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How Quickly Are You Learning? STRATEGYZER.COM / VPD / TEST / 3.2


The only thing standing between you and finding out what customers and partners really want is the consistency and speed with which you and your team can propel yourself through the design/build, measure, learn cycle. This is called cycle time.


Quick learning

Learning Instruments Napkin sketches ULTRA FAST

Quickly shape your ideas to share, challenge, or iterate them and to generate hypotheses to test. BM & VP Canvases


Quickly gain first market insights. Keep the effort

customers, partners,

in-house so learnings remain fresh and relevant

and stakeholders

and so you can move fast and act upon insights.

design. When you start out, uncertainty is at its

Library of

Use the whole range of experiments from the

maximum. You don’t know if customers care


experiment library → p. 214. Start with quick

FAST The speed at which you learn is crucial, especially during the early phases of value proposition

about the jobs, pains, and gains you intend to

ones when uncertainty is high. Continue with

address, let alone if they’re interested in your

more reliable, slower ones, when you have

value proposition.

evidence about the right direction.

Therefore, it is critical that your early experiments be extremely fast and produce a maximum of learning so you can adapt rapidly. This is why

Business plans are more refined documents and SLOW

Business plan

usually more static. Write one only when you

writing a business plan or conducting a large third-

have clear evidence and are approaching the

party market study is the wrong thing to start with,

execution phase.

although it can make sense later in the process. VERY SLOW


Market studies are often costly and slow.

market studies

They are not an optimal search tool because they don’t allow you to adapt to circumstances rapidly. They make most sense in the context of incremental changes to a value proposition.


Pilot study

A pilot study is often the default way to test an idea inside a corporation. However, they should be preceded by quicker and cheaper learning tools, because most pilots are based

Slow learning


on relatively refined value propositions that involve substantial time and cost.

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