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Digital Architecture The introduction of the computer has liberated architectural form, providing an instrument of exploration. The focus has moved away from theoretical discourse toward the ever-growing capabilities of digital software.

Our early experimentation can be seen to be a free exploration of form generation. The use of digital form generation was a stimulus for physical model outputs.


We have explored modelling as: Container Stacking Modular

Container; a hollow mass, essentially a facade construction. This provided little explanation of internal layout but rather the exploration of faceted geometry to create unique form.

Stacking; skeletal models, dealing with the practicality of structure. Laser modelling enabled us to explore the intricacy of structure resolution

Modular: creative exploration of laser-cut set-sized geometrical shapes, to rapidly create physical forms. The rigid shapes implicated limitations yet alternatively provided syntax of pattern and rhythm

These explorations led us to question what is the architectural merit behind these forms?

“Today, things have changed. Tools aren’t fixed anymore, type isn’t fixed anymore, demographic maps have changed completely, products are being replaced by half-products, drawings have become files, architectural language has exploded, and criticality has become defunct… Nothing is what it was, and everything seems to be fluid and vague.”

Lars Spuybroek

Digital Architecture is perceived by many in the architectural world to be infinite, meaningless and devoid of a critical discourse.

Within this ‘limitless’ digital field. how can we retain the essentials of architecture whilst using this instrument of innovation?

We will avoid producing form for the sake of form by introducing an underlying rigorous architectural theory.

Vitruvius’ principles provide an anchor for our digital experimentation;

Vitruvius’ principles provide an anchor for our digital experimentation;

draft digital architecture  

draft of digital architecture

draft digital architecture  

draft of digital architecture