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The Art of Testing Value Propositions

Make sure your experiments allow you to

It is an art to test how much your customers care

understand which aspects of your products and

about your value proposition because the goal

services customers appreciate, so that you can

is to do so as cheaply and quickly as possible

avoid offering anything unnecessary. In other

without implementing the value proposition in its

words, remove any features or efforts that don’t


contribute directly to the learning you seek.

You need to test your customers’ taste for your

Always make sure you aim to find the simplest,

products and services one pain reliever and gain

quickest, and cheapest way to test a pain reliever

creator at a time by designing experiments that

or gain creator before you start prototyping prod-

are measurable, provide insights, and allow you to

ucts and services.

learn and improve → p. 214.


Provide evidence showing that your customers care about how your products and services kill pains and create gains.

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