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Azuri (Eight19): Turning a Solar Technology into a Viable Business

1 Initial idea An opportunity. Developing low-cost solar technology and providing low-income people with

Azuri Business Model: version 0



1.6 billion people in the world still live without electricity. Could innovative value propositions and business models around new technology offer answers? Simon BransďŹ eld-Garth founded Eight19 based on a printed plastic technology originating from

Key Partnerships

Key Activities

Cambridge University Key Resources

Cambridge University. The technology is designed

access to electricity. Value Propositions

help people light their home cheaply using solar power

Customer Relationships

rural African consumer Channels

printed plastic technology designed to deliver low-cost solar cells

to deliver low-cost solar cells. In 2012 Eight19 launched Azuri to commercialize the technology and bring electricity to off-grid customers in rural emerging markets. Finding the right value propositions and business models in such a context is not easy. We illustrate how it is a continuous back and forth between both on the following pages.

Case adopted in accordance with Azuri.

Cost Structure

Customer Segments

Revenue Streams

Profile for Joseph Ngongo

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