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Taobao — Big Business-to-Consumer (B2C)

Taobao — ?

Alipay (payment system)

Helping businesses succeed

Key Activities

Developing commerce infrastructure


Millions Key Resources Expert Logistics App Devs + Fashion Models

of Chinese consumers 2-way review system

Value Propositions

Customer Relationships

Online customer service

One-stop presence

Training and Empowerment

Web retail with choice + trust + price/ quality

Customer Segments

Chinese speaking consumers


Micro + Small Businesses

Channels Big brands

Grow Business

Revenue Streams Premium for advanced shop features

Cost Structure

Membership fees Creation of new Ads

2-5% Sales commission

Revenue Streams

Taobao went from a simple e-commerce platform to complex


ecosystem in 10 years.

Launch of a new business

It achieved this by

The “new” asset becomes the basis of a new value proposition

Returning consumers

…for a new customer (big brands)…


…helping them reach Chinese

A new asset is revealed

consumers much faster than

Taobao realizes that its

through the opening of physical

business model possesses an incredible asset: hundreds of millions of Chinese consumers.


cost of customer acquisition time to establish physical presence

Reach improving and reinventChinese mass ing its value propositions consumers and business models on the way. With new Develop developments in mobile, brand loyalty gaming, messaging, and more, however, the company can’t rest on Grow sales

its laurels. Taobao is constantly challenged to continue its evolution.


Key Partnerships

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