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Produce Evidence with a Call to Action STRATEGYZER.COM / VPD / TEST / 3.3


Use experiments to test if customers are interested, what preferences they have, and if they are willing to pay for what you have to offer. Get them to perform a call to action (CTA) as much as possible in order to engage them and produce evidence of what works and what doesn’t. The more a customer (test subject) has to invest to perform a CTA, the stronger the evidence that he or she is really interested. Clicking a button, answering a survey, providing a personal e-mail, or making a prepurchase are different levels of investments. Select your experiments accordingly. CTAs with a low level of investment are appropriate at the beginning of value proposition design. Those requiring a high level of investment make more sense later in the process.


Call to Action (CTA) Prompts a subject to perform an action; used in an experiment in order to test one or more hypotheses.

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