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Push vs. Pull



The push versus pull debate is a common one. Push indicates that you’re starting the design of your value proposition from a technology or innovation you possess, whereas pull means you’re beginning with a manifest customer job, pain, or gain. These are two common starting points, many of which we outlined previously → p. 88. Consider both as viable options depending on your preferences and context.

Key Partnerships

Key Activities

Technology Push Start from an invention, innovation, or (technological) resource for which you develop a value proposition that addresses a customer job, pain, and gain. In simple terms, this is a solution in search of a problem. Explore value proposition prototypes that are based on your invention,

Key Resources

innovation, or technological resource with potentially interested customer segments. Design a dedicated value map for each segment until you find problem-solution fit. Read more about the build, measure, learn cycle on → p. 186.

technological resources

Technology 1. Solution (invention, innovation, technology) Cost Structure learn


FIND A PROBLEM 3. Customer insights

jobs, pains, gains


2. Value proposition prototype

Value Propo sit

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