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restuarant exhibition space

lobby entry

pavilion store

outdoor patio pavilion store site plan 1"= 100'

ground floor plan 1"= 8'

main floor plan 1"= 8'

STATEMENT: The given site at Coney Island is rooted with a contextual history line, and an iconic landmark (The Parachute Jump). Our design looks to bridge the past of Coney Island with its future through the conceptual idea of filtering views, sound, and culture around Coney Island as a place. We propose to accomplish this idea through the use of LCD panels that relay images and sounds that occur in real time, on the north faรงade of the building from the surrounding environment of the proposed site. Inviting people to experience Coney Island through the use of our proposed structure. The building will then act as a generator of activity, a machine that gets its life from the spirit of the place (the zeitgeist), and in return gives energy back to the urban fabric of Brooklyn. Views our filtered internally through strategically placed windows that capture either a hidden glimpses or full views bringing the external context inside. Light is filtered to fit the programmatic elements. For example the exhibition space is placed on the ground level adjacent to the parking lot. The light that would enter this space would consist of a soft translucent light to help brighten the space. The restaurant and the store would occupy the main floor, having exposure to natural sun light and views that are filtered conceptually. We also extended the board walk around the building to act as another type of filter, a filter of static activity vs. dynamic activity. Materials would consist of concrete steel and wood.

section @ entry 1"= 8'

board 1  
board 1