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Shaping Your Ideas



Design is the activity of turning your ideas into value proposition prototypes. It is a continuous cycle of prototyping, researching customers, and reshaping your ideas. Design may start with prototyping or with customer discovery. The design activity feeds into the testing activity that we explore in the next chapter (see section 3. Test, → p. 172).

Ideas, Starting Points, and Insights

Prototype Possibilities

Understand Customers

→ p. 74

→ p. 104

→ p. 86 Shape your ideas with quick, cheap, and rough

Inform your ideas and prototypes with early

Starting points for new or improved value

prototypes. Make them tangible with napkin

customer research. Plough through available data

propositions may come from anywhere. It could

sketches → p. 80, ad-libs → p. 82, and Value

→ p. 108, talk to customers → p. 110, and immerse

be from your customer insights → p. 116, from

Proposition Canvases → p. 84. Don’t get attached

yourself in their world → p. 114. Don’t show

exploration of prototypes → p. 76, or from many

to a prototype too early. Keep your prototypes

customers your value proposition prototypes too

other sources → p. 88. Be sure not to fall in love

light so you can explore possibilities, easily

early. Use early research to deeply understand

with your early ideas, because they are certain

throw them away again, and then find the best

your customers’ jobs, pains, and gains. Unearth

to transform radically during prototyping → p. 76,

ones that survive a rigorous testing process with

what really matters to them to prototype value

customer research → p. 104, and testing → p. 172.

customers → p. 240.

propositions that are likely to survive rigorous testing with customers → p. 172.

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