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A FIGHT OF A LIFETIME Lucie Ger born 35 years ago, was diagnosed with sickle cell just 6 months after birth. Learning to cope with the chronic condition was not easy even at an early age but she managed to stay positive and generally lived a healthy life. In 1999, after starting to feel unusually sick in a manner that she could not easily relate to the sickle cell disease, she decided to seek medical diagnosis and advice from different doctors, but nothing tangible came forth of the myriad tests conducted. Finally after four years in 2003, she was diagnosed with Lupus (SLE). It is very rare for one to host both conditions, and Lucie is the only case in Kenya coping with both sickle cell and lupus Medically, this is a complicated health challenge as both diseases work against each other. Sickle cell often requires that your body immunity be boosted to optimum level whereas with Lupus, the body’s immunity must be suppressed to avoid the white blood cells’ counter-action. Lucie has faced all odds and has had to tackle all the setbacks that come along with the above mentioned complication. But she has remained very strong. She is however now at the stage where her bones are wearing out due to a complicated combination of the medication of both antagonistic diseases and she therefore requires a Hip Replacement surgery to rectify her hip. The medical experts have warned her not to rule out the possibility of having both hips replaced. Although Lucie has struggled in and out of her self employed IT training work to manage the cost of the long term medication, it is our humble prayer that the Ksh 2 million now required for her surgery would not let her lose hope, will and the determination to live. Watch her tomorrow Thursday, February 10th from 8.00am on KBC TV Breakfast show as she takes you through the story of her life. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Thanking you for your support and prayers. Michelle Ger

A Fight of a Lifetime  

It's not always that you get a chance to meet such brave and determined people. Even at her lowest moment, Lucie knows its just another bad...

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