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Get back to the drawing board: pivot.

For example, when you have inval-

Find new alternative segments, value

value proposition around a novel

propositions, or business models to

technology, search for new poten-

make your ideas work when your

tial customers, value propositions,

tests invalidate your first attempts.

and business models.

Seek confirmation.

For example, if interviews with

Design and conduct further tests

potential customers show a strong

when quick and early experiments

interest for a service that requires

based on a small amount of data

heavy investments to launch, follow

indicate the need for drastic actions.

up with research and experiments

idated customer interest for your

that produce more reliable data validating customer interest.

Deepen your understanding.

For example, if the quantitative

Design and conduct further tests to

data of an experiment show that

understand why a trend is taking

potential customers are not inter-

place once you discovered that it is

ested, follow up with qualitative

taking place.

interviews to understand why they are uninterested.


Expand to next building block.

For example, when you have vali-

Move on to test your next important

dated customer interest for a prod-

hypothesis when you are satisfied

uct, follow up with experiments that

with your insights and the data

validate the willingness of channel


partners to stock and promote your product.

You experimented and learned. Now what?


For example, when you have learned

When you are satisfied with the qual-

and validated exactly what it takes

ity of your insights and the reliability

to get channel partners interested

of the data, you may directly start

in reselling your value proposition,

executing based on your findings.

start scaling up sales efforts by hiring salespeople or designing dedicated marketing material.



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