on the Puno UMC website: We’ve all had to make tough choices in our lives; even tougher is the choice to answer the call to serve the Lord as a full-time worker and leave behind a wellpaying corporate job. For Rev. Marlon Gonzales, the new Associate Pastor of Puno United Methodist Church, all he had to do was obey the call and God took care of the rest. Having been in the Ministry for 19 years already, Pastor Gonzales shares how the Lord worked His Wonders which led him to finally pursue the life of a pastor. Starting his career in the corporate world before going into full-time Church work, Rev. Gonzales, even at a young age, always felt a call to serve. “There was a calling since my youth years, pero marami pa akong mga pangarap na parang na-set aside ko muna si Lord. Pero dumating talaga ako sa crossroads; I had to decide between my will and the Lord’s Will, so sabi ko Lord’s Will na, kasi nakokonsensya na ako na puro sarili ko na lang. I talked to my wife about it, and buti na lang na ang wife ko naman ay open-minded. Kahit noong panahon na iyon ay wala siyang work, ako ang breadwinner, she said na mag-pray kami. At yun nga, siya ang na-employ at nagka-work, at ito yung sagot

“We are grateful to God about our children. They seem to really focus on the Music Ministry and God has given them special talents for it. We are a blessed family for having these children. Although my eldest son (Juan Rafael) is very busy with his medical studies, nakakasama yung other three sa Music Ministry. Kasama sila sa Praise and Worship Team. Glenn (Gabriel Angelo) can play different musical instruments; Kim (Camille Andrea) is focused on singing; yung bunso ko naman (Gamaliel Paul) sa bass and keyboard. Interest ito ng mga anak ko, siguro dahil sa family background namin, na inclined sa music.” Having worked at Village United Methodist Church from 2009 to 2013, this is Pastor Gonzales’ first assignment to Puno UMC, and he is excited at the opportunity of being able to work with our servantleaders. As for his expectations, ”I think I will enjoy doing Ministry in Puno UMC, especially that all the leaders at Puno are committed and dedicated people. The Mission-Vision of Puno is something I can easily grasp; it is a very different, actually unusual statement. It’s four distinguished words: Conversion, Transformation, Discipleship, and Evangelism. Madali siyang matandaan.” Still, he is most excited about building new bridges, not only with the people, but also strengthening his relationship with God. “Recently, mayroong continued on page 28



THE COMEBACK KID: PASTOR JAY-AR PIOLINO RETURNS TO PUNO UMC FOR CONFERENCE YEAR 2013-2014 (This originally appeared on the Puno UMC website: There is always a feeling of excitement when meeting someone new. However, there is a different kind of excitement when you are anticipating the return of an old friend. With that being said, one can only imagine the eagerness felt by Pastor Jay-Ar Piolino upon learning that he was assigned to Puno UMC, the Church he grew up in, as its Associate Pastor for the Bulacan Mission Service this Conference Year 2013-2014. Before entering the Ministry, Jay-Ar Piolino was a Puno UMC high school scholar from first to fourth year and was also already heavily involved in the Church choir and Praise and Worship Team. “Umaattend na rin ako sa mga Bible Study; doon na rin ako na-nurture, at doon na rin na-prepare ang aking faith sa pag-respond sa Panginoon,” he recalls. “Ang unang activity naging part ako ay Summer Camp. Na-involve na rin ako sa Music Ministry, first sa choir ng Vesper Service (he was, at first, assigned as an alto), and then naging gitarista na ako sa Praise and Worship Team, kung saan mas lalo akong naging involved.” It was during the 2004 Christmas Institute at Union Theological Seminary that Jay-Ar answered the call to be a pastor and his scholarship continued through his collegiate studies at Wesleyan University. “I was trained para maging pastor nina Pastor Bong (Mangubat), Pastor Bing (Canlas), Pastor (Menre) Mendillo, at ang tawag sa amin noon ay ‘Pre-Theological Students,’ from 1st year college hanggang 4th year college, talagang na-train kami,” Pastor Jay-Ar shares. “Nag-conduct din kami ng sarili naming Bible Studies.” In 2009, Pastor Jay-ar was assigned to Maligaya United Methodist Church as Administrative Pastor and went on to serve in that capacity for two years, before being assigned as the Youth Pastor of Good Samari-


