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Test Card

Test 2: Parent interviews HYPOTHESIS: Parents are ready to adopt and buy a wireless baby alarm. METRIC: Percentage of adopting parents


TEST: Interview mothers


adopt the wireless monitoring. “Awesome. I want to buy now!”

smart bootie


Test 3: MVP Landing page

peace of mind

wireless monitoring

mobile app

Test Card


DATA: Of 105 mothers interviewed, 96 percent


pulse oximetry monitor

taking care of babies

HYPOTHESIS: A smart bootie is convenient and easy to use for monitoring. METRIC: Number of positive comments TEST: An MVP, with a video on a website

baby alarm

sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)

DATA: 17,000 views, 5,500 shares of Facebook, 500 positive comments by parents, distributors, and research organizations Validated, 2 weeks, $220 Test Card

Test 4: A/B Price test HYPOTHESIS: Rental versus sale at $200+ sale price METRIC: Percentage for a sale price TEST: A/B testing, 3 rounds, on the website DATA: 1,170 people tested, $299 the best price Validated, 8 weeks, $30

seems to be a promising business but…

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Military Diet https://www.constantweigh...