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The goal of the search phase is to experiment and learn which value propositions might sell and which business models could work. Your canvases will radically change and constantly evolve during this phase while you test every critical hypothesis. Only when you have validated your ideas do you get into the execution mode and scale. At the early stages of the process, your canvases change rapidly; they will stabilize with increasing knowledge from your experiments.

Customer Creation

Company Building


Start building end user demand. Drive

Transition from a temporary orga-

Capture every hypothesis, every-

customers to your sales channels and

nization designed to search and

thing you tested, and everything you

begin scaling the business.

experiment to a structure focused on

learned. Use the Value Proposition

executing a validated model.

and Business Model Canvases to


track your progress from initial idea and starting point toward a viable value proposition and business model. Keeping track of your progress and evidence produced along the way allows you to refer back to it if necessary.

Blank & Dorf ,The Startup Owner's Manual, 2012.


Search vs. Execute

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