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Work-in-Progress Gallery/Inspiration Wall

Projector and Screen

Set up an area where you can expose canvases

This is used to show slides or

and other work in progress. Add an “inspiration

customer videos. It should be

wall” with content that participants can draw

easily viewable by all.

from, such as reference models, examples, and models of competitors.

Room Control

This is where work

This space should

gets done. Four or

be set aside for the

five people per group

facilitator and team

is best. Do not use

to access computer,

chairs or tables unless

sound system, Wi-Fi,

required for specific

and maybe a printer.

work. Keep working groups in the same room rather than a break-out room to retain high energy levels throughout the workshop.




Venue Size, Look, and Feel

Large vertical surfaces are

As a rule of thumb, calculate

Plenary Space

indispensable, whether

50m2 per 10 participants.

Everyone can meet here for

movable or part of the build-

Favor inspiring venues over

plenary presentations and

ing. Make sure you can stick

boring hotel meeting rooms.

discussions. It can be set up

large posters, sticky notes, and flip chart paper on them.

with or without tables.


167 Small Group Areas

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