tan United Methodist Church the following year. He was then assigned back to Maligaya UMC in 2012, before returning to Holy Spirit Drive at Puno UMC this Conference Year 2013-2014. Compared to his initial stint as a student pastor, Pastor Jay-Ar now brings with him experience he would not have gotten had he not been assigned elsewhere. “Malaki yung pagbabago at pag-adjust ko, kasi noong nandito ako sa Puno UMC (before 2009), may mga Senior Pastors kami so hindi ko pa talaga nalalaman kung paano maging tunay na pastor. Nalaman ko na lang iyon nung ako’y lumabas ng Puno UMC. Lumaki ang perspective ko sa Ministry; nakita ko ang iba’t-ibang uri ng mga members, mga Ministries na ginagawa nila, at maging ang mga problema ng iba’t-ibang Churches at kung paano yung leadership nila. May mga inadopt ako (mula sa kanila).” He also knows that much is expected from him: “First time ko humawak ng Mission Point (referring to PUMC’s Bulacan Mission Point), at alam kong malaki rin yung matututunan ko. So ngayong bumalik ako sa Puno UMC, ipapakita ko kung paano ako nahubog, ano na ang mga natutunan ko, at ia-apply ko naman dito.” Pastor Jay-Ar also noticed the changes and growth of Puno UMC. “Talagang nag-grow na yung PUMC, nagmature na. Nagkaroon na siya ng fruits; una, nakita ko ay nag-spearhead ang Puno UMC ng mga programs tulad ng Ablaze na yearly ginagawa na. Nandyan din yung Revive, sumunod diyan ay nakapagtayo ang Puno UMC ng malaking Church, ang Puno-Masa UMC. So napakalaking pagbabago ang nakita ko dito continued on page 27


THE ANNUAL MEDICAL MISSION Over the past years, Puno United Methodist Church has been used to render free medical services to many, as part of its anniversary activities. And still, in celebrating 26 years of God’s abounding grace upon this church, the medical mission continues to address the health concerns of the people in the community. This activity falls every first Saturday of October annually and takes place from morning until afternoon. And for this year, October 5 is the date. Headed by Dra. Myrna Velasquez, the medical team from Mary Johnston Hospital offer their time and services to the people in need. Different kinds of assistance are given to both members and non-members of the church, depending on the concern of each. Aside from receiving medical help from our good-hearted volunteers, the patients also get prayed for by the intercessors of Puno UMC before and after the consultation. The best thing about this activity is that we know that healing happens to many, whether physical or not. Moreover, the faith of the people involved strengthens as they take the step to believe that sicknesses and pain will be gone one way or another. Bloodletting for the First Time An initiative agreed upon by the leaders of the church, the bloodletting activity is considered a first among the activities in the anniversary celebration. For this year, it becomes one of the highlights in the scheduled events of the 26th founding anniversary of Puno UMC. This worthwhile activity falls on the 19th of October, Saturday from 8 o’clock in the morning until 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Volunteers from the Philippine National Red Cross were invited to facilitate the bloodletting at the DAHHA covered court which was coordinated by Dra. Celia Ravelo. Dental Mission Another Outreach activity that PUMC continuously upholds every year is the Dental Mission. This is to be held on October 27, 2013 at the DAHHA Covered Court. PUMC is once again blessed to be in partnership with the Filipino-Chinese Dental Foundation.

Being an evangelizing church, PUMC wouldn’t miss this opportunity to witness. Amidst the expected 100 patients are prayer warriors who would share the Gospel to and pray for them. The end-goal, still, is to win souls for Christ. What a worthwhile activity to conclude a month-long celebration! Mye Regalia & Lady Angela Rocena

THE COMEBACK KID... from page 26

sa Puno, not just the structure of the building, kundi yung Holy Spirit ay talagang nakikita ko sa Church na ito. So bilang worker, bilang pastor, dapat talaga ay maging Spirit-led na worker.” He is also embracing the Church’s move to become a more relevant presence in the web through social media. Being one of the new generation of Methodist pastors, Pastor Jay-Ar knows the importance of engaging the members on the web, and also the role of the Youth in making this Ministry a success. He says: “Magandang nakikisabay ang Puno UMC sa generation natin, ang social media generation. Nakikita ko na malaking advantage ito, dahil lumalaki ang Ministries ng Puno. Hindi lang nasa loob ang Ministries kundi outside the Church. Nakikita ko talagang nag-momobilize dito ay ang Youth, kasi sila yung part ng Praise and Worship Team, at nakikita kong dumadami ang members ng leadership ng Church ay mga kabataan. So nakikita kong napakalaki ng opportunity sa Puno UMC at alam kong nakikisabay siya sa panahon ngayon. Maganda rin na naipapakita natin na sa multimedia ay naisi-spread din natin ang Word ni God.” Welcome back, Pastor Jay-Ar. Puno UMC is excited to serve the Lord with you again. Joseph Rey P, Velasquez



WINDWATCH PUNO UMC celebrates...

