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New Key Partnerships

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Value Propositions

Customer Relationships

Customer Segments

…to Services Channels

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Revenue Reve Streams

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Cost Structure

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A Fresh Start Hilti used its new service-based value proposition Managers

to create more value for construction companies by ensuring that they had the right tools at the

immediate convenient tool tool replacement procurement latest technology

safe employees work enjoyment

100 percent right tool, right place, uptime right time

predictable costs


profitable. get construction done

broken tools

meet planning schedule

Impact on the Business Model Moving from products to services sounds like an easy and obvious value proposition shift, but it requires substantially reengineering the business model. Hilti had to add substantial new service

time lost in maintenance delays

upfront investment financial penalties

New service created:

“New” customer, more important

monthly subscriptions to

job identified: delivering on time!

fleet management utility

construction companies achieve a much more predictable cost management and keep operations

profitability under control

subscription based fleet management no cost for repair and replacement

right place at the right time. This would help

resources and activities in addition to manufacturing. But it was worth it. With their new value proposition, Hilti achieves higher margins, recurring revenues, and better differentiation.


Key Resources

Hilti focused on a new job to be done after discovering that its tools were related to a more important customer job: that of delivering projects on time to avoid financial penalties. They learned that broken, malfunctioning, or stolen tools could lead to major delays and penalties. From there, Hilti moved toward a new value proposition, offering services around machine tools.

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