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Same Customer, Different Contexts STRATEGYZER.COM / VPD / CANVAS / 1.3


Priorities change depending on a customer’s context. Taking this context into account before you think of a value proposition for that customer is crucial. With the jobs-to-be-done approach, you uncover the motivations of different customer segments. Yet, depending on the context, some jobs will become more important or matter less than others. In fact, the context in which a person finds himself or herself often changes the nature of the jobs that the person aims to accomplish. For example, the clientele of a restaurant is likely to use very different criteria to evaluate their dining experience at lunch versus at dinner. Likewise a mobile phone user will have different job requirements when using the phone in a car, in a meeting, or at home. Hence, the features of your value proposition will be different depending on which context(s) you are focusing.

In our example, the context in which our moviegoer finds herself will influence which jobs matter more or less to her. Add contextual elements to your customer profiles if necessary. They might serve as constraints for designing value propositions later on.

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