ANSWERED CALL... from page 25

from page 16

A month before the tour, she received teaching projects that answered half of the tour cost and the rest came from people who love and honor the nation of Israel. One prayer leader saw her boarding the EL AL plane to Israel, not only once but twice. Another saw her bringing home a prophetic photo from Israel and hanging it on the wall. These WKs were released months and years before the 2013 tour. 13. Mego Paragas, son of Ester Lee, was in tears when he asked to be prayed for. He lost a very important piece of paper for school and asked for WK from a prayer intercessor who was given a vision that he would find it in his favorite corner only after forgiving and blessing those who have been bullying him in school. He obeyed God’s instructions and he found the paper in his favorite corner. 14. Atty. Charles received prophecy during his birthday, that there would be additions to him this year: additions to his earnings as a lawyer and an addition to the family before the year ends. God spoke and Mrs. Cookie is due to give birth in December. The list can go on and on but what is important is for us to know God talks to us and we must be still so we can “hear” Him. Then, believe and obey. WindWatch PUMC is steadily growing in number, glowing in the Word, in faith and in the anointing presence of the Holy Spirit. The power of praise and worship is contagious and people who come to worship every Thursday at 6:30pm never go home in tears because as they desire to hear from God, they go home blessed with answered prayers, with healing of emotions and hearts, with physical healing and with words of instructions to follow. Walang umuuwi nang luhaan. Walang umuuwing hindi tumatanggap kay Jesus bilang sariling Tagapagligtas at Panginoon. Walang umuuwing hindi natatanggap ang kapangyarihan ng Banal na Espiritu sa kanilang buhay. Come and experience God, the WindWatch way! Rose Marie Regalia


despedida sa akin sa nakaraang Church, and siguro yun ang pinakamatinding emosyon na dumating sa akin. Maraming tao yung kanilang kaligayahan ay madaling hawakan at makita: very tangible. Pero nung time na ako’y na-despedida doon, I received a lot of words from the members na nagpataba ng puso ko. So I think yung mga salitang iyon ang pinakamaligaya kong narinig tungkol sa aking Ministry. Inisip ko, ito pala yung pinakamataas na kaligayahan na pwedeng ma-receive ng Pastor sa kanyang Ministry. Na-inspire ako doon sa mga miyembro, sa relationship na nabuo sa Church, and I’m looking forward to the people at Puno UMC, because of the Ministry they have, so I’m sure the work environment will be the same here. The most rewarding is the relationships I’ve built, and of course the relationship to Christ, the Head of the Church.” He adds: “God has been so good to me and to my family. He has revealed so much of Himself through my studies, through my relationships with other people, to the Church, with my superiors, and my coworkers. I’m being inspired by them… I draw strength from the company of other workers.” Joseph Rey P. Velasquez



















