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Why waste time on impersonal web-based searches that leave you with piles of resumes?

We’ve brought together a group of dedicated, highly engaged and wellregarded business Professionals who have had the same needs you have now. They understand the value of networking and are willing to stake their own reputations to endorse the talented Professionals with whom they have worked.

ProjectConnect puts the personal touch back into personnel placements with an exclusive network of Connectors leading, local business professionals who have been in your shoes.

Our Process Tell us about your project or position. We canvas our unique network of Connectors for their personal recommendations of the ‘best-fit’ talent you need. We review and vet all referrals, then send you a list of Professionals eager to exceed your expectations! We’re with you every step of the way. Once your decision is made, we handle contracts and remain involved to ensure everything runs as expected.

Our Professionals Talented, experienced, disciplined and diligent —the kind of Specialists you can count on to get the job you need done . . . and done right! Each comes to you with the personal recommendation of one or more of our Connectors and a thorough briefing about your project or position from us.

ProjectConnect addresses an emerging need in today’s