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Rank all your hypotheses in order of how critical they are for your idea to survive and thrive:


There is no basis for our idea if people aren’t making or don’t fear making

Critical to survival

bad business decisions (in particular regarding products and services) or if them with such issues.

People are interested in this topic duplicate hypothesis— eliminate one sticky note

There is no foundation for our idea if people don’t buy business books anymore and we can’t produce a best seller in a format they like.


people fear making bad decisions

people look for methods to help with challenges

value propositions are a real challenge

people want the Value Proposition Canvas

people still buy business books people like our book format

we can produce a best seller we can attract a top tier publisher

retailers will acquire, stock, and display book

use so we can upsell

people will find our book

some people convert to paid services

to those interested in more services. ...

Value Proposition Canvas as a helpful tool, there is no opportunity for our ideas.

It’s critical that people like or love our can’t find it or don’t know about it, they won’t be able to buy it even if they potentially would have liked it.

readers sign up for free online content cost structure can be supported by revenues

Less critical to survival

What priorities matter most?

propositions and if they don’t see the

book, but that’s only the start. If they

people will buy our book

It’s critical that we can get people to

If people don’t struggle with value



they aren’t looking for methods to help

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