CHURCH COUNCIL OFFICERS CHURCH COUNCIL OFFICERS CONFERENCE YEAR 2013-2014 CONFERENCE YEAR 2013-2014 CHURCH LAY LEADER Mrs. Rosalina Alcances CHURCH LAY LEADER Mrs. Rosalina Alcances ASSOCIATE LAY LEADER Mrs. Eppie Acosta ASSOCIATE LAY LEADER Mrs. Eppie Acosta ASST. LAY LEADER Mr. Joseph Rey P. Velasquez (AM) ASST. LAY LEADER Mr. Joseph Rey P. Velasquez (AM) ASST. LAY LEADER Ms. Mary Concha (PM) ASST. LAY Ann LEADER Ms. Mary Ann Concha (PM) CHAIRMAN Chief Justice Reynato S. Puno (Ret.) CHAIRMAN Chief Justice Reynato S. Puno (Ret.) CO-CHAIRMAN Atty. Charles Michael C. Puno CO-CHAIRMAN Atty. Charles Michael C. Puno VICE CHAIRMAN Dr. Carlito S. Puno VICE CHAIRMAN Dr. Carlito S. Puno LAY DELEGATES TO QCPACE PRINCIPAL LAY DELEGATES TO QCPACE BGen.Lysias Cabusao (Ret.) PRINCIPAL Dr. Carlito Puno BGen.Lysias Cabusao (Ret.) Dr. Carlito Puno ALTERNATE Dr. Romulo Rocena ALTERNATE Dr. Irma Panaga Romulo Rocena Dr. Irma Panaga RECORDING SECRETARY Ms. Alena Dela Cruz RECORDING SECRETARY Ms. Alena Dela Cruz ASST. RECORDING SECRETARY Ms. Erika Jenny Rocena ASST. RECORDING SECRETARY Ms. Erika Jenny Rocena MEMBERSHIP SECRETARIES Mrs. Leny Meman MEMBERSHIP SECRETARIES Erlinda Calaguian Mrs. Leny Meman(AM) Digna (PM) (AM) ErlindaDemo Calaguian Digna Demo (PM) CHURCH TREASURER Mrs. RuthTREASURER Puno-Navarro CHURCH Mrs. Ruth Puno-Navarro

ASST. CHURCH TREASURER Ms. Norlabel Dela Cruz ASST. CHURCH TREASURER Ms. Norlabel Dela Cruz DISTRICT STEWARD Gen. Lysias Cabusao DISTRICT STEWARD Gen. Lysias Cabusao CHURCH HISTORIAN Dra. Myrna Velasquez CHURCH HISTORIAN Dra. Myrna Velasquez -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Dra. Celia Ravelo CHAIRPERSON Dra. Celia Ravelo CO-CHAIRPERSON Ms. Lady Angela Rocena CO-CHAIRPERSON Ms. Lady Angela Rocena CHRISTIAN EDUCATION COORDINATOR CHRISTIAN EDUCATION Ms. Lady Angela Rocena COORDINATOR Ms. Lady Angela Rocena SUNDAY SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENT Ms. Phil Arcilla SUNDAY SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENT Ms. Phil Arcilla MEMBERS Erlinda Calaguian MEMBERS Ellen Redecio Erlinda Calaguian Ace Acosta Ellen Redecio Amor Malayo Ace Acosta Rosemarie Regalia Amor Malayo Rosemarie Regalia STEWARDSHIP COORDINATOR STEWARDSHIP Mr. John Benedict Samonte COORDINATOR Mr. John Benedict Samonte MEMBERS Mrs. Ruth Navarro MEMBERS EdwinRuth Ravelo Mrs. Navarro Eva Laureano Edwin Ravelo Evangeline Cledera Eva Laureano Evangeline Cledera



MEMBERSHIP CARE COORDINATOR Mrs. Erlinda Calaguian MEMBERS Jomar Dogomeo Minda Alupuddin Beatrix Ilao Lorly Dogomeo Ritchel Roa Franklin Ines, Jr. Liway Arcilla Ofelia Valencia Digna Demo Rizza Calayo Pastors’ Spouses FAMILY COORDINATOR Eva Laureano MEMBERS Emma Andres Carlito Demo Marites Dela Cruz Norie Cabusao Maretta Ines ----------------------------------------------------------------


WITNESS MINISTRY CHAIRPERSON Rose Marie Regalia CO-CHAIR Jayson Pable EVANGELISM COORDINATOR Mrs. Digna Demo MEMBERS Mrs. Eva Laureano Ms. Stephanie Santos Ms. Jonalyn Obalde All President of Lay Organization



CO-CHAIR Mary Rose Regalia

MEMBERS Engr. Edwin Ravelo Engr. Ed Laureano Engr. Oscar Meman

CHAIRPERSON Myrna Velasquez


MEMBERS Benedict Samonte Ruth Miranda Evangeline Cledera Beverly Anne Luto Giovanni Galo

MEMBERS Patrick Meman (Church and Society) Dra. Melissa Sarapuddin (Health & Welfare) MEMBERS Dra. Virginia Tapia Dra. Edith Gonzales James Ceria Minda Alipuddin (Christian Unity & Interreligious)




MEMBERS Nicole Trinidad James Velasquez Joseph Velasquez Gina Rocena


MEMBERS Rizza Calayo Karen Redecio Trixie Ilao Eppie Acosta


CHAIRPERSON Administrative Pastor EX OFICIO LAY LEADER MEMBERS: CLASS A (2012-2014) Rose Soberano Ruth Miranda Cris Asumen CLASS B (2012-2015) Charles Puno Patrick Meman Liway Arcilla CLASS C (2013-2016) Joseph Velasquez Irma Panaga Emma Andres


