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Successful companies create value propositions that sell embedded in business models that work. Outstanding companies do so continuously. They create new value propositions and business models while they are successful.

Five things to remember when you build transient

Today’s enterprise must be agile and develop

· Invest in continuously experimenting with new value propositions and business models rather than making big bold uncertain bets.

what Columbia Business School Professor Rita McGrath calls transient advantages in her book The End of Competitive Advantage. She argues


· Take the exploration of new value propositions and business models just as seriously as the execution of existing ones.

that companies must develop the ability to rapidly and continuously address new opportunities, rather than search for increasingly unsustainable long-term competitive advantages.

· Reinvent yourself while you are successful; don’t wait for a crisis to force you to.

Use the tools and processes of Value Proposition Design to continuously reinvent yourself and create new value propositions embedded in great business models.

· See new ideas and opportunities as a means to energize and mobilize employees and customers rather than a risky endeavor. · Use customer experiments as a yardstick to judge new ideas and opportunities rather than the opinions of managers, strategists, or experts.

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