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u i t e

IN TIMES LIKE THIS ‌ What sort of season are we in Nigeria? What with the Boko Haram insurgency that has refused to go away even with the declaration of emergency rule in three north east states of Borno, Yobe and Adamawa. Add to this the gradual resurgence of Niger-Delta militancy especially since the conviction of Henry Orkah in South Africa. The increase in violent crimes such as armed robberies and kidnappings in different parts of the country. These are certainly not the best of times. The 2015 general elections are fast approaching and political intrigues and macabre dances have become the order of the day. From the Nigerian Governors Forum (NGF) elections drama to the drums of war and threats of national disintegration coming from the presidents kinsmen, Nigeria is certainly no longer at ease, apologies Prof. Chinua Achebe of blessed memory. The war in Syria had consumed 80,000 lives and still counting. It has created 1.5 million refugees with the very real possibility of the conflagration engulfing the entire Middle East Region. Israel, Lebanon and Jordan are already close to being drawn into the Syrian war for different reasons. What about the ever so intractable Middle East peace process with the prospects for peace between Israel and the Palestinious fading away by the day. The Myammar Sectarian/Ethnic crisis that has refused to go away nor terrorism that is appearing with a new face - targeting military men. The British soldier butchered and beheaded and another French soldier was stabbed in the throat are still fresh in our memories. Our world and our generation is definitely at the horns of a dilemma. To what extent has Nigeria's membership of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) been beneficial to us? These and several other issues of national and global importance are what the Atlantis Magazine seeks to address. By providing incisive and insightful reports and analysis, this magazine will highlight views and opinions that are directed towards proffering solutions to national and global challenges. Neither will the Atlantis fall short on other real issues of life such as religion, life style and fashion, sports and socials, jokes and cartoons and a pot pourri of other collections designed to make Atlantis the best monthly magazine you ever laid your hands on. On behalf of the editorial board, I bid you welcome to what promises to be a delightsome reading experience as you flip through the next pages. Tim Aduroja.



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As I look out on to the ocean

My heart basks in your devotion

Your love and blessings are vast as the sea Dear Lord you do hear the plea Of the sorrowful, and the down trodden A repenting heart's sins are long forgotten The raging sea cannot sink the ship That's held in your grip You are my anchor that holds As the bad times unfold My fountain of joy and peace Where life's storms will cease

You walk on water, calm the sea with your hand Guide me as I go through this Land. Veronica Eudy

I'm Sorry For all the things I said and didn't say. I'm Sorry For all the mean things I might have said. I'm Sorry For all the things I did or didn't do I'm Sorry If I ever ignored you I'm Sorry If I ever made you feel bad or put you down I'm Sorry If I ever thought I was bigger or better than you I love you Don't ever forget that please! You are SO important to me! Through bad times and goo, I 'll always be here for you. I' m Sorry For everything wrong I've ever done I'm writing this because what if tomorrow never comes? What if you never get to say good-bye or give a BIG hug to the people you care about? What if you never get to say I'm sorry or I love you? Send this to someone you really care about.


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he Atlantis Magazine is new, fresh and fascinating. You may ask Atlantis? Why choose the name? We have different types of magazines, weekly, bi-monthly plan and monthly so why come out when you can see that a lot of magazine come and after a while they shut down? What problem does Atlantis hope to solve? Who are after your target audience and how do you reach your audience? We in the Atlantis Editorial Board did a lot of research and come out with three damning answers and facts. Which we shall outline below: “Nigerian as a people do not celebrate its own” this is like the proverbial sayings of Jesus while He performed miracles in His hometown Nazareth, And he wasn’t appreciated, after observation he sadly made a comment that “A prophet has no honour in His home” so Atlantis as paper would celebrate achievers, our homeboys, local talents and those in corridors of power, not as “praise singer” but to show them, How They can do Better and Provide Alternative Solutions to Our Peculiar Problems.

Secondly, while the developed nations are moving at a fast rate into technology, space and new innovations, we in Africa have not solved basic problems of food, shelter and housing. We at Atlantis deem it fit to make a clarion call on our government officials and policy makers to build a lasting system and stable institutions that would outlive themselves, Great Western Nations like Japan, USA, Germany, Britain often build systems, institutions and promote these values above nepotism ,corruption, greed and personality. “No one is indispensable” whether as Military, para-military institutions, parastatals in political administration and the totality of the Nigerian Populace. Lastly, we have come to a conclusion about the Nation called Nigeria, we are blessed by God Almighty, I will say Nigeria is the “Promised land” God's own country ,blessed in natural resources of all types,all kinds of agricultural products, and all things, We will say boldly Nigeria no matter what people say, will not break, by some Jealous western nations, it will remain one nation and a stronger nation under God, I must appeal to all Nigerians, After my sojourn Nigerians abroad and those in diaspora to always have love for Nigeria and that no matter how what you do pray for Nigeria,: you are ambassadors of Nigeria and black race, the entire black people look at you differently from other black Africans'. Long live Nigeria – May Atlantis magazine Live Long Amen. Publisher

ATLANTIS TEAM Board of Directors

Dr. Micheal Oyawoye Barrister Segun Arowoyele Rachel Peters


Associate Editor Assistant Editor Contributing Editor Publisher/Editor in Chief Woman Editor Acting Editor Executive Editor Sub Editor Photo Journalist Graphics Operator

Columnist Researcher

Advert Executives Marketing and Sales Circulation Distribution Contributors


Chairman Managing Secretary


Dr. Niyi Akingbe Timothy Dairo Aduroja Rotimi Olajide Gbenga Oyepitan


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Faruk Mohammed Ase Mike Gbenga Akindele Tolu Falase Olawaseun Mohammed

All correspondence to the Editor Atlantics Magazine is Published Monthly by Herodros Services Ltd. st 1 floor wing D,suite05, Elephant House, Alausa, Ikeja Lagos. 307, East Street, London, Se17 2SX, Uk Tel: 020784567 Text Messages Only to:- 07037359493, 08132904379 Abuja Office: Area 10 Block D48 Murg Plaza Opposite UTC Abuja.

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he current president of the Country Nigeria, President Goodluck Jonathan to many

political observers and analyst is a perfect symbol of Unity and development in the polity; he emerged from Bayelsa State, an oil producing, marginalized state in Nigeria, he is not from the ruling Northern Elite nor does he belong to any strong association in the South South political hierarchy, or any in the south east, or south west, he is neutral, his neutral posture made him an attractive bride to all the political block. In politics power equation is about


power, pressure group control, how to apply history, principles and laws of politics and situations to tackle challenges and mastery of people, events and situations. From his statement comes this words””;;I was loyal to my leader, the late great president Umaru Yar'adua. I am loyal to Nigeria,I don't claim to represent North, South or a committee-I represent Nigeria.i am loyal to Nigeria,s economy,I don't have accounts or property abroad, All my children live and school in Nigeria.i am loyal to my wife and friends, can those who accuse me say the same?” All the President wanted to do was join the PDP and serve his community in the best possible way; but fate played a big part in ushering him to the forefront in Nigerian politics, since the Governor at that time was accused of corruption and malpractices, he patiently and loyally was asked to become the governor, he thought he would assume the governorship role when fate was ushering him to assume the seat of Vice-President under the late Alhaji Musa Yar'adua, the moment he became Vice President fate again brought him up and the rest was historic; We are all witnesses to the historic inauguration and subsequent emergence as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The mystery of the name and destiny putting the puzzle together, the names Patience and Goodluck Ebelechukwu( Mercy of God) Azikwe Jonathan can be interpreted that God has decided to show Nigeria his mercy (Ebelechukwu) and answer us for a good and a God sent leader, having seen the patience and sufferings of the “marginalized”. God has given (Jonathan). This Nigeria gift on a pedestal height and for freedom. looking at events that have answer in Nigeria leadership history. The way the colonial British pre-arranged the leadership, it was based on leadership by large number


Page 07

of which Northern Hausa tribe benefitted immensely;

is not an indivisible unit.

however the Northern Oligarchy become letarghic and could

The relationship and the culture of different ethnic

not wake up to the challenges of modern day Nigeria.

nationalities in Nigeria has unity in diversity, the following are

However the leadership engine became moribund in

the differences of the northern, Southern, and the Western

according to Gabriel Almond theory of Elite classical theory

part of Nigeria.

he posited that Elites produced and reproduce itself, but they

Different customs and traditions

become so narrow minded, selfish and parochial, to the

Different eating habits

extent that they found no solution to the leadership crisis

Different religious affinity

internally, so the nation of various tribes, tongue and

Different language

nationalities have to look elsewhere for an answer to a

Differences in clothing etc but besides all these diversities the

leadership vacuum, hence the need for a new paradigm shift

people of this great country Nigeria has decided to live

to a leadership

together in Unity.

that is ditrabalised, broadminded and

forward looking, not necessarily a leader that must

Hence in Nigeria it is better to develop people with an

necessarily emerge from a colonial legacy, slow decision

integrative way of thinking, like unity Modesty sincerity and

making and visionless leadership. Dynamism and New world

equality and moderation, patience.

order brought out leaders like Barrack Obama in American

In conclusion we could see that all the efforts the President

political scene. Goodluck Jonathan emergence in the Nigerian

Goodluck to tackle the issue of Boko haram ,by granting

political scene could be likened to a fairy tale story; this was

amnesty to the group should be supported by all and sundry

someone with little foray in the political landscape of Nigeria;

,the power privatization, the resuscitation of the almost dead

he was devoid of any historic ideological or and political

Nigerian railways and other new development would go along

affinity. When we look at the past world of Nigerian political

way in making our Country Nigeria a new and better society for

Elite, we would discover that the leadership is unstable and

all the citizen of the country.

unpredictable,, as if there is an unseen hand controlling the

Looking into the future of Nigeria we could see a country of

affairs of the Nigerian State President Goodluck Jonathan as

great possibilities endless opportunities and with a great

a person comes from a very small town called Otuoke in

faith that GOD is a Nigeria and he lives within the borders of

bayelsa state,his story could be likened to the biblical story

our great country.

of David who was anointed king among his bigger and well known brothers. In every society the elites come together in unity and cohesiveness to organize, arrange and lead the community o society towards a desired goal with their interest and the interest of the community at variance. Unity in diversity is a concept of unity without uniformity Observing our planet earth, it is more than obvious that it represents the Unity of unnumbered diversities. If we observe the atom as the smallest particles of matter out of which all living and non-living systems are made (from the most simple to the most complex), we can see that it

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THE SECOND TERM OF BARACK OBAMA IN THE UNITED STATES. By: Gbenga Oyepitan He also pushed hard for, and gained agreement on, taxes to rise on the most wealthy (individuals making above $400,000 per year or households above $450,000) inthe final 'fiscal cliff ' negotiations in December 2012. The Obama administration has an opportunity to implement. Domestic oil and natural gas production will continue to grow, making the United States increasingly self-sufficient in energy. U.S business and trade affected by corporate espionage, hacking and other cyber security. Presently, the Korean peninsula has emerged as a major preoccupation with nuclear threat posed by North Korea's intransigence. The Pyongyang regime in April 2012 displayed what appeared to be a mobile intercontinental ballistic missile capability, launched a satellite into Orbit in December 2012


arack Obama was elected for another term of

four years in November, 2012. Analysts have

viewed the second term as that of unfinished

business and fighting battles ahead. The Congress is deeply divided with the Republican senators and representatives very critical of the executive policies and decisions. Some instances were reflected in the senate committee interrogations on the attack on American embassy in Benghazi, nomination of Chuck Hagel as defence secretary, the clamour and sustained pressure that prevented the American United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice from being nominated as the secretary of state, the stalemate that resulted into the 'fiscal cliff' among others. In Obama's state of the Union address in 2013 the focus was on the economy, declaring him determined to intervene to right income inequality and boost the middle class and made it

and conducted its third nuclear test in February 2103.

