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Prereaders We practice what we preach and tested our ideas before releasing them. More than 100 selected people from around the world participated as prereaders to scrutinize our raw creations. More than 60 actively contributed by reviewing ideas, concepts, and spreads. They offered suggestions, meticulously proofread, and pointed out flaws and inconsistencies without pity. We iterated the book title several times with prereaders before testing various alternatives in the market.

Gabrielle Benefield

Jay Jayaraman

Johan Rapp

Phil Blake

Shyam Jha

Christian Saclier

Jasper Bouwsma

Greg Judelman

Andrea Schrick

Frederic Briguet

James King

Gregoire Serikoff

Karl Burrow

Hans Kok

Aron Solomon

Manuel Jose Carvajal

Ryuta Kono

Peter Sonderegger

Pål Dahl

Jens Korte

Lars Spicker Olesen

Christian Doll

Jan Kyhnau

Matt Terrell

Joseph Dougherty

Michael Lachapelle

James Thomas

Todd Dunn

Ronna Lichtenberg

Paris Thomas

Reinhard Ematinger

Justin Lokitz

Patrick Van Der Pijl

Sven Gakstatter

Ranjan Malik

Emanuela Vartolomei

Jonas Giannini

Deborah Mills-Scofield


Claus Gladyszak

Nathan Monk

Reiner Walter

Boris Golob

Mario Morales

Matt Wanat

Dave Gray

Fabio Nunes

Lu Wang

Gaute Hagerup

Jan Ondrus

Marc Weber

Natasha Hanshaw

Aloys Osterwalder

Judith Wimmer

Chris Hill

Matty Paquay

Shin Yamamoto

Luke Hohmann

Olivier Perez Kennedy


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Military Diet https://www.constantweigh...