Page 318

thinking hats (de Bono), 136–137 290

third-party research reports, 108 Transferrer of Value (customer role), 12

for Prototyping, 77, 84–85 Value Proposition Design book organization and online companion, x Business Model Canvas, defined, xv (See also Business Model


unique link tracking (Experiment Library), 221

Canvas) competitors versus, 128–129 Environment Map and, v, xv for established organizations, xix to overcome problems, vi–vii


selling colleagues on, xxiv–xxv skills needed for, xxii–xxiii for start-ups, xviii

validation (Customer Development process), 182

successful use of, viii, xi

Value Map, 26–39

tools and process of, xii–xiii (See also Canvas; Design; Evolve; Test)

best practices for mapping value creation, 30

uses of, xx–xxi

Gain Creators and, 33–34

Value Proposition Canvas, defined, xiv, xv (See also Value Proposition

mapping how products and services create value, 36–38 mapping value propositions, 34–35

Canvas) visualization, 138–139

Pain Relievers, 31–32 Products and Services, 29–30 use of, 60–61 Value Proposition assessing competitors and, 128–129, 130–131

W website

assessment, 122–123

tracking customers on, 109

Business Model connection to, 152–153

Value Proposition Design Online Companion, explained, x

defined, vi, xvi, 6 See also Value Proposition Canvas; Value Proposition Design Value Proposition Canvas characteristics of great value propositions, 72–73 (See also Design)

websites landing pages of, 223, 228–229 WhatsApp, 157 workshops, for established organizations, 166–167, 168–169

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