On March 15,2013 Hagel announced that the

Pentagon will deploy 14 additional


interceptors in locations at Fort Greely, Alaska, and Vandenberg Air Force Base, California; increasing the interceptors from 30 to 44, the additions will provide a nearly 50 percent increase in U.S missile defence capability. Hagel noted that “the United States has missile defence systems in place to protect us from limited ICMB attacks, but North Korea in particular has recently made advances in its capabilities and is engaged in a series of irresponsible and reckless provocations.� Hagel also disclosed that the United States will join Japan to deploy an additional advanced radar which will provide improved early warning and tracking of any missile launched in North Korea

clear that he will continue to press for the rich to pay more in at the United States or Japan.The top priorities of foreign policy remain Iran, Afghanistan, taxes, a position Republicans have rejected. President Obama's Obama has vowed to hold federal government spending at Pakistan, China and the Middle East: restarting the Israelabout 22% of GDP; part of this will come from the planned Palestinian peace talks with a visit by President Obama, cuts in defence spending from 4.6% of GDP to 2.9% by 2017. Secretary of State, John Kerry and defense secretary


Page 09


Hagel to the Middle East in March 2013;

restated her

Villaraigosa, who has been pushing for stricter gun laws. 'It

commitment to a close cooperation with Israel, the need for

makes sense. It's not a radical notion."But the National

the Syrian regime of Assad to maintain control over chemical

Rifle Association and other gun groups are ready for a

and biological weapons in the country and a bilateral plan to

fight, swinging with searing TV ads and a public rebuke of

counter potential threat.

The U.S government is also

the administration's efforts. While polls indicate the

resolved to preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear

majority of American's support the president's efforts,

weapon, with all options on the table according to Pentagon

some political observers have doubts about Washington's

sources which included diplomacy. The government of

ability to produce any meaningful change."No one

Obama has also seen the U.S getting more involved in

Democrat or Republican wants to deal with that issue it's

international and regional organizations, more collaborative

not popular," said CNN contributor and conservative

and less unilateral, not just the pattern of headlong attacks

activist Erick Erickson. "They want to just do something for

by conventional forces, demonstrated by North Atlantic

the sake of symbolism."

Treaty Organization (NATO) action and support for the

However, the Republicans have warned Obama over

opposition fighters in Libya and Syria, using drones and

the role of the government in economy and governance;

Special Forces in Afghanistan and Iraq .

Senator Marco Rubio asserted that “more government

In the area of defence and security, President Obama

isn't going to help you get ahead. It's going to hold you

in line with earlier policy plans will reduce the troops level in

back. More government isn't going to create more

Afghanistan by 34,000 before April 2014. The Obama

opportunities. It's going to limit them. And more

strategy, unveiled with great fanfare in January 2012, was

government isn't going to inspire new ideas, new

meant to reshape defense strategy in the aftermath of

businesses and new private sector jobs. It's going to

lengthy wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It called for greater

create uncertainty.”Arguing that government helps best

emphasis on security ties in the Asia-Pacific region, a

by getting out of the way. Obama has outlined a number of

continued focus on the Middle East and a reduced military

new initiatives to improve preschool programmes and

presence in Europe, as well as improved capabilities in cyber

voting, boost manufacturing and research and

warfare and missile defense.

A review in the counter-

development, raise the minimum wage and lower energy

terrorism strategy with the withdrawal of troops from

use and declared “it is our unfinished task to make sure

Afghanistan in 2014, Cuts to the defence budget of $487

that this government works on behalf of the many and not

billion over 10 years have already been agreed. In response

just the few. On Debt cancellation, the second term will

to the budget cuts that took effect March 1, Defense

also feature some old fights. The debt ceiling round two

Secretary Chuck Hagel has ordered a re-evaluation of the

was shaping up to be another fierce fiscal showdown.

underpinnings of the defense strategy that President Barack

House Republicans had insisted on spending cuts in

Obama announced 14 months ago. Gun violence came into

exchange for raising the debt ceiling. President Obama

sharp focus after the Sandy Hook Elementary School

warned he was not going to negotiate. With the prospect

shootings that took the lives of 20 children and six adults .It

of a default and the Treasury Department taking steps to

sparked a heated debate and led to new measures the

bridge the gap, Congressional Republicans backed off a

President plans to put in place through executive action or

bit, with plans to vote next week on a three-month deal to

with congressional approval. Steps quickly assembled aimed

extend the debt ceiling .It's not a long-term solution, but it

at curbing gun violence, such as universal background checks

takes some air out of a contentious battle the president

and a ban on high-capacity magazine clips of more than 10

would have faced immediately."I understand the games

rounds. "It's common sense" said Los Angeles Mayor Antonio

the Republicans are playing, but the game the American

Page 10



people want them to play is play fair," said Democratic

undocumented workers and a pathway to legal status for

strategist and CNN contributor Donna Brazile, who argued

otherwise law-abiding illegal immigrants. Some key

the rich should pay their fair share and struggling Americans

Republicans have signaled a willingness to tackle this

should not be "disproportionately hurt" by deep cuts.

issue."I found a commitment among many in the

One week into his second term, President Barack

important Republicans, the leadership, many of the rank-

Obama unveiled his vision for immigration reform in a

and-file, who want something on immigration, Navarro

speech Tuesday in Las Vegas .He called on Congress to pass

said. "There have been a lot of things happening behind

comprehensive immigration reform with a pathway to

the scenes. Both Obama and the senators agree that the

citizenship for 11 million illegal immigrants. One large and

nation's illegal immigrants should be given a chance to

important constituency will be watching the president's

legalize and eventually become citizens if they meet

second term closely. They care about gun violence and fiscal

certain conditions, but the senators' bill includes a spate

matters but want to see quick action on immigration reform.

of border security requirements that must go into effect

Hispanics, who voted overwhelming for Obama, 71%-27%

before the immigrants are eligible for a green card

over Republican


challenger Mitt


Romney, had hoped

House have not released a

for more progress in

significant blueprint or

the president's first

proposal. Though the

term. Amid record

president has a working

deportations, USA


Today columnist Raul

immigration reform bill,

Reyes says there was

he will not release it while

a lot of anxiety in the

Congress is making

Latino community. "It

progress on their own

really seemed like he

proposals, administration

had forgotten about

officials say.






his promise on immigration."Biden on Obama at start of second term: 'In simpatico 'The White House points to steps the president did take, like an executive order to stop deporting some young illegal immigrants who entered the country as children. That wasn't enough and the President admitted as much in his post-election news conference when he vowed again to deliver on his promise."I'm very confident that we can get immigration reform done," the president said as he drew an outline of what that would look like: Stronger border security, penalties for companies hiring




Long Life ON 29TH MAY

0 8 0 5 2 9 9 7 6 1 5 THE ATLANTIS

Page 11





governors almost came to blows Sunday at a

at this juncture that some governors moved forward

meeting called to form separate Platform for PDP governors.

quickly and came in between them; as they continued to

It was gathered from a reliable source.

hurl unpleasant words over the heads of those that

gainst all expectations, at the Governors Forum,

Their exchanges resulted into harsh words to

held at Abuja, two People's Democratic Party

each other and they began to inch forward angrily. It was

According to the source the formation of the forum

separated them.

was encouraged by President Goodluck Jonathan as a

Finally, the source said they were persuaded back

counterpoise to the Governors Forum whose chairman

to their seats as few Governors moved back and forth to

Rotimi Amaechi of River State is speculated to nurse an

foster peace. At last they succeeded and they were

ambition to run 2015 as Vice President to Sule Lamidu of

encouraged to embrace each other. They did and the

Jigawa State. The source said, as soon as the meeting began

meeting continued.

Babangida Aliyu of Niger State, who happens to be Governor

For two state chiefe executives to openly express

Amaechi's Partisan, criticized the need for a PDP governors

their disagreement and want to flex moscles is something

Forum. He argued that the governors Forum engenders unity

that keeps political pundits

among the Governors and that the ruling party is already

question that is being asked is this; are these the legacies

dominant in the Forum.

the founding fathers of this great nation left behind? Is

However, Governor Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom State who is said to be President Goodluck Jonathan's supporter for 2015, stood up and challenged Governor Aliyu

thinking and one serious

this the dream of our patriots, well! I'll want to take journey back to time. During the era of

the struggle for the

for opposing the creation of the PDP Governor's Forum. He

decolonization of Nigeria, the founding fathers from all

said the decision was taken to set up the Forum at a meeting,

ethnic nations in Nigeria contraption sought for freedom

the previous day where Governor Aliyu was absent, and that

for the era knocked together by Britain and labeled

he could not therefore oppose it.

