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Value propositions and business models are always designed in a context. Zoom out from your models to map the environment in which you are designing and making choices about the prototypes to pursue. The environment is made up of competition, technology change, legal constraints, changing customer desires, and other elements. Learn more with the illustration on this spread or read more in Business Model Generation.

Zoom out

Participatory TV Imagine you are a player in the movie

Industry Forces

Key Trends

industry. So far, you have been making

Key trends shaping your space, such

movies and TV series with leading

competitors, value chain actors,

as technology innovations, regulatory

actors for cinema and home viewers

technology providers, and more

constraints, social trends, and more

globally. But you’d like to explore new

Market Forces


Key actors in your space, such as

Macroeconomic Forces Macro trends, such as global market

Key customer issues in your space,

There is one idea that your inno-

conditions, access to resources,

such as growing segments; customer

vation teams want to explore more

commodities prices, and more

switching costs; changing jobs, pains,

closely: participatory TV—enabling

and gains; and more

viewers to crowdsource the plot of a

Zoom in Osterwalder & Pigneur, Business Model Generation, 2010.

TV series.

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