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Contrary to popular belief, great new value propositions don’t always have to start with the customer. They do, however, always have to end with addressing jobs, pains, or gains that customers care about.

Imitate and “import” a pioneering model from another sector or industry? Create value based on a new technology trend or turn a new regulation to your advantage?

On this spread we offer 16 trigger areas to get started with new or improved value propositions.

Come up with a new value proposition

They start from either the customer, your existing

that your competitors can’t copy?

value propositions, your business models, your environment, or business models and value propositions from other industries and sectors.

Come up with a new value proposition based on a new partnership?

Get “Innovation Starting Points” poster Build on your existing activities and resources, including patents, infra-

Could you…

structure, skills, user base? Dramatically alter your cost structure to lower your prices substantially?

Create a new gain creator for a given customer profile? Imagine a new product or service? Create a new pain reliever for a given customer profile?

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