Nigeria. That is the protectorates of Southern and

Page 12



Northen Nigeria and the colony of Lagos. In a mischievous, to usurp the political largesses meant for the peoples of wily and crafty move; the British overlords, decided to play the area, would want us to believe; was the emergence of the ethnic nations in the areas known as Northern Nigeria

the Northern Elements Progressive Union (NEPU) led by

against the ethnic nations in the area known as Southern

the late well respected Mallam Aminu Kano and the United

Nigeria. The aim of the British Machineries and the

Middle Belt Congress (UMBC) led by the late Joseph Tarka.

opportunists was to secure a delay in the date for granting

These two political parties among a few others thrived

Nigeria her independence. This was the genesis of the one

alongside the Northern peoples Party (GNPP) led by the

Northern Nigeria myth in contradistinction to one Southern

late Alhaji Ibrahim Waziri. These two political parties


thrived in distinct portions of the North, despite the It was the late political sage, Chief Anthony

overbearing presence of the humongous National Party of

Eromosele Enahoro who first introduced the idea of

Nigeria in Northern Nigeria. This development was

breaking Nigeria up into six geo socio political zones, in

evidently, a pointer to the fact that Northern Nigeria was

recognition of the fact, that there was nothing like one hole

as pluralistic as Southern Nigeria.

monolithic and homogenous Northern “Nigeria, Western

MKO Abiola's victory June 12, 1993 effectively dramatized

Nigeria nor Eastern Nigeria. In his latter years, Chief

the fact that the average Northern Nigerian voter and the

Anthony Enahoro actively campaigned for Nigerian state

average Southern Nigerian voter are brothers and sisters

structure that gives predominant recognition to the reality

after all. MKO Abiola's victory demonstrated the fact that

of all the ethnic nations that comprises Nigeria. There are

there is no monolithic Northern Nigeria, that could always

about 370 ethnic nations in Nigeria, family evenly split

be hijacked and made to vote in accordance with the

among Nigeria's North and South. In a strange twist of

whims, nuances and caprises of the self appointed

political wisdom all the ethnic nation in Northern Nigeria are

Northern political godfathers. Now, there are some

subsumed by the larger Housa / Fulani in tintertwined ethnic

pertinent questions that demand answers regarding the

nations. Thus, effectively the most 200 ethnic nations in

voting patern, during the Social Democratic Party (SDP)

Northern Nigeria have been robbed of their identities. Very

and National Republican Congress (NRC) keenly contested

many of these ethnic nations have for very long sought to be

presidential elections that served as the platform for MKO

released from the bondage of being compulsorily classed

Abiola's unprecedented victory. Why did Northern Nigeria

Hausa / Fulani. Many of these ethnic nations are very large

voters abandoned Alhaji Bashir Tofa, a fellow Northern

nations, and even larger than some countries. Yet, they have

Nigerian and voted overwhelmingly for MKO Abiola? Why

for a very long time suffered the indignity of having being

did the Christians in Northern Nigeria, not abstained from

denied their identity and forced to wear some other ethnic

voting for a Moslem candidate, since there was no

nation's identity. Now these being nations are seeking

Christian Presidential candidate in that election? The

recognition as ethnic nations, completely independent of the

answers to these questions are not difficult to find. The

Hausa / Fulani ethnic nation. The Kanuri, Nupe, Tive, Idoma,

Northern poor and un-influential, just like Southern

Igbira, igala et al, ethnic nations are large ethnic nations

counterparts have since discoverer that the mainstream

that for too long have suffered the indignity of compulsory political power brokers, political godfathers and other assorted politicians are in politics to serve their selfish subjugation to the Hausa / Fulani ethnic nation. Not every Northern Nigerian is a Moslem. Many Southern

interest. They catapult themselves, wives, children and

Nigerians are usually pleasantly surprised to read, hear or

cronies to positions of power, prominence, prestige and

basically discover that there is a huge Christian population in

influence on the false premise of a monolithic and

the North. Ironically, one of the factors usually identified as

homogenous territory; wherein the poor gain no dividend

responsible for the hitherto assumed, cemented monolithic and are oppressed, subjugated, economically and socially and homogenous composition of the North, is the common frustrated. The average Northern Nigerian voter wants to adherence to Islam. Alas, it is now common knowledge that a

cast his or her vote for the Nigerian from

humongous portion of the middle Belt people, are Christians.

anywhere in the geo socio political space,

Same apply to many other places in the old Northern Nigeria.

known as Nigeria that can help him or her

The first indication that Northern Nigeria is not as

and family thereof, secure a better life and

homogenous as the politicians who hide behind that notion

better future. This too is the


Page 13


dream and desire of the average Southern voter; however,

Democratic Party controls very many state, the all Nigeria

some politicians have their hidden agenda and personal

people party controls some other state. In the recent

interest. Another major straw that broke the back of the

Nigeria presidential primaries that was won by president

camel parading the lie of the united indivisible northern

Good luck Jonathan, some very powerful, very wealthy and

Nigeria, was the breaking of the old Northern region in the

very influential Nigeria political power brokers aka

present multiple state structure. Though this process is

political godfather constituted themselves into a power

gradual, and in stages; Northern Nigeria as it is presently

and political cabal to ensure the emergence of a Northern

pluralized, (a multiple state structure) has now, to very large

Nigeria presidential candidate on the platform of people

extent, has been returned to pre-clonial multiple ethnic

Democratic party (PDP). Low and behold the most brazen

nation status. The implication of this new development is

and audacious demonstration of the reconfigured of

that the various ethnic groups in the old north are now more

political and power demographics, and the

concern and directly so, about the issues and problem

metamorphosing political and power dynamic in Northern

affecting their ethnic nation and not the problem of some

Nigeria, a southern candidate won PDP primaries on the

away ethnic nation in a forcibly bandied coalition, otherwise

strength of Northern governors support. Clearly, this event

referred to as northern Nigeria. Northern minorities now

would have been unimaginable in the day of Sir Ahmadu

have their states, where thee ethnic groups therein are

Bello. The very eminent person in the northern political

battling to deal and find solution to their peculiar problems.

and power cabal led by Adamu Ciroma are still too dazed

The previously dominant ethnic group in the old North have

too recover and do a post mortem Vis a vis identifying

their own State, where they operate as lords and indigenes

what exactly hit the old monolithic and homogenous

in chief. Thus, what we have now is a pluralistic northern

Northern Nigeria, and left the same in a state of total

Nigeria in contradiction to the false monolithic and

dismantlement and reality.

homogenous northern Nigeria, that had hitherto served as a

One salient issue worth taking note here between

veritable launching platform, for the usurpation of the

God's will akpabio and Banbangida Aliyu is a clear power

political, social and economic right of all the people of the

play tussle on our present day polity, which is a contrast to

old northern Nigeria; by few privileged and self imposed

the vision of the founding fathers.

political, economic and power overlords.

The southern interest is case of agitation of

A salient factor that contribute immensely to the

resource control, which is catalyzed by the 1st taste of

disintegration of the myth of a homogenous northern

power. While the Northern interest is characterized by

Nigeria, is continuous barrage of criticism by the radical

oligarchy, Sultanate & Emir, which I believe that both

northern Nigeria elite and leftist press. These folks were

God'swill Akpabio and Banbangida Aliyu represent and

initially seen as few disgruntled, insignificant and harmless

stand for.

noise makers. As events have proved, this grouped are radicalized Northerners, have since succeed in shaping public opinion in northern Nigeria. Majority of the educated Northerners and a vest portion of the Northern masses, who are battling poverty, disease, oppression and squalor had their view points. Shaped and modeled by thinking, writing, and perspectives of this leftist. As we very well know, leftist operate as the opposition when they are in power. The person in this group has become the intellectual power house of the northern Nigeria. Surely, the have helped to debunk the myth of a monolithic and homogenous Northern Nigeria. The Northern leftist have intellectually reconfigured the North as a terrain of “the powerful, rich and influential versus the poor, oppressed and powerless�. In today's Northern Nigeria, while the people

Page 14




By: Rotimi Olajide


he most careful thing is to dare-Shimon Peres. The story of Governor Mimiko is fascinating by all standards. I consider him a worthy leader that should be studied by succeeding generation of scholars in what makes him tick. He is a Medical Doctor by training and a profound politician by vocation, albeit a highly successful one at that. The story of his emergence and successful re-election is a classic case of sheer guts, wits and determination against all odds. He struggled with several impediments thrown his way even before he made-up his made to run. Some misinformed analysts consider him an oddity, given that it was expected that he will naturally move into the Action Congress of Nigeria but to the discerning he is a pragmatist and social mobilizer, who will choose to move against the “power wall� than cave into cheap blackmail and pettiness. We shall come to that later in this narrative. He isn't your typical Nigerian politician who double speaks. He shots straight. For him, service, the pursuit of the common good, is the passion that sustains him in politics. Mimiko's climb in the political arena is filled with admirable qualities worthy of emulation. His engagement is usually informed by what is good for the greater majority and not what a tiny but powerful interest block are a desirous of foisting on the people. He is a strategist with razor sharp mind to decode and rightly align with the people. He will rather the people take the lead and he follows, than the reverse which is common place in Nigeria. Certainly, it is possible to challenge him on grounds of partisan differences but certainly not on convictions. He is as THE ATLANTIS

straight as a pin. He is not given to grandstanding nor making empty promises, Mimiko, is at the vanguard of a fading culture of calling a spate by its rightful name as against the notorious culture of calling it by another name in the name of playing politics in Nigeria. Let us roll back to the beginning. He was born and raised in Ondo State, where he learnt by observation, dint of hard work and early participation in the rich tradition of progressive politicking as represented by the most visionary Yoruba man of that era: Chief Obafemi Awolowo. He took to politics like fish to water given his preference for good governance. A man of tremendous energy, he commenced his political career as a youth leader in the defunct Unity Party of Nigeria in the second republic where most of the characters who once style themselves as leaders today in their fiefdoms where either still students or are still struggles with youthful delinquencies. His odyssey in politics is not without a heavy dose of controversies as can be explained of any enigma. A man imbued with raw courage. It would be recalled that when he made his intention known that he was going to contest against former governor Agagu and having failed to dissuade him then then former President Obasanjo used blackmail, intimidation and pressure to undermine him to no avail. He rather resigned his appointment as a Federal Minister in the cabinet to organize a blazing movement which saw his eventual electoral victory. Iroko, as Mimiko is popularly called discovered purpose on Page 15


time. He is a long distance runner, one who would rather walk alone than basked in the delusion of moving into the “regional mainstream” with ulterior motives. He has never shied away from regional integration for economic benefits of the people of the South-West, but his “crime” is that he having not secured the mandate of his people to move to the increasingly clannish dominant party in the region, has incurred the wrath of the demi-gods in the party. I recall with anxiety how Bola Tinubu, Rauf Arebgesola and some mis-informed minorities in Ondo went virtually from one media house to another during the campaigns for the Ondo State gubernatorial elections shouting themselves hoarse that Mimiko was going to kiss the dust. The man simply went about campaigning based on issues and achievements unprecedented in the annals of the state. It was not surprising that he won handsomely and has since increased his pace of work. His understanding of politics and its complexities informed choices made thus far. He is such a leader who will allow subordinates with superior arguments to have their say and way. His lieutenants probably have greater decision latitude than their counterparts in the South West and this account for the dynamic way and manner the administration records huge success in its pursuit of governmental objectives. During the last gubernatorial elections in Ondo State, it was remarkable to watch the soft-spoken, thoughtful and self-deprecating

governor as he looked calm at the ground swell of opposition which was enough to demoralize the faint hearted but not Mimiko. He was calm, calculative and continued to canvass a strong partnership with the electorates via good governance and provision of sound policy implementation whilst the opposition continued to bark, dance and sing a song only too familiar with them. The people know who their hero is and decided to return Mimiko for a second term in office an unprecedented feat in the annals of Ondo State since its creation over three decades ago. Like Thomas Carlyle had said, “the courage we desire and prize is not the courage to die decently but to live manfully. Like a rolling stone who gathers no moist, he has vowed to ensure an end to preventive diseases, a situation whereby mothers die from pregnancy, urban renewal projects by way of provision of modern infrastructure as well as massive allocation of fund to the education sector. For him, privileges often come with special challenges which if not properly handled makes failure of great men. This belief finds relevance in the above expression of Napoleon in looking at the person and continued relevance of traits such as staying power and focus. Mimiko, realizes that his task is to continue to provide leadership and good governance at such a time as this.

