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Total audience addressed

My Product What percentage of people were interested enough to visit your page?

Visitors to website

What percentage of people were interTips

ested to perform the

ǃɲ Consider building a landing page MVP that gives the illusion that a value proposition exists even if doesn’t yet. Your insights from

action? Visitors who performed action

a CTA closer to reality (e.g., simulated sales) will provide more realistic evidence than, for example, the e-mail sign-up to a planned value proposition or a prepurchase of it.

What percentage

ǃɲ Be transparent with your test subjects after a

of people were willing

concluded experiment if you, for instance, “fake”

Visitors who

to invest time to talk

the existence of a value proposition. Consider

are willing to

to you?

offering them a reward for participating in the

talk to you

experiment. ǃɲ A landing page MVP can be set up as a standalone web page or within an existing website.



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