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Joseph Ongaco Portfolio, 2015 - 2016

Table of Contents 1. double negative project 2. building precedent study 3. architecture research thesis

double negative Architecture 100A Fall 2015 Dominique Price

The language of the solid and void is derived from an interpretation of the spaces found in the stairwells of Wurster Hall.


The spaces found in between flights of stairs are first placed together into a montage.

From the initial arrangement of space, the contours are extracted,

allowing for new interpretations of the original spatial montage.

The montage is then interpreted in three dimensions, which begins to reveal a complex intersection of space from the formal interplay of solid and void.

Precedent Study Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center Architecture 100B Spring 2016 David Orkand A deconstructive analysis of the Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center emphasizes the building’s attention to conditions of sunlight, structure, and articulation of space by its use of louvers, columns, and pitched roofs.

Prosthetic Biking Visor Architecture Research Thesis (in progress) Architecture 102A Fall 2016 Darell Fields

The prosthetic biking visor provides riders with non-distracting, visually accessible information of their surrounding envrionment based on specific gestural motions of the head. The visor is meant to improve the safety of cyclists by allowing for hands-free manueverability and proximal awareness while maintaining a consistent view of their path.

15 MPH


5 miles to go

Right Turn OK

Left Turn OK

Portfolio, 2015-2016  

A selection of work from the past year.

Portfolio, 2015-2016  

A selection of work from the past year.