The New Look: Akure Roundabout Town Centre

The New Ultra Modern Garage

Play Ground & Garden

St.Peter’s Bus-Stop

Ondo Town Cultural Dance

Mother & Child Hospital Akure

Page 16



BY: Tunji Salako


ince the inauguration of Chief Godswill Akpabio as the third democratically elected Governor of Akwa Ibom State on May 29, 2007, the State has not been the same again. The total transformation of the state has been the focus of his administration. In virtually all the sectors, policies of the state government have impacted positively on the lives of the people of the state.

The pace of infrastructural and socio-economic development witnessed in the last four years of Governor Akpabio's transformational administration has been phenomenal and in fact baffling for even the most ardent critics of the current administration. The achievements of the Akpabio administration in all sectors has earned it the sobriquet of harbinger of uncommon transformation, a feat that has been hailed by international and local observers, including the much dreaded Wikkileaks which cited Akwa Ibom under Governor Akpabio as State to watch in terms of infrastructural development. Through hard work and tenacity of purpose, and policy consistency, the multi-faceted development agenda of the Akpabio administration has in the last four years redefined the state political economy by impinging on every sector of the State for good. · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·

Free and Compulsory Education An International airport Over 210 new roads Three new flyovers A brand new Governor's lodge Nigeria's first e-library Free Health Care programme for children, the elderly and expectant mothers First in Africa Underground Drainage Project using the Pipe-jacking technology Five new General Hospitals Construction of a brand new Specialist Hospital and Referral Center Completed191 megawatt Ibom Power Plant Project Construction of Gas Processing Plant with 69km of Gas pipeline Comprehensive rural electrification scheme which has linked over 1,400 communities to the national grid, thereby making the State to achieve 85% electricity coverage Rural Transformation with over 3000 projects executed Construction of a world class business and entertainment resort – the Tropicana Improved worker's welfare and employment generation


Page 17

A K PA B I O ’ S U N C O M M O N T R A N S F O R M AT I O N I N A K W A I B O M . BY: K U N L E S A L A K O

· ·

Training and empowerment of over 3000 youths with N500,000 each under the Integrated Farmer's Scheme Improved security with provision of patrol vehicles, Armoured Personnel Carriers and Gun Boats to boost security operations in the State. senior secondary level. In addition to free tuition, the State pays a subvention of N100 per primary school pupil and N300 per secondary school student to cater for logistics and expenses for the administration of each child. Also, Governor Akpabio has ensured the provision of a conducive learning environment in schools for Akwa Ibom children through massive rehabilitation and reconstruction of over 2500 school blocks, provision of science and laboratory equipment, construction of hostels and supply of desks etc. Other achievements are: · Payment of SSCE fees for all students in public secondary schools · Payment of NABTEB fees for all students in public technical colleges. · Procurement and distribution of science equipment and materials to public secondary schools · Implementation of the 27.5% new TSS for teachers · Payment of grant to law students, pre-medical and medical students · Provision of laptops to all law students in the 2008/2009 batch of the Nigeria Law School. · Provision of facilities/construction of internal roads in the University of Uyo · Construction of an e-library in the State to serve as a reference centre for researchers in the State in particular and the South-South region generally. · Provision of free text books in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematic and Integrated Science · The passage of the Child's Right Law to enable the children of Akwa Ibom to enjoy all the privileges enshrined in the National Child's Act 2004. WORKS AND TRANSPORT Prior to the inauguration of the administration of Governor Godswill Akpabio, various major roads, especially federal roads, were death traps in the abject state of deterioration. Such roads included the Afaha Obong-Etim Ekpo-Iwukem road; Abak – Ikot Ekpene road; Nung Udoe Itak – Use Ikot Amama road, Enin Nsit and Ikot Ekpene internal roads were impassable, thereby cutting off residents of those areas from activities of the rest of the State. In keeping with his campaign promises, upon assumption of office, Governor Akpabio awarded contracts for the construction of the roads. So far over 210 roads covering more than 600km have been constructed. Reputable companies like Julius Berger, Setraco, Stemco, Gitto alongside indigenous companies are handling the construction of these roads. Highlights of achievements in this sector include: · So far over 210 roads covering more than 600km have been constructed across the State. · Installation of modern digital traffic lights in Uyo · Re-modeling and renewal of Street/traffic lights in major roads and junctions in the State · Constructed 3 new Flyovers at Itam junction, Uyo · Reconstruction of collapsed concrete bridge at Ikot Abiaenyie · Procurement of a grader each for the 31 LGAs of the State to ensure periodic maintenance of rural roads · Construction of the first in Africa under ground drainage for flood and erosion control in the State capital. · Procured of 400 Hyundai Accent Taxi cabs · Procured of 10 Marcopollo buses · Procured of 250 Ford-Focus Taxi cabs · Procured of 40 Toyota Hiace (18 Seater) buses HEALTH The health sector in Akwa Ibom has experienced a revolution since the advent of the administration of Chief Godswill Akpabio, including: · Free health care services for pregnant women, children and the aged in the society · Completed 5 new cottage hospitals in Essien Udim, Ibeno, Ukanafun, Eastern Obolo and Ika · Construction of a Specialist Hospital at Ekim Itam – 20th Anniversary Hospital · Donation of N50 million to University of Uyo Teaching Hospital, UUTH and building of a pediatrics block · Building of the first oxygen plant at General Hospital, Ikot Ekpene · Activation and expansion of 8 Anti Retroviral therapy centres, 15 prevention of mother to child transmission, PMTCT centres and 37 HIV counseling and testing centres. All rendering free services. · Procurement and commissioning of Stateof-the-art ambulances · Construction of new PHCs in the three senatorial districts of the State · Procurement of utility vehicles for all medical doctors in the State government employ. · Construction of 310 prime-unit mini estates at 10 per local government in all the local government areas mainly for local government chieftains. The project is undertaken through the State/Local Government Joint Account Committee. · Re-construction of Ikot Ekpene Federal Prisons · Construction of Akpan Andem Market Phase II · Construction of Police College and Mobile Police base in Essien Udim Local Government Area. · Construction of 1000 units housing estate in Uyo, Ikot Ekpene and Eket · New International standard federal prisons at Ikot Ekpene Page 18 THE ATLANTIS

A K PA B I O ’ S U N C O M M O N T R A N S F O R M AT I O N I N A K W A I B O M . BY: K U N L E S A L A K O

COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY In realization of the potency of industrialization in the transformation of the society, the present government places high premium on the rapid industrial development of the State. Other programmes of government toward the industrialization of the State include: · Provision of conducive environment for the development of small and medium enterprises, SMEs as well as large scale industries and consortiums · Creation of wealth and employment opportunities, thereby reducing poverty amongst the citizenry. · Development of a five-star blueprint to guide the State's industrial development. · Introduction of Micro credit scheme for small scale industries and small and medium enterprises, SMEs. RURAL ELECTRIFICATION Governor Godswill Akpabio has been very passionate about the development of rural communities in Akwa Ibom. At the inception of this administration, only 1,210 out of a total number of 2,671 villages/communities were linked to the national grid. However, 45 months into the tenure of Chief Akpabio as Governor, more than 2069 communities/villages have been provided with electricity. Several other measures that have been put in place include: · Village-to-village rural electrification scheme which has linked an additional 1,400 communities to the national grid, thereby making the State to achieve 85 percent electricity coverage. · Take-over of rural electrification projects from the local governments to ensure that rural communities are linked to the national grid on or before 2011. ENVIRONMENT First in Africa underground drainage system using pipe-jacking technology at Itam. Procured six smoke-free blue-tech environment-friendly compactors and 1000 receptacles for waste disposal and built a modern waste management complex. Ongoing erosion control project at Uruan Street, Uyo. IBOM TROPICANA ENTERTAINMENT CENTRE Tropicana entertainment centre was created in the image of Sun City of South Africa and the famous Disneyland in Orlando, Florida, USA. The centre is a revenue generating outlet of government which will also create job opportunities for unemployed youths of the State. The multi-billion naira centre which sits on a landmass of 82 hectares has the following components: · Cineplex which houses six screen cinema halls with a seat capacity of 1030 completed and commissioned. · A shopping mall with 59 standard shops, and two banks service corridors etc. · An ultra-modern convention centre with a multi-floor capacity of 5000 · A 15-storey five star hotel with 250 rooms. · A Theme Park with Dry and Wet Rides/Attractions covering an area of three hectares IBOM INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Completion of Phase 1 of the Akwa Ibom International airport has been of the unique achievements of the Akpabioadministration. This has launch the state in the global map as business and tourism activities in the state has been boosted with direct connection of the state with the rest of the world. The airport was used in the last airlift of christian pilgrims direct to the Ben Gurion Airport for pilgrimage at the Holy Land. Features of the Airport include: · 3.6km standard runway · Daily domestic flight operation by Dana Air, Aero Contractors and Arik Airlines (Uyo-Lagos-Abuja routes) · First class Interim domestic terminal. · Certified rescue and fire fighting facilities · A modern Airport Police Station


Page 19







s the History and reality of great power politics about to

turn a new page? The recent history of ascents to power

shows that a changing of the guard is slow and only

reluctantly taken on by the next hegemony. The term Super Power was first invented in its current political meaning by

power. Alice Lyman Miller (Professor of National Security

Dutch-American geostrategist Nicholas Spykman in a series

Affairs at the Naval Postgraduate School), defines a

of lectures in 1943 about the potential shape of a new post-

superpower as "a country that has the capacity to project

war world order. This formed the foundation for the book

dominating power and influence anywhere in the world,

“The Geography of the Peace,” which referred largely to the

and sometimes, in more than one region of the globe at a

unequalled sea global supremacy of the British Empire and

time, and so may plausibly attain the status of global

United States as essential for peace and prosperity in the

hegemony." It was a term first applied to the British

world. Thereafter, William T.R. Fox, an American foreign

Empire, the Soviet Union and the United States of America

policy professor, elaborated on the concept in the book The

in 1944. Following World War II, as the British Empire

Superpowers: The United States, Britain and the Soviet

transformed itself into the Commonwealth and its

Union — Their Responsibility for Peace (1944), which spoke

territories became independent, the Soviet Union and the

of the global reach of a super-empowered nation. Fox used the word Superpower to identify a new category of power able to occupy the highest status in a world in which, as the war then raging demonstrated, states could challenge and fight each other on a global scale. According to him as at 1944, “there were three states that were superpowers: British Empire, the United States, and the Soviet Union.” The Super Power as a terminology is explained by scholars to mean a state with a dominant position in the international system which has the ability to influence events and its own interests and project power on a worldwide scale to protect those interests. A superpower is traditionally considered to be a step higher than a great CHINA PRESIDENT XI JINPING

Page 20


























United States generally came to be regarded as the only two

country, ranked roughly 100th in the world. Its impact on

superpowers, and confronted each other in the Cold War.

the world economy is still limited. China may not want the

The Suez Crisis of 1956 is perceived by many scholars to

burden that comes with the status of global leader;

have ended British Empire's status as superpower and the

analysts believe they may be content strictly using their

dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 left the United

economic influence and leave the world police role to the

States as the only superpower.

