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Affordable and Low Cost IVF Treatment Programs That You Should Consider infertility center, affordable IVF, low cost IVF A major barrier for several couples who want to consider IVF or in vitro fertilization is the price. Below are some alternatives you can try that would help you regarding affordable IVF and low cost IVF treatment.  Free IVF Research Trials or Inexpensive IVF Treatment Some fertility clinics have IVF treatment trials or research that receives IVF grants and funding. Surf the Internet or research your area to know if there are free IVF research trials or inexpensive IVF treatment you qualify for. Research about the infertility center to see if it is reputable or not. You may also check out the fertility clinic yourself to make sure the equipment and rooms are clean and the staff and doctors are friendly. IVF trials will be affordable and if you are lucky enough, you may get it for free.  Look for an Infertility Center That Offers Shared IVF Cycles An IVF cycle that is shared is also a good option. In this procedure, two women will undergo the initial stage of the process simultaneously. One woman will donate a number of her eggs to a woman who can’t utilize her own eggs. The eggs will be utilized in return for a discounted cost agreed by the infertility center. In this way, you can obtain a low cost IVF by saving up to 50 percent on your IVF fees.  Look for an Infertility Center That Offers Shared Donor Egg Cycles In this type of procedure, two or more women will impart a donor’s egg. They will all contribute in the IVF treatment cost. This procedure

will allow the women to take advantage of affordable IVF treatment because they will split the cost of the IVF treatment between themselves.  Look for an Infertility Center that has Shared Risk Program or a Refund A shared risk program or refund is a prepayment arrangement in which you would obtain a full or partial refund if a maternity (or a live birth, in some cases) doesn’t happen out of your in vitro fertilization treatment. This is also considered as an affordable IVF treatment. You will give a flat fee directly for a particular number of in vitro fertilization cycles. You will receive a 70 to 100 percent reimbursement if you do not get pregnant after your IVF cycles. However, there are some restrictions depending on the policies of the fertility clinic in terms of services and age covered.  Try Mini In Vitro Fertilization The only difference of mini IVF to traditional IVF treatment is the hormone regimen and drug that take place. There are fewer drugs utilized for ovary simulation. Fewer but Grade A quality eggs are made with mini IVF. Just like in usual IVF, the rest of the process of mini IVF is unchanged i.e. the woman is observed during the course of egg retrieval and drug regimen process and embryo transfer and embryo fertilization all take place. Compared to the usual IVF, the rates of mini IVF are considerably lower. Instead of paying $12,000 to $15,000, you can just pay $3,000 to $7,000 per cycle. There are several low cost IVF choices available out there. Just research on what’s the best IVF option that works best for you.

Affordable and Low Cost IVF Treatment Programs That You Should Consider  

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