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The Business Book of the Future STRATEGYZER.COM / VPD / DESIGN / 2.6


Imagine if you were a business book publisher. How could you improve your present offering and invent the business book of the future, which might not even be a book anymore? We sketched out three ideas along the invent-improve spectrum.


The YouTube of business education

The 1-800-Business-Book hotline

An online platform matching videos from business

A hotline number extending physical business

experts with customers who are looking for answers

books and offering on-demand answers. This

to their problems. This would require a substantial

would build on the existing business model but

extension or reinvention of the business model of

require an extension from a sales to a service

publishing books.


access 24/7 online answers

progress at own pace consulting hotline

sharable content

physical book

online videos low pay-peruse This concept

attract experts

requires an

service capabil-


ity adds a layer

business model

to the business IT


original one obsolete.

minimizes risk of wasting time

An additional community

entirely different and makes the

customized answers to problems

model but doesn’t

call center

transform it. infrastruc- community ture management

percent on matchmaking


hourly charge

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