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Benefits of Spa Hydro therapy The benefit of submersion in warm water has been legendary for aeons. It's only in the past century or so that this anecdotal evidence was proven to be a scientific certainty. Here are a couple of interesting ways that domestic spa heaters can provide relaxation, peace of mind and a soothing physical ex perience. Get a Good Night's Rest Nervous disorders such as anxiety problems, high stress and insomnia tend to be soothed by a dip in a warm pool heating


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massaging jets of the spa can really help to smooth away bodily tension and ease your worries. Research has shown that if you spend only 15 minutes in the spa, a few hours before bed, then this can be helpful to induce s leep. Helps to Relieve Pain Spa heaters and hot water submersion is incredibly beneficial for people who suffer from long term conditions such as Muscular Dystrophy, Arthritis and other inflammatory disorders like Ank ylosing Spondylitis. Soothes Spasticity Disorders The chronic diseases of MS, Parkinson's disease and Cerebral Palsy can be incredibly difficult to handle. However regular spa treatments can sooth and aid the symptoms of these disorders and provide enormous comfort to sufferers and their carers. Perfect for Detox The movement and stimulation of muscles in the warm water can aid the body's natural detoxification processes. This can make spa heaters at high temperatures the perfect part of a detox. Afterwards head to the sauna to s weat out all of those nasty allergens, such as carbon monoxide from car fumes, cigarette smoke (either passive or by choice), preservatives in food, impurities in the tap water and so on.

Evoheat have been offering domestic spa heaters, pool heat pumps to homes and commercial businesses for the past eight years with no chance of s lowing down. Take it from us we love what we do and our high quality products speak for themselves. Visit us today !

Benefits of Spa Hydro Therapy  

Spa heaters provides you a way to heat your small pool and Spas in winters. Many of the people prefer to spend some of their expenditure int...

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