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affordable for group 2 hr = right length of time

safe environment

kids are happy and calm

noise in the room manage kids' attention

occupy kids

relax during busy weekend

not all kids are happy

leads to great conversation

visual story is easy to remember

both enjoyed moment share moment of fun

connect with each other

waiting in line not able to get babysitter

not intimate enough

accurate story deepen expertise

can consult Internet for more info

show off lack of light knowledge to take notes can't control with friends speed can't capture and share

too shallow for serious learning

The kids’ afternoon off

Date night

Personal research

When? Wednesday afternoon

When? Saturday evening

When? Any time

Where? Leaving from home

Where? Leaving from home

Where? Leaving from home

With whom? Kids and maybe their friends

With whom? Partner

With whom? Alone

Constraints? After school, before dinner time

Constraints? Kids taken care of (if parents)

Constraints? Needs to be able to take notes



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