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Pain relievers vs. Gain creators Pain relievers and gain creators both create value

What is the difference with the pains and gains in the customer profile?

for the customer in different ways. The difference

Pain relievers and gain creators are distinctly

is that the former specifically addresses pains

different from pains and gains. You have control

in the customer profile, while the latter specifi-

over the former, whereas you don’t have control

cally addresses gains. It is okay if either of them

over the latter. You decide (i.e., design) how you

addresses pains and gains at the same time.

intend to create value by addressing specific jobs,

The main goal of these two areas is to make the

pains, and gains. You don’t decide over which

customer value creation of your products and

jobs, pains, and gains the customer has. And no

services explicit.

value proposition addresses all of a customer’s jobs, pains, and gains. The best ones address those that matter most to customers and do so extremely well.

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