CLASS B (2013-2015) Cyd Kristine Daphne Libutan Rosemarie Regalia Aris Acosta CLASS C (2013-2016) Renato Velasquez Eva Laureano Angel Rocena


CO-CHAIR Amy Rose Morada MEMBERS Church Council Chair Lay Leader Lay Delegate SPPR Representative BOT Representative Treasurer Stewardship Ministry Chair Financial Secretary / Administrative Officer (if paid employees, shall be members without vote) Pastor(s)


CHAIRPERSON Dr. Carlito S. Puno

CHAIRPERSON -Engr. Edwin Ravelo

CO-CHAIRMAN Lady Angela Rocena

CO-CHAIR -Romel Ilao


MEMBERS CLASS A (2013-2014) Eva Laureano Restie Acosta Ramil Remedillo

EX-OFICIO 1. LAY LEADER 2. LAY DELEGATE TO THE ANNUAL CONFERENCE MEMBERS CLASS A (2013-2014) Rosalina Alcances Beatrix Ilao Carlito Puno

CLASS B (2013-2015) Benedict Samonte Romel Ilao Fred Soberano CLASS C (2013-2016) Engr. RodelioSagun Engr. Edwin Ravelo



Engr. Oscar Meman

Erika Rocena James Velasquez


Renato Velasquez Arvin Acosta Ralp Puno


CO-CHAIRPERSON Jhon Reiner Crisolo


MEMBERS Representatives of: UMYF, UMWSCS, UMM, UMYAF, SENIOR CITIZENS Overall Music Director (Sharon Salcedo) Choir Director (Bella Panggabean) Praise and Worship (Jayson Pable) COMMUNION ELEMENT STEWARDS (ALTAR GILD) HEAD (AM AND PM) Lorly Dogomeo

MEMBERS Angel Rocena Michael Garol Vanessa Gem Cordova Pearl Cordova

MEMBERS Erlinda Calaguian Pastor’s Spouses Rizalyn Calayo

COMMITTEE ON RECORDS & HISTORY CHAIRPERSON Myrna Velasquez MEMBERS Crisanto Asumen Paul Puno James Velasquez

COMMITTEE ON COMMUNICATIONS CHAIRPERSON Joseph Velasquez CO-CHAIR Myrna Velasquez MEMBERS Rosemarie Regalia Maryrose Regalia Ace Acosta Aimee Acosta Veronica Rocena




VICE-CHAIRPERSON Romulo Rocena MEMBERS Carlito Puno Gina Rocena, secretary Digna Demo Nelly Santiago, registrar Crisanto Asumen Dr. Paul Puno

HONORARY CHURCH COUNCIL MEMBERS Alejo Dela Cruz Alfredo Soberano Dr. Rosa Soberano

ANNIVERSARY COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSON Chief Justice Reynato Puno (Ret.) VICE-CHAIRPERSON Mary Resurreccion T. Puno MEMBERS Dr. Melissa Sarapuddin Over-all Music Director Lay Leader


Mr. Renato Velasquez Mr. Joseph Velasquez Mrs. Rosalina Alcances Ms. Phil Arcilla Mrs. LenyMeman Mr. John Patrick Meman BGen.Lysias Cabusao Mrs. Eppie Acosta Mrs. Gina Rocena Ms. Erika Rocena Ms. Lady Angela Rocena Dr. Romulo Rocena Mrs. Cora Libutan Ms. Ruth Miranda Mrs. Nelly Santiago Mrs. Digna Demo Mrs. Amparo Cledera Mr. Ace Acosta Mrs. Rosemarie Regalia Mrs. Rose Soberano Mr. Jomar Dogomeo Ms. Aimee Acosta Mrs. Eva Ruth Laureano Engr. Ed Laureano

Digna Demo Ministerial Team Administrative Officer Eppie Acosta Eva Laureano Rosalina Alcances Leny Meman Charles Puno Angel Cabusao Myrna Velasquez Lysias Cabusao Irma Panaga Erlinda Calaguian Celia Ravelo James Velasquez Presidents of Lay Organizations NOW Ministries Chairpersons


Chief Justice Reynato Puno (Ret.) Dr. Carlito Puno Atty. Charles Puno Dr. Myrna Velasquez Mr. James Velasquez

Puno United Methodist Church Scholars Program High School Scholars SY 2013-2014 NAME Marylyn 1 Dacara 2 Guardian Sheina Mae 3 Bulambao Jay Ann 4 Pagar Hazel 5 Yeong Emerson

YEAR 3rd yr. 3rd yr. 4th yr. 4th yr. 4th yr.