United States. China is surrounded by more countries than

China started to open up and reform her economy in

any other country in the world. You might say that this

1978 and have been able to achieve an average of 9.4

situation puts their international relations in a category of

percent annual GDP growth, one of the highest growth rates

their own and it is a unique factor when taking into

in the world. In 1978, it accounted for less than one percent

account the comparison with the US. America became a

of the world economy, and its total foreign trade was worth

superpower without strong geopolitical competition in the

$20.6 billion. In 2005, it accounts for four percent of the

19th-20th centuries in its region. As you say, it was also

world economy and has foreign trade worth $851 billion --

the twilight of European imperialism and Russia was yet

the third-largest national total in the world. China has also

to be perceived as an industrial country. China is most

attracted hundreds of billions of dollars of foreign

certainly a very strong actor, but its international context

investment and more than a trillion dollars of domestic

will make its superpower rise far more intricate and

nonpublic investment. A dozen years ago, China barely had

complex than America's a century ago.

mobile telecommunications services. Now it claims more

Nevertheless, U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of

than 300 million mobile-phone subscribers, more than any

Staff Adm. Mike Mullen remarked during an address on

other nation. As of June 2004, nearly 100 million people

July 11, 2011 at Renmin university in Beijing at the start of

there had access to the Internet. Indeed, China has achieved

a four-day visit that China "has arrived as a world power,"

the goal it set for itself in 1978: it has significantly improved

and that previous U.S. descriptions of China as a "rising

the well-being of its people, although its development has

power" are now a thing of the past.�China today is a

often been narrow and uneven. The last 27 years of reform

different country than it was 10 years ago, and it certainly

and growth have also shown the world the magnitude of

will continue to change over the next 10 years". In January,

China's labor force, creativity, and purchasing power; its

2011 U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton described

commitment to development; and its degree of national

China as a "rising power.""The United States is changing as

cohesion. Once all of its potential is mobilized, its

well," Mullen added in his remarks, "as are the context and

contribution to the world as an engine of growth will be

global order in which both our countries operate. I believe


that our dialogue needs to keep pace with these changes.

One should not, however, lose sight of the other side

It needs to move from working out the particular issues

of the coin. Economic growth alone does not provide a full

and conditions of our bilateral relationship to working

picture of a country's development. China has a population

together to meet broader -- and common -- goals we

of 1.3 billion. Any small difficulty in its economic or social

share." Mullen also noted China's growing military

development, spread over this vast group, could become a

strength "With greater military power must come greater

huge problem. And China's population has not yet peaked; it

responsibility, greater cooperation and, just

is not projected to decline until it reaches 1.5 billion in 2030.

as important, greater transparency," he said.

Moreover, China's economy is still just one-seventh the size

"Without these things, the expansion of

of the United States' and one-third the size of Japan's. In per

military power in your region, rather than

capita terms, China remains a low-income developing

making it more secure and stable


Page 21

























could have the opposite effect. China is opposed to U.S. meetings with the Dalai Lama -- who was in Washington this week -- and plans for U.S. military exercises in the region .China repeatedly has objected to outside naval operations in areas it claims as its own territory, including the disputed South China Sea. Vietnam and the United States recently announced a new round of joint military exercises, and the U.S. recently held joint drills with the

(BRICS), aimed to pool together their investment funds to create a rival to the Western-dominated World Bank, the truth of the matter is that China Development Bank (CBD) and other state institutions are by themselves rivals to the World Bank. In fact, between 2008 and 2010, China's overseas loans outstripped World Bank lending by US$10 billion. Beijing's enormous capital outflows have a real tangible impact inside the other

Philippines. However, some ardent observers opined that it will still be an American world for the near future, even if it's Chinese yuan priming the pumps. China's ascent to power is as guaranteed as many might think. China faces challenges that the US never really had. Geopolitically they are surrounded by significant powers. Russia, India, Japan, South Korea, and a Pacific dominated by the US Navy. These are all powerful nations within their own right and all of whom have a poor history with China. Domestically speaking China must also contend with growing tensions between the increasingly independently minded coastal provinces and the poor interior. In the past China has often splintered because of such tensions and its not entirely certain Beijing can stop it from it from happening again. China has a history of tension and insurrections with some of her 'acclaimed' territories such as Tibet, Macau and contentions over the South China Sea which possesses potentially huge reserves of oil and natural gas. It is reported that Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan all have competing claims to parts of the 1.3million-square-mile patch of the Pacific Ocean. A recent spate of incidents between Chinese and Vietnamese vessels in the sea has fueled a growing rift between the communist neighbors, creating strange bedfellows as Hanoi embraces closer military ties with historic foes in Washington. On the other hand, Chinese economic and financial growth is so preponderant that its influence is astronomical and cannot be ignored in the analysis of becoming a superpower. For instance, China's dominance is significantly pronounced in terms of outbound investment, the countries of Brazil, Russia, India, China (herself) and South Africa

BRICS members. To cite just one example, a 2011 report by the China-Brazil Business Council (CBBC) found that China invested US$12.690 billion in Brazil in 2010, 99 percent of which came from state-owned enterprises and all but US$1.522 billion of which went to foreign companies operating inside Brazil. From this the CBBC concluded that China's investment in Brazil marked “the consolidation of the Chinese presence in Brazil through foreign direct investment.�It is therefore not surprising that the BRICS sought to constrain China's ability to contribute to the joint effort to construct alternatives to the Western-dominated World Bank and International Monetary Fund. Still, this underscores the uncomfortable reality that even as remaking the current international economic order is the glue holding BRICS together, non-Chinese BRICS members are at pains to avoid replacing the current order with a Chinese-dominated one. Given the power disparity between them and China, this task is difficult to say the least. In addition, China is consciously and inadvertently pursuing her economic interests in a way that allude to comparisms with Imperialism and exploitative foreign policies of great capitalist powers. These developments have been interpreted in some quarters as counterweights to influence of the United States and Europe in order to achieve a multipolar world order. China, for instance places a growing importance on Africa in its foreign and economic policies. In 2012, Wei Jianguo, a former Commerce Minister forecast that Africa


Page 22

























would surpass the U.S. and EU as China's largest trading

carrier, the Liaoning is rumored to have been crafted from

partner in three to five years .Among Western audiences

a SU-33 prototype. Russia must also consider the long

especially, China's involvement in Africa is often viewed

term ramifications of such a deal. While Russia may gain a

through the larger prism of U.S.-Sino relations, as both sides

lucrative arms sale in the short term, the long term

compete for influence in the resource-rich continent. U.S.

ramifications must weigh heavily in Moscow's strategic

policymakers who are increasingly wary of China's growing


clout in Africa. Hillary Clinton made two major trips to Africa during her time as Secretary of State, during which she warned African leaders to be wary of a “new colonialism.” “We saw that during colonial times, it is easy to come in, take out natural resources, pay off leaders and leave. And when you leave, you don't leave much behind for the people who are there. We don't want to see a new colonialism in Africa,” Clinton said in 2011. Furthermore, China has not neglected her military strength, a major index of power. Reports have it that Russia and China had seemingly concluded a large defense deal with important implications for the Asia-Pacific. If accurate, the deal will be the largest purchases by China of Russian military equipment in recent memory – and some of the most technologically advanced. The deal has been rumored for several months but Russian media outlets denied the deal may have never taken in the first place. The Defense News report cites Vasiliy Kashin, a military specialist from the Moscow-based Centre for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, as saying that “The Kremlin is officially denying even discussing arms trade during Xi's visit.” Defense News later quotes the same source as saying that, “In Russia-China relations, specific arms trade contracts are almost never discussed by the top leaders, just the general approaches. Such hesitation coming Russia would be completely understandable. Yet, Russia has in the past sold advanced SU27 fighter jets to China – only to see such jets reverse engineered and produced en masse


as the J-11 fighter. Also, the J-15 fighter that China is currently being tested on the PLAN's new aircraft Page 23





he Nigeria national football team, nicknamed Super eagles or green eagles previously is the National team of

Nigeria and is controlled by the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) During April, 1994, Super Eagles ranked 5th in the

FIFA world rankings. The highest ranking achieved by an African football team, Nigeria is currently ranked 31 on the

FIFA world ranking. The team First major success was gold medal in the 2nd all Africa games. Super eagles won the Nations cup for the first time in Lagos in 1980. In 1984 and 1988, Nigeria reached the cup of Nations Final, losing both times to Cameroon. Three of the four African titles won by Cameroon have been won by defeating Nigeria. Nigeria finally reached the world cup for the first time in 1994, they were managed by coach Clemens Westerhof. After then, as if gulfed by deep slumber, the team's performance at Nations cup dropt and the peoples eagle's had been written off by many African soccer Nations. After 19 years in the wilderness, the super eagles of Nigeria bounced back to rule Africa soccer again when they defeated the stallions of Burkina Faso 1 – 0 in the final match of the 2013 Africa cup of Nation's final in Johannesburg South Africa. Though not so impressive in her group stages, Nigeria drew with the stallions of Borkina-Faso, when they first met, drew another with Zambia (1 – 1) and went ahead - to beat Ethiopia Two – Nil (2 – 0) defeated tournament favourites cote d'voire (2 – 1) in the Quarter Final and had a resounding (4 – 1) win over mali in the semi final. Home boy Sunday Mba scored the only goal of the match in the 40th minute and the super eagles held on to secure their third continental crown. The victory over Burkina Faso did not come on a platter of Gold as the Eagles had to dig deep into their armory of football tactic and skills to subdue their opponents. The Super Eagles Last won the Nations cup in 1994 in Tunisia. Before Now; it has been tales of woes for the fans of the Super eagles as the team could not translate its potentials into result that would fetch it the ultimate prize in African Football.


Page 24






S O C C E R .

With Nigeria's victory over the stallion of Burkina-Faso the decided not to take him and his likes to the tournament in super eagles are now third in the hierarchy of Nations that South Africa. have won the African cup of Nations trophy, Egypt have won The relative peace that existed in the super eagle's camp the trophy with a record of seven goals and is followed by during the competition is perhaps, because most of the Cameroon and Ghana which have won four times each. players Keshi took to the event were green horns. Whose Before Now Nigeria was tied on two titles Dr Congo which major interest was to do well for themselves as well as won in 1968 and 1974.

their country. Stephen Keshi leading Nigeria to its third

The super eagles first won the Africa cup of Nations when it African Cup of Nations victory had several unspoken was known as the unity cup. Nigeria hosted the nation's cup narratives that sent messages to the larger Nigerian in 1980, lead by Oto Gloria defeating Algeria 3 – 0 in the final sporting public beyond the mere wining of an African played at the National stadium Surulere after the victory in championship. 1980, it took the eagles 14 years to win the Nation cup again.

