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A Movie Theater’s Business Model Key Activities

Value Propositions

Source movies Movie distributors

Run facilities

55 Moviegoers Channels

Theaters (good location)


Display equipment Cost Structure

Online ticketing Revenue Streams

Staff Movie rights

Customer Segments

Mass market Immersive storytelling experience

Key Resources

Food distributors

Customer Relationships


Key Partnerships

Food & drinks Rent

Ticket sales

Food & drinks (margins)

The new approach: focusing on the jobs, pains, and gains that drive customers

The traditional approach: psychodemographic profiles

By sketching out a customer profile, you aim to

Traditional psychodemographic profiles group

uncover what really drives people, rather than just

consumers into categories that have the same

describing their socioeconomic characteristics.

socioeconomic characteristics.

You investigate what they’re trying to achieve, their underlying motives, their objectives, and


Movie Behavior:

what’s holding them back. Doing so will broaden

20-30 years old

ǃɲ Prefers action movies

your horizon and likely uncover new or better

Upper middle class

ǃɲ Likes popcorn and soda

opportunities to satisfy customers.

Earns $100K/year

ǃɲ Does not like waiting in

Married, 2 children

line ǃɲ Buys tickets online ǃɲ Goes once a month

Profile for Joseph Ngongo

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