SCHOOL Batasan Hills National High School Commonwealth High School Commonwealth High School Batasan Hills National High School Commonwealth High School





Student no. no. Student Name Name


1. Agar, 1. Agar, Ma. May Ma. May 2. Andrade Aaron Aaron Arvin Arvin 2. Andrade 3. Asusula Mary Joy 3. Asusula Mary Joy 4. Basay John Eric 4. Basay Levie John Eric 5. Bendal 5. Bendal Khimberly Levie 6. Capillo, 6. Capillo,Cielito Khimberly 7. Carreon, Joy 8. Crisolo, Ivon Joy 7. Carreon, Cielito Joy 9. del 8. Valle Crisolo,John Paolo Ivon Joy 10. dela Cruz, Clariz 9. del Valle John Paolo 11. dela Vega, Marlyn 10. dela Cruz, Clariz 12. Dulatre, Jenalyn dela Vega, 13. 11. Gratico, Abel Marlyn Dulatre,Joy Jenalyn 14. 12. Honrubia, 15. 13. Linget Gratico,Karen Abel 16. 14. Luces Dave Joy Honrubia, 17. Lusoriaga, Rosalia 15. Linget Karen 18. Miranda, Ruth 16. Luces Dave 19. Morada Reuben Lusoriaga, 20. 17. Palor Irene Rosalia Miranda, 21. 18. Remerata, Jessel Ruth 22. 19. Reteran, MoradaMaila Reuben 23. 20. Roco, Palor John Mark Irene 24. 21. Rosalejos, Jenny Jessel Remerata, 25 Sabuag Jenniyn 22. Reteran, Maila 26. Torayno Chelzea 23. Roco, Edgy John Mark 27. Villar 28. 24. YdelRosalejos, Jerich Jenny SabuagEman Jenniyn 29. 25 Zamora, Rey

26. Torayno


New 27. Scholars Villar Edgy 1. Bacaoan Pureza 28. Ydel Jerich 2. Canlas Francis 29. Zamora, Eman Rey 3. Corros Grace Marie 4. Ligeralde Jane New Scholars 5. Galo Jane 6. Ordinario Donabelle 1. Bacaoan Pureza 7. Montablan Ma. Eloisa 2. Canlas Francis 8. Respecia Mary Jane 3. Corros Grace Marie 9. Suyu Roxanne Mae 4. Ligeralde Jane 10. Zepeda Rochelle Angela

5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.


Galo Ordinario Montablan Respecia Suyu Zepeda

3rd 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 4th 4th 3rd 2nd 4th 3rd 4th 3rd 3rd 2nd 2nd 3rd 4th 2nd 4th 4th 3rd 3rd 3rd 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 3rd

