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Empowering Global Citizens through Technology


Introduction JKB Consultancy (Pty) Ltd is a consultancy firm based in Cape Town, South Africa and was founded to act as an intermediary business platform that provides the best money making opportunities in order to empower global citizens through technology. Its main area of interest is cryptocurrency investment.

With the rise of cryptocurrencies and especially Bitcoin which has recently grown exponentially; taking advantage of that state in order to build wealth has now become a priority for all. There are certainly several others ways of earning from cryptocurrencies but we will be focussing on just investing and being able to earn on a daily basis and that is from anywhere in the world. Let us therefore introduce you to Pandex.


About Pandex Pandex is an international financial markets broker. They offer their clients an opportunity to trade currencies and shares as well as ability to place their capital into asset management. Pandex provides for a stable daily income regardless of the geographic location or economic situation in a particular country.

Video presentation: Click Here

How to get started? 1. 2. 3. 4.

You first need to sign up: Click Here Log into your account Decide whether you want to trade and/or invest Add funds and if you are only investing like we are recommending then your next step will be to select your investment portfolio


5. The pay-out will be done on weekdays only (Monday to Friday) and you can decide whether to withdraw or to re-invest.

What are Pandex Payment methods? Pandex makes available the following payment methods to choose from: Bitcoin and Ethereum are highly recommended.


What are Pandex Investment Portfolios? While Pandex makes it possible to invest in currencies and even shares, we highly recommend to focus on cryptocurrency (XAO) in order to maximise your earnings.


*Note that at the end of each Term of Work, your initial investment amount is returned to your account so that you can decide whether you would like to withdraw and re-invest.


How do I refer others to this opportunity? Within your account, click on Partners as shown below and you will be able to find your referral link to share with others globally and earn lucrative commissions.

When signing up you will be able to notice that your Upliner/Sponsor as shown below is JosephKB and once you sign up, you will also set up your own username which will appear instead of JosephKB, making you the Upliner/Sponsor in order to grow your own network by making use of your referral link which can be found under Partners as show above.


What can I expect as compensation when I share this opportunity with others? Pandex has a very lucrative referral programme as outlined below: Everyone starts at Level 1 with the potential of earning from three levels down your line. As your portfolio grows so does your commission levels as well.


Payment Processors A Payment Processor is your online wallet or even your online bank account. It allows you to transact online. There are several of those available as you will soon discover by yourself, but the one we strongly recommend to those who do not as yet master Bitcoin and/or Ethereum and seems to be available globally is Payeer.

Create your account with Payeer: Click Here

The good thing with Payeer is that it offers a wide range of options to be able to add funds and also withdraw globally.

How to make use of Bitcoin and/or Ethereum? There are different wallets available around the world and we can only recommend you the few that we know are mostly used in different parts of the globe. You need to ensure that the one you decide to make use of will allow you to easily add funds as well as withdraw them:

 Luno – Click Here  Coinbase – Click Here  Xapo – Click Here


Conclusion Thank you for taking the time to read thus far. It has been highly appreciated and a real pleasure to sharing with you a stress-free way anyone on the planet with or without any kind experience could also be earning online with cryptocurrencies and that globally. Should you have any kind of queries, please do not hesitate to contact us through the details below. “Together for a brighter future�

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Contact Details Joseph Kulutu Consultant  Contact #: +27 78 541 0228  Skype: jokulutu  eMail Address:

Empowering Global Citizens through Technology

JKB Consultancy - Pandex  

JKB Consultancy brings you the Global Cryptocurrency Investment with Pandex in order to empower global citizens through technology.

JKB Consultancy - Pandex  

JKB Consultancy brings you the Global Cryptocurrency Investment with Pandex in order to empower global citizens through technology.