The team's triumph was largely unexpected and the fact

Although most soccer pundits tend to lay the blame of that the coach was pilloried by both media and public just previous failures

after two group

on the players,

games and the

the players lack

report that the

of passion for

Nigerian Football

the National

Federation had

team and the

a l r e a d y

F o o t b a l l



homebound flight

policies. One


thing that is

anticipation of a

however clear is

quarter final

that our so


called super

showed how little

stars are no

faith was behind

l o n g e r




committed to the National team, Hence it is the credit of chances of the Nigerian team. coach Stephen Keshi that he decided to choose the hard path That Nigeria, Under Keshi, would proceed to eliminate of starting from the beginning rather than the usual lazy tournament favorite Ivory Coast, throttle Mali before approach of gallivanting across Europe to “meet” with beating Burkina Faso for the Cup underlined. The team's Foreign based players.

faith in its own destiny, its quest for glory, and

Right from the outset Keshi did not hide his intentions to call unquenchable thirst for writing history. In the end, its the bluff of some of these players whose ego has become a unspoken narratives produce for us a dismantling of a big threat to the aspirations of the National team. For simplistic binary that had clouded Nigeria's football for instance a player like Osaze Odemwinge in spite of his talent several decades – local v foreign coaches. has demonstrated overtime, that his presence in the The binary of foreign and local coaches had long been an National team is more of a distraction, when he is not issue in Nigeria going back to John Finch who led the first blaming his coach, he is quarrelling with team mate or press Nigerian national team on a tour of England in 1949. men thus, it was eventually a blessing in disguise that Keshi Decades after that, no local Nigerian was deemed fit to Page 25







S O C C E R .

coach the team except under the tutelage of a European.

national team has won only three major tournaments

While this may have seemed the norm during the colonial

since 1949. Each of those involved a foreign coach and

period, the idea of understudying an European coach

longevity may well have been critical in winning at least


one of the championships. Moreover, foreign coaches

remained in play in Nigeria for a long period into the 21 century.

have had more opportunities than the local ones to be at

The fact that Nigeria's only two Cup victories were achieved

the helm. Thus, one may argue (same as one could argue

under two European coaches – Gloria and Westerhoff – was

with longevity) that more opportunities also present a

often put forward as proof for the continue understudy idea.

better chance of trophy winning. On the other side of the

Finally, a Nigerian – Keshi – has won the same trophy.

coin the three loses that Nigeria has suffered at home in

Proof goes that the idea that only foreign coaches can win

competitive games since the mid – 1960s have all been

the big one for Nigeria. The binary of Foreign versus local

under foreign coaches. As the street lingo says; “Ahaa . . .

must now be discarded for a simple idea of best coaching

so which one man pikin go take now? Your answer is as

quality, without a focus on the geography of the coach. Lest I

good as mine.

forget, there was rumor that as Keshi was in the midst of the

However, while such complexities are acknowledged one

Nations Cup group games that the Football Federation were

should not shy away from comparing. Instead, one should

already in talks to hire an European coach to replace Keshi

seek comparative factors that are fairer than others. For

and justify the misguided argument that only European

instance, one may compare results in competitive games.

coach can successfully replace Keshi and justify the

It is this method that we use to compare the two classes

misguided argument that only European coaches can

of coaches to determine if there are indeed major

successfully coach the Nigerian national team.

differences, as Akpoborire claims, that warrant massive

Nigeria's former international, Jonathan Akpoborire, a

expenditure of cash on foreign coaches.

strident supporter for foreign coaches recently argued on

Additionally, there are claims that it is not really about “I once had a coach in Germany who had all

result but the fact that foreign coaches are not clouded by

the data of all the African players in Europe. Age, positions,

ethnocentrism in selecting players. We also examine this

clubs, goals, assists, and everything you can think of… I don't

by looking at how much the national team changes when

even want to mention the tactical deficit of our home

a new coach is hired. We do not review ethnic background


of players, as we do not have data on that but by analyzing

If the difference is as stark as Akpoborire claims, one should

whether the national team radically changes when there

reasonably expect significant differences in results obtained by foreign coaches compared to local ones. After all, results are and should be the bottom line for evaluating coaches. Therefore, this controversial issue requires a look at data in order to attempt an answer to the question. Determining the critical factors that help in answering the question is complex, to state the least. For instance, if one relies on using cup winning as a benchmark we run into the problem that Nigeria's


Page 26






S O C C E R .

is transition from foreign to local coach or vice versa, one can reasonably infer whether indigenous coaches are

Page 27



M I N G R E D I E N T S : Water leaf: bush meat smoked fish stock fish snails pepper crayfish onion seasoning salt and palm oil. P R E P A R A T I O N

Cook the meat with pepper, salt and onion, add the cleansed snail and allow to cook for 10 minutes. Add more water, then add the dried fish and the sliced water leaves simultaneously. Add the sliced pumpkin leaves and cook for 10 minutes. Add crayfish, palm oil and allow to simmer lor about 20 minutes. Then serve with fufu, Alamala, eba or pounded yam.

















Palm Oil


Grinded Egusi Snails






Stock fish









Salt and water

Ungrinded egusi


ook the meat and stock fish with seasoning for 40 minutes. Cut the achara as normal and cook for 20 minutes. Add ungrinded

melon, pepper, sanil and allow to boil for 10 minutes. Pour in the cooked meat and stock fish, then stir and add the dried fish,

grinded egusi, palm oil, seasoning, allow to boil for 15 minutes, then add salt, shredded okazi leaves, cook for 5 minutes and

serve with fufu, eba, pounded yam, Amala, Tuwo, etc.


A F R I C A N T A X F O R U M I N A B U J A Recently, the Federal Inland Revenue, The African Tax Initiative and International Tax and Investment Centre, Organized a one day African Tax forum at the Transcorp Hilton, Abuja, Tagged : Tax Coordination in Africa. Participants from Tax desk of different African Financial institution were in Attendance to witness the ceremony. By: Wale Elekolusi

ATI 1A:-L-R, Dainel Witt, President, International Tax and Investment Center (ITIC), Yerima Lawan Ngama, Minister of State for Finance and Kabir Mashi, Acting Chairman, Federal Inland Revenue Services (FIRS) during African Tax F o r u m , t h e m e ' Ta x C o o r d i n a t i o n i n A f r i c a � h e l d i n A b u j a .

ATI 3A:-L-R, Norbert Ndombasi Mbala, Democratic Republic of Congo with Gabriel Luimbu Kabanangi, Democratic Republic of Congo.

ATI 3C:-L-R, Papa Amath Ndour, Senegal with Francis Adu Amankawa-Poku, Ghana.

ATI 3:-L-R, Grant Mowat with Stanley Ukaga.

ATI 3B:-L-R, Juah Karmbor Feika with Sola Ismail.

ATI 3D:-L-R, Micheal Onuoha, Head public policy, Guinness Nigeria and Gabriel Kitenga, EABL, Nairobi.


Features Writers, Reporters / Guest Columnist THE EDITOR:

SMS Only: 07037359493, 08109361867 The Atlantic P.O. Box1972 Area 10, Garki Abuja FCT. e-mail: ATI 3E:-L-R, Micheal Onuoha, Head public policy, Guinness Nigeria, Mojisola Akpata and Gabriel Kitenga, EABL, Nairobi.

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Page 31


M O T I V A T I O N & I N S P I R A T I O N A L


By: Abere Oluwaseun


Watched the film “sons of Cuba” the film by Andrew Lang telling us the reason why Cuban produce the best amateur boxers in the world, it started with a boarding school for young boys of 9 to 10 years kept in Havana ,Christian Martinez, Yosvani Bonachea, Santos Urgeules, the scene depicts how this young folks get up as early as 5.00am every morning training, running, shadow boxing chanting “we want victory, ”victory we shall get “as they dream of Olympics glory and visualize medals around their necks as they plan to bring honors to their country ,they train for the under 12 amateur national boxing competition, unfortunately Fidel Castro fell ill and could not support them in other to realize their ambition s they all defect to the USA ,but the lesson here is that is that physical training is important and very vital to success in life.

H O W K E N Y A N S B U I L D A C A M P O F C H A M P I O N S . By: Abdulazeez Taofeeq

In the Kenyan highland region of Iten town of the great rift valley, dormitories and hostels are built for mid distance, and long distance marathoners s ,8,000 feet above the sea level and about 6 miles down the hills, a British sports management company Run Fast provide bed, shoes, clothing's and healthy diet and take care of athletes, they apply modern training technique ,the main secret idea to run long distance is to strengthen circulation by creating more red blood cells to carry more oxygen to the muscles, average runner must make 2 hours 10 minutes for 10 km to be taken under their management and sponsorship, the camp is called the “home of champions”, every morning at 9.00 am over 200 marathoners most of them unknown train on the dirt roads surrounding the town, they copy and mingle with well known marathoners like Wilson Kip sang, David Radishes 800 meters world champion. Many of them hope to be rich and famous like their popular countrymen all, as they see their rich brother buy camps and hotels and drive in expensive automobiles, so they run as way to become rich and they see marathon as means to escape poverty THE ATLANTIS