1st 2nd 1st 2nd 1st 1st 2nd 1st 1st 1st

Jane Donabelle Ma. Eloisa Mary Jane Roxanne Mae Rochelle Angela





BBTE3rd IT BBTE- IT PUP Commonwealth PUP Commonwealth BSEM PUP Commonwealth 2nd BSEM PUP Commonwealth BSIT PUP Commonwealth 2nd BSIT PUP Commonwealth BSBA-HRDM PUP Commonwealth 2nd BSBA-HRDM PUP Commonwealth BS Criminolgy PCCr. 2nd BS Criminolgy PCCr. BSEM PUP Commonwealth 4th MM BSEM PUP Commonwealth BSBAPUP Commonwealth BS4th Math BSBA- MMEARIST PUP Commonwealth BSEM PUP Commonwealth 3rd BS Math EARIST BS Industrial Engr'ing QCPU 2nd BSEM PUP Commonwealth BBTE- IT PUP Commonwealth 4th BS Industrial Engr'ing QCPU BSBA- MM PUP Commonwealth 3rd BBTE- IT PUP Commonwealth PUP Commonwealth BSIT 4th BSBA- MMPUP Commonwealth PUP Commonwealth BBTE BSBA-HRDM PUP Commonwealth 3rd BSIT PUP Commonwealth BSBAMM PUP Commonwealth 3rd BBTE PUP Commonwealth BBTE - IT PUP Commonwealth 2nd BSBA-HRDM PUP Commonwealth BS Industrial Engr'ing QCPU 2nd BSBA- MM PUP Commonwealth BS HRM Acces Computer Sch. 3rd MM BBTE - IT PUP Commonwealth PUP Commonwealth BSBA4th BS Industrial Engr'ing QCPU BSBA- MM PUP Commonwealth BBTE 2nd- IT BS HRM PUP Commonwealth Acces Computer Sch. BSIT PUP Commonwealth 4th BSBA- MM PUP Commonwealth BBTE 4th- IT BSBA- MMPUP Commonwealth PUP Commonwealth BSEM PUP Commonwealth 3rd BBTE - IT PUP Commonwealth BSBA- MM PUP Commonwealth 3rd BSIT PUP Commonwealth BSIT PUP Commonwealth 3rd BBTE IT BS HRM PUP Sta. MesaPUP Commonwealth 2nd BSEM PUP Commonwealth BSIT PUP Commonwealth

2nd BSBA- MM PUP Commonwealth 2nd BSIT PUP Commonwealth BSBA-HRDM PUP Commonwealth 2nd BS HRM PUP Sta. Mesa BSBA-HRDM PUP Commonwealth 3rd BSIT PUP Commonwealth BSBA-HRDM PUP Commonwealth BSBA-HRDM PUP Commonwealth BS Math PUP Sta. Mesa BSBA-HRDM PUP Commonwealth 1st BSBA-HRDM PUP Commonwealth BBTE IT PUP Commonwealth 2nd BSBA-HRDM PUP Commonwealth BSBA- MM PUP Commonwealth 1st BSBA-HRDM PUP Commonwealth Chemical Engr'ng U.S.T. 2nd BSBA-HRDM PUP Commonwealth Office Mngt. Tech. PUP Commonwealth

1st 1st 2nd 1st 1st 1st

BS Math BSBA-HRDM BBTE - IT BSBA- MM Chemical Engr'ng Office Mngt. Tech.

PUP Sta. Mesa PUP Commonwealth PUP Commonwealth PUP Commonwealth U.S.T. PUP Commonwealth






1. Engr. Rufino Lardizabal, Jr. 2. Atty. Virginia Soriano 3. Dela Cruz Family





ROMANS 8:28 “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose” GREETINGS FROM: RAVELO FAMILY




A Prayer of Blessing for the 26th Anniversary of Puno United Methodist Church Our Lord God Almighty, Your Name is worthy of praise and adoration! You are the source of all good things. We give thanks unto You and rejoice together with the Puno United Methodist Church (PUMC) as they celebrate their 26th Founding Anniversary! You had wonderful and glorious plans when You established this church. Continue to look upon PUMC with loving favour and grace. May the Holy Spirit continue to anoint the church to accomplish Your will. May Your wind of revival that has been powerfully blowing continue to inspire other churches to press on with Your work! Raise up for yourself mighty men and women who are committed, courageous, competent, and Christ-centered. We pray for a continual hunger for Your presence in the church. Display Your glory and splendour in their midst. Cover every single member of this church with Your precious blood, uphold the ministries that bring glory to Your Name, and fan into flames their love for You and for one another! We stand together with them in mighty prayer, that this church that you have founded upon the Rock – will stand faithful as you promised that not even the gates of hell can ever prevail against it! . Let your church honor and give all the glory to the One and Only I AM. In Jesus Name! Amen!


Life-Growth Christian Network Inc.




Felicitations to and God’s Blessings on the PUNO UNITED METHODIST CHURCH On its 26th Founding Anniversary


Court of Appeals Associate Justice Venancio D. Aldecoa, Jr. (retired) SC Deputy Court Administrator Jenny Lind, Chito & Jemima Carina Delorino






Puno & Associates Law Office 2/F Puno Bldg. 336 Roosevelt Ave., SFDM, Q.C. “For the Lord is our judge, the Lord is our lawgiver, the Lord is our king; He will save us.” - Isaiah 33:22









The Puno UMC Good News Times - October 2013  

Digital copy of the annual publication of Puno United Methodist Church

The Puno UMC Good News Times - October 2013  

Digital copy of the annual publication of Puno United Methodist Church