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Consumer Products “A consumer product is generally any tangible personal property for sale and that is used for personal, family, or household non-business use.”

Consumer Products are the products we buy as consumers. This can be from TV sets, computers, camera’s, the software we buy for these products.

Internet  

Anyone with the internet can watch television and films on the internet legally and illegally. Websites like 4od and BBC iPlayer are Web 2.0 applications that allow people to watch television online either live or whenever. There are also pirating websites like PirateBay, Megaupload and Movie25 that you can stream or download full movies or TV programmes for free and illegally. The largest reason why people would log onto the internet is to search for porn but now it is social network.

Interactive 

Now with TV service providers like SKY, BT Vision you can pause live TV and record it and fast forward and rewind etc.. You can also record live TV and then watch it back and have it saved onto your box to re-watch whenever you watch. Also you can be interactive online with watching livestreams and joining with a few other people or thousands and talk about what’s going on whilst watching it happen.

Pay per View  Pay

per view is exactly what it says, you pay an addition price to watch added content for example within wrestling for the special shows you have to pay an extra fee of £14.99 to watch that show.

On-demand Viewing ď‚› On-demand

Viewing is when you can watch any film, tv programme etc when you want for example BBC iPlayer and 4oD have the last 30 days worth of TV stored so you can watch anything you missed or to watch it again, they also have programmes showed ages ago so you can re-watch them also.

Streaming Content ď‚› Streaming

content can be from livestreaming something online or from streaming a film or TV programme like Netflix, Lovefilm or NOW TV. These can be payed subscriptions so you get this content or you can stream illegally online from websites like Pirate Bay etc.

Digital Recorders Digital Recorders can be like SKY TV when you can record TV programmes and other TV boxes like BT. Another Digital Recorders are also like burning content onto disks to then rewatch.