Page 32

GOD'S PREFERENCE FOR BLESSINGS If anyone is asked to make a choice (and I mean anyone, not necessarily a Christian) to choose between blessings and curses, the obvious choice will be blessings. It is the way God created and wired man after His own image and likeness. The preference for blessings over curses is part of the divine DNA passed on to us as humans. It is therefore not surprising to find that the very first pronouncements from God to man at creation were blessings: “So God created man in His own image … and God blessed them, and God said unto them, be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth”. Genesis 1: 27 – 28. Even after the fall of man in Genesis 3 and God later began to enter into covenant relationships with men such as Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob etc. They were essentially covenants of blessings. God laid to Abraham: “And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing: and I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed”. Genesis 12:23. The word “bless” appeared five times in these two verses. If it is clear from the scriptures that our God is a God of blessings. The house of God should therefore be the house of blessings, it should therefore be seen as an aberration and an absurdity or more appropriately, an abomination if God's house of blessings is to be turned into an arena where incessant outpour of curses is the order of the day. Outrageous as this may sound in our hears; this is exactly what Christians do today-having turned the house of God into – ARENA OF CURSES. THE NEW CULTURE OF CURSES It is very common in churches today to have prayer sessions dominated by curses being rained on imagined or perceived enemies. It has been popularized by famous men of God who have learnt how to speak eloquently and convincingly on the subject of curses as the best way of engaging in “powerful” prayers of warfare. For Christians who have imbibed this culture, any prayer session where curses are absent or expressions such as “fall down and die” are not used cannot be qualified to have had “powerful” prayers. EMOTIONAL AND FLESHLY GYRATIONS Still on “powerful” prayers, it is common to hear loud and vociferous simultaneous praying accompanied by energy-sapping bodily movements when such prayers are being made. I have witnessed this many times. The participants feel a sense of emotional satisfaction that they have really prayed after having “sweated if out with the devil”. My worry is why the flesh co-operates so easily with Christians when they pray this sort of prayers. I have been in meetings where worshippers who were getting tired and sleepy in vigils will suddenly become strong and energetic when this so-called warfare prayers begin. They are no longer tired and sleepy like Peter, James and John were in the garden of Gethsemane. They no longer feel weakness as the disciples felt when Jesus had to acknowledge “the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak”. Matthew 26:41. Neither do these Christians seek any sense of fleshly resistance as Paul the Apostle wrote “the flesh lusteth against the spirit and the spirit against the flesh; both are contrary the one to the other…” – Galatians 5: 17. I could not help but wonder why it is so convenient for our bodies to co-operate with us while praying these so-called warfare prayers – a euphemism for raining curses in the Page 33


house of God. The answer is however not far-fetched. If believers are praying amiss i.e. praying contrary to the will of God, why should the devil be bordered to the point of stirring up his ally – the flesh to resist prayers that will not go beyond the ceiling in the first place. The devil is smart enough to keep Christians contended with having emotional satisfaction of having prayed while nothing of such has happened especially, if we allow the bible to be our final authority in all matters of faith and doctrine.




hat was the reaction of Jesus to those who tortured and nailed him to the cross? 'Father forgives them; for they know not what they do' Luke 23:34. How DID Stephen react to those who were stoning him to death? “Lord, lay not this sin to their charge” - Acts 7:60. I suppose that we know that Saul of Tarsus was a ring leader of those who stoned Stephen to death. This same Saul of Tarsus later got converted and became Paul the Apostle. I have wondered how many Sauls have been killed for their wicked acts as a result of the prayers of Christians today. On account of the absence of the love of God in the heart of Christians, they have becomes murderers who have unknowingly hindered God's work by preventing many Sauls from becoming Pauls. It is not even justifiable using some Old Testament references. Jesus discarded this Old Testament culture that is devoid of love and forgiveness in His teachings: “Ye have heard that it hath been said, thou shalt love thy neighbour, and hate thine enemy. But I say unto you: love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you and pray for them which despitefully use you and persecute you, that ye may be the children of your father, which is in heaven; for He maketh His sum to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust” – Matthew 5:43-45. ENEMY-CONSCIOUSNESS Perhaps this doctrine of the devil (since it cannot be traceable to God in any way) is traceable to the age-old African culture where every adversity is attributed to witchcraft or some enemy activities. And such enemies must be dealt with. The Christian on the other hand has only one enemy, the devil (1 Peter 5:8). This enemy together with his lieutenants, is spirit. Spirits don't die. Those who claim that their “fall down and die” prayers are targeted at spirits and not against humans cannot be more wrong. They always have some humans in their hearts as targets. This is alien to the Christian faith. When a Christian is lazy or makes stupid choices and suffers the consequences, he attributes his predicament to some enemy activities. God, in His love, does sometimes chastises us for our wrong doings to correct us for our own good. A Christian can sometime face trials to prepare him or her for promotion or spiritual growth. Even if men offend you during those periods, you should be wise enough to see beyond human activities to seeing, the hand of God taking you to your destiny. Joseph was such a man. He was able to see beyond the evil activities of his brothers. He saw God's invisible hand shaping his destiny even when his brothers were afraid Joseph might want to take his pound of flesh in return for the evil they did to him. Joseph told his brothers: “But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good, to bring it to pass as it is this day, to save much people alive and spake kindly unto them”. Genesis 50:20-21. The believer must have enough faith to believe the scriptures that all things (good or bad experience) will work together for his good. When we are too enemy-conscious in our prayers, we tend to overate the devil by giving him too much attention and we diminish our God. Moreover, the Bible counsels in James 3:9-10 that the practice of using the same mouth (tongue) that we use in blessing God as the instrument of cursing men as a thing that ought not to be. Our gatherings as believers will either be places where Christ and his Holy Spirit can fellowship with us if we do His will there or the atmosphere is not conducive for His presence if we do contrary to His will. God cannot contradict Himself. He is a God of blessings and not curses.


Page 34






THAT YOU CAN TAKE: By: Salako Dasola

Food can help you calm down your nerves, the food listed below can calm your blood pressure down [a] Asparagus [b]Avocado[c]blueberry and milk[d]Almonds [e]Oranges[f]Salmon [g]Spinach[h]Turkey[i]Oatmeal[J]banana. Asparagus: This vegetable food you can eat with omelet with steamed or grilled spears Avocados: This food is full with vitamin b for your system, it cools down the nerves and brain, avocado is rich in vitamin b, deficiency in vitamin b can lead to abnormal anger , eat ripe banana and vanilla extract mixed with ice cream. Blueberries: This fruit is powerful antioxidants and vitamin C which are stress busters. Milk: A glass of warm milk is a time tested remedy for insomnia and fidgeting, antioxidant, and also very rich in calcium, protein and vitamin b2 and b12. Almonds: almond fruits are very rich in vitamins b2 and E another way is to eat almond butter with wheat. Oranges: Oranges are very rich in vitamins c which reduce stress, it is also known that juices of oranges lower blood pressure and calm down the stress hormone. Salmon: Salmon is a type of fish very rich in fatty acid, which helps to keep cortex and adrenalin in control. Spinach: This vegetable is full of magnesium which control cortex and promotes the feeling of well being. Turkey :Turkey consist of amino acid and tryptophan, this sends signals to the brain of feel good chemical serotonin, tryptophan if used as a supplement for stress reduction and control has no side effect, in fact it is the best amino acid to stress available, serotonin Is used for mood, sleep and impulse control. Oatmeal: Oatmeal is very high in fiber and rich in serotonin also which can be used for calmness and tiredness. Herbal tea: herbal tea provides very good alternative to reduce stress and control high blood pressure, but make sure you use them according to your physician prescription .all recommendation in this book are meant to help you live a healthier lifestyle ,stay strong and wealthy no one holds the monopoly of wisdom. The Chinese food is very healthy and make them healthy and vey fit and physical, the oriental believes so much in martial arts, kung fu and some very demanding exercise which I would recommend for you to stay healthy and longevity. We here in Africa have too cut down our very heavy meals and eat tem with moderation and stay alive. THE ATLANTIS

Page 36



By: Dr. Ben. Akindele


here are two kinds of knowledge, one is general knowledge and the either is specialist knowledge, if I may ask you; which one do you need to acquire? I would say specialized knowledge, why this is the kind that bill gates acquired; the one that made magic Johnson excelled in Basket Ball; the one that Usain bolt has, the kind of knowledge which John I Rocketed has the kind of knowledge that would make you different from the rest, stand out, I remember the song “SONG UP FOR THE CHAMPONS: STAND UP please sing it with me General knowledge no matter how great in quantity or variety, is of little use in life. The faculties of the universities posses in the aggregate, generally every form of knowledge known to civilization. This kind of knowledge will not attract money unless it is organized and noisily directed, with practical plans of action. Knowledge is only potential power it is only power when t is organized into practical actions and directed or a definite goal. That is the reason why Nigeria as a Nation has potential to be the leader with vast resources both material and human, unless we have leaders who would organize, practicalised localize and direct our material resources and human towards development or modernity we would wallow in abject poverty and self pity in the almost of plenty our resources, so I dare you to think and act differently if this message is for you comrades.

As knowledge is acquired .it must be organized put into use for a definite purpose that is when you can be of value to humanity and people would gladly pay you and acknowledge you as very important to the society. Knowledge has no value except that which can be gained from the application toward s some worthy end. Page 37




By Dr. Alan Smith


hese days we are bombarded with unrealistic images of models, actors/actresses and professional sports players. It has become increasingly hard to fit healthy meals and adequate workouts into our busy schedule. With these tips and words of advice, hopefully you will find insight on how to manage your diet and exercise regimens. Edit Steps: 1.

Set a flexible goal & stick to it.


Track your progress with a fitness and/or diet journal. Use it to note what you eat and when, how you're feeling and if you felt guilty or good about what you ate. This will help track of your habits so you can see why you eat the things you do and when.

No more late night eating. 3. No more late night eating. Gone are the times of late night snacks or dessert. Set a time limit, no later than 6:30 and make sure to not eat anything later than that. If you really need something make sure it is a snack that is healthy. Low in sugar and low in fat. 4. Begin eating breakfast, even if it is something small. This will prevent you from binging later when you become over-hungry. A good breakfast to stave off eating more later on has a protein source and a grain source, and maybe fruit.

Know when you need a


and what type.

Know when you need a snack and what type. You can have snacks, or small meals in between your meals, but be sure it is healthy: nuts, low-fat yogurt, protein rich peanut butter, raw vegetables, whole grains and fresh fruit instead of dried.


THINGS TO COMPLETELY: Processed food (frozen dinners), soda, even diet, dried fruits - are sugary and have no nutritional value like fresh fruit, bleached grains: replace with wheat bread, wheat flour and wheat pasta, dried up herbs that have been sitting on your shelf for years - fresh herbs have vitamin/nutritional value to them and are more flavorful! It's okay if you have one of these about one a week, but try to cut them out. Things to cut out completely are processed food (frozen dinners), soda, even diet, dried fruits they are sugary and have no nutritional value of fresh fruit, bleached grains: replace with wheat bread, wheat flour and wheat pasta, dried up herbs that have been sitting on your shelf for years fresh herbs have vitamin/nutritional value to them and are more flavorful! It's okay if you have one of these about one a week, but try to cut them out.


Page 38

A SALAD is a DIETERS best FRIEND - but make sure your salad is the main focus.

