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Pull: Job Selection OBJECTIVE


Identify high-value

Ranking of customer

customer jobs that

jobs from your

you could focus on


Customer Profile Synthesized customer profile of a CIO

seat at the top management table

the customer.

Imagine your customers are chief information officers (CIOs) and you have to understand which jobs matter most to them. Do this exercise to prioritize their jobs or apply it to one of your own customer profiles.

Tips ǃɲ This exercise helps you prioritize jobs from the customer’s perspective. It doesn’t mean you have to mandatorily address the most important ones in your value proposition; those might be outside your scope. However, make sure your value proposition does address jobs that are highly relevant to customers. ǃɲ Great value proposition creators often focus

happy users

integrated platforms (mobile, cloud, etc.)

security breach

infrastructure downtime

projects on time and on budget

employees following IT policy

This pull exercise starts with

fully integrated systems

ability to provide business-critical information

contribution to revenue growth

unified purchasing

ability to invest in new systems assure compliance support innovation manage staff satisfy users

create value for corporation

manage legacy systems

getting fired

budget cuts

antiquated legacy systems

updating software

mobile gadgets of employees

budget overruns of +5 percent

compliance breach

overflowing requests of IT projects

staying up to date with trends

manage security

design IT strategy

manage budget

complex IT infrastructure

on only few jobs, pains, and gains, but do that extremely well. ǃɲ Complement this exercise with getting customer insights from the field → p. 106 and experiments that produce evidence → p. 216.

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