A salad is a dieters best friend - but make sure your salad is the main focus. Using 1 teaspoon of dressing is enough when you toss well. Croutons are tempting, but they could be really loaded with fat. Read the label. 1. Pull that bicycle out of the dust. Exercise is a part of a healthy life. No, you don't have to run on the tread mill for 2 hours or lift 50 lb. weights. Exercise can be very easy and fun. Take the dog for a walk, or take the kids to a trail, go to the pool. If summer, go to the beach and walk around collecting seashells. It really doesn't matter as long as your getting your blood flowing! Maybe plant a garden? Even sweeping a room could work! 2. Get a buddy. If you have a friend(which I'm hoping we all do), ask them to join in with you or motivate you. He/She can be your jogging buddy, gym buddy,or cooking friend. If you happen to have no friends that are interested, try making a club. A lot of people want to get healthy/fit but are just too scared to do it themselves. With this club you can discuss exercises for each other and new recipes. You can even have a day when you all make a recipe and eat! (Just make sure you control your portion). 3. Try to avoid most lotions in department stores. This probably sounds really weird to you all, but most lotions contain petroleum-based ingredients. Imagine what rubbing the same stuff you use to power your car does to your body! Try to avoid phalates and sulfates, ESPECIALLY Laureth Sodium Sulfate. Some good brands that are cheap in department sores are Yesto (Yes to Carrots, Yes to Tomatoes, that kind of thing) and Burt's Bees. Burt's Bees is on the pricier side, but your buying good products from a good company with a good reputation. Edit Tips · Begin a vitamin regimen. · · ·



Get more sleep. Getting more sleep will help you feel more rested and ready to face the day in the morning. It gives your body more time to rejuvenate itself as well! This is when your body repairs itself on a cellular level. Find a buddy to workout with. You can teach each other your favorite exercises, as well as motivate each other to go during a lazy spell. Also, there's nothing wrong with a little competition! Find an exercise you enjoy and do it daily: walking, cycling, yoga, whatever it is but make sure you are exercising consistently. Peruse your local free library for any workout DVDs or reading material. There is a plethora of information on the internet. No one wants to be muscle man (or maybe you do), but many people are afraid of weight training. It is an imperative part to losing weight. Gaining a bit of muscle is what will boost your metabolism and help you burn fat faster. More protein & calcium in your diet is a must.

Make a conscious effort to drink more water. It is the life source to everything living on Planet Earth. It hydrates your skin, gives your hair that famous luminous glow, and much more!!!

Every week look through your schedule and mark times to workout. You may not make each appointment, but having it there reminds you that you DO have time.

Make a WORKOUT MIX on your iTunes that you listen to only when you are working out. Every time you switch on the mix your body will get into the pattern of knowing its time to workout! EDIT WARNINGS · Make sure you are losing weight for the right reasons - for you. Not to look like a specific celebrity, or please a boy/girlfriend. Both your best friend and worst enemy is yourself. Doing this for yourself is the only way to make sure you're doing it for the right reason - the exception being if you are severely overweight. · Make sure to speak with your doctor on your plans, show them your food/diet journal and make sure you are following a healthy procedure that is safe for YOU. ·

Page 39

With that said: FAD DIETS = THE DEVIL. Sure eating only soggy cabbage for 5 day will make you lose weight but what happens when you start eating other things? During liquid fasts you lose a lot of minerals/vitamins from other foods.



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he FIFA Confederations Cup – Continental showdown one of the most recent introductions to FIFA's range of competitions for national teams is the FIFA Confederations Cup, held every four years. In recent times, it has been seen as a warm-up event in the host country of the next FIFA World Cup™, but is by no means a minor competition. In fact, due to the nature of its participants, it is often referred to as the 'Festival of Champions' tournament. The FIFA Confederations Cup aims to give the top teams from all continents a chance to represent their region in a world playoff, and this opportunity – together with the handsome prize money that goes with it – is particularly important and appealing to teams from certain developing football continents. History The FIFA Confederations Cup was first designated a FIFA competition in December 1997 when it was held in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. Previously there had been two other tournaments in Riyadh, in 1992 and 1995, under the title of Intercontinental Championship. In 1992, the winners were Argentina, then reigning South American champions. They came with a starstudded team including Batistuta, Redondo, Caniggia and Simeone and carried off the trophy after defeating the host country, despite their tremendous support from the home fans, in the final. The other two teams taking part on that occasion were the USA and Côte d'Ivoire. Six teams took part in the 1995 competition and this time it was Denmark who took the honours, with strong performances from the Laudrup brothers earning them victory over Argentina. Mexico and Nigeria made it to the semifinals, while Japan and the host country were eliminated after losing both of their group matches. In 1997, Brazil promptly stamped their authority on the competition to win the striking new gold trophy. One of the main purposes of the tournament was clearly demonstrated when Australia made it to the final to take on the then world champions. In 1999, the Mexicans richly deserved to win the cup as one of two teams unbeaten in the group stage to make it to the final. The home ”Azteca” factor – Mexico had not been beaten there for 18 years – could not be ignored. Brazil lived up to expectations as their talent factory continued to produce outstanding players.


The tournament also witnessed a standard of goalkeepers seldom seen in a single tournament with the likes of Keller (USA), Campos (MEX), Dida (BRA) and Utting (NZL) competing. Surprise packages Saudi Arabia recovered after a 5-1 thrashing by Mexico in their opening match to qualify for the semi-finals, following a 5-1 win in an allArab clash with Egypt. The USA defeated giants Germany only to later narrowly fail to a golden goal by Mexico's top scorer Blanco. New Zealand went home happy after gamely facing up to Germany and the USA.

In Korea/Japan in 2001, a near-capacity crowd of over 65,000 saw world champions France defeat co-hosts Japan with the only goal of the final to win the tournament and complete an unprecedented hat-trick of three major trophies in just four years. But they had to defend resolutely at times as Japan staged a secondhalf fight-back. In 2003, defending and European champions France hosted the FIFA Confederations Cup, organising matches in three of the 1998 World Cup stadiums – Lyons, St Etienne and Paris/St Denis. Brazil had to accept an early flight home after the group stage, bowing out of a tough group of strong performers in the shape of Cameroon, Turkey and the USA. The revitalised hosts, on the other hand, won their group. Turkey consolidated their rise as a global football power and only just missed out on a place in the final. The event was overshadowed by the tragic death of Cameroonian midfielder Marc-Vivien Foe, whose team-mates conceded the title to France by a whisker in an emotionally charged final against an equally shaken French side. Despite the absence of superstar striker Ronaldo from the FCC 2005, Brazil dazzled in an exciting final against rivals Argentina to lift the trophy for the second time. Adriano gained justified recognition as a force to be reckoned with, earning both the adidas Golden Ball and Golden Shoe awards. While Argentina's defeat was hard to take, their performance clearly showed a hint of great things to come with the competition shining a spotlight on the magical skills of their key player, Riquelme. The competition also displayed German prowess in the shape of a well-organised dry run for the 2006 FIFA World Cup™ and the emergence of a young and promising German team – in particular, the partnership of up-andcoming starlets Podolski and Schweinsteiger – under the watchful eye of footballing legend Jürgen Klinsmann, enabling them to secure third-place in a thrilling extra time Page 42

play-off against Mexico. In 2009, for the first time in the history of the FIFA Confederations Cup, the event took place on African soil. South Africa certainly proved themselves capable of hosting the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ and impressively presented some of their World Cup host cities – Johannesburg, Rustenburg, Mangaung/Bloemfontein und Tshwane/Pretoria. The gripping tournament in South Africa ended with a worthy final in Johannesburg with both Brazil and the USA battling for the title. After a 3-2 victory, it was Brazil who lifted the trophy for the third time.



1. The FIFA Confederations Cup Brazil 2013 is the seventh edition under this name, the first of which took place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in 1997. Before this there were two preceding tournaments in 1992 and 1995 known as the King Fahd Cup which were also organised by the Saudi Arabian Football Federation and which are generally included in historical and statistical reviews. 2. The FIFA Confederations Cup 2013 will be Brazil's seventh consecutive participation the most of all national teams. They also have been awarded the most trophies having won in 1997, 2005, 2009 and being runners-up in 1999. 3. The only teams to successfully defend their title are France in 2003 and Brazil in 2009 4. To date 29 teams have participated in at least one edition of the FIFA Confederations Cup. In Brazil 2013 Tahiti will be the only newcomer. 5. This will be the fourth edition of the FIFA Confederations Cup to be played one year before in the same host country as the FIFA World Cup™. The first was Korea/Japan 2001, followed by Germany 2005 and South Africa 2009. 6. Brazil 2013 will be the first FIFA Confederations Cup with four representative teams that were former world champions: Uruguay, Italy, Brazil and Spain. 7. Five out of the eight participating teams at the FIFA Confederations Cup 2013 were also present in the FIFA World Cup 1950™ also hosted by Brazil: Italy, Mexico, Spain, Uruguay and Brazil. 8. Brazil will be the fifth different confederation to host the FIFA Confederations Cup – South America. Asia have already done so four times, Europe twice, North Central Page 43

America and Caribbean once and Africa once. Only the Oceania zone has not yet hosted the event. In the eight competitions held to date, South Americans have claimed the title four times (with three wins for Brazil and one for Argentina) although Europe have almost matched the feat with three titles (two for France and one for Denmark). The only other title went to North and Central America thanks to Mexico's win over Brazil on home soil in 1999. Each confederation has been represented in the final at least once. So far, only France (2003) and Brazil (2009) have successfully defended their title. 9. Only previous hosts Mexico (1999) and France (2003) triumphed on home soil. Japan did, however, reach the final in 2001. 10. All confederations have been represented at least once in a FIFA Confederations Cup final. Australia's qualification in 1997, when they were still part of the Oceania Football Confederation, was the biggest surprise. 11. Continental derbies have been few and far between at the FIFA Confederations Cup. Two teams from the same confederation have only come up against each other on three occasions. The most recent encounter was the super clásico between Brazil and Argentina in the 2005 final. The two before that were Mexico and USA in 1999 and France and Turkey in 2003. This list could be extended in 2013 if Brazil meet Uruguay or if Spain play Italy. 12. Brazil's goalkeeper Dida is the player with the most participations. He was present in five editions from 1997 to 2005 for a total of 22 matches. Mexico's Cuauhtemoc Blanco and Brazil's Ronaldinho are the all-time top scorers with nine goals each. 13. No foreign coach has ever won a FIFA Confederations Cup title. All eight winning coaches were native. Brazil's Mario Zagallo and Carlos Alberto Parreira are the only two to have won both the FIFA World Cup™ and the FIFA Confederations Cup.




Time: 16:00

Venue: Brasilia

Mexico vs Italy


Time: 16:00

Venue: Rio De Janeiro

Spain vs Uruguay


Time: 19:00

Venue: Recife

Tahiti vs Nigeria


Time: 16:00

Venue: Belo Horizonte

Brazil vs Mexico


Time: 16:00

Venue: Fortaleza

Italy vs Japan


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Venue: Recife

Spain vs Tahiti


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Venue: Rio De Janeiro

Nigeria vs Uruguay 20-06-2013

Time: 19:00

Venue: Rio De Janeiro

Japan vs Mexico


Time: 16:00

Venue: Belo Horizonte

Italy vs Brazil


Time: 16:00

Venue: Salvador

Uruguay vs Tahiti


Time: 16:00

Venue: Recife

Nigeria vs Spain


Time: 16:00

Venue: Fortaleza



Time: 16:00

Venue: Belo Horizonte



Time: 16:00

Venue: Fortaleza



Time: 16:00

Venue: Salvador



Time: 16:00

Venue: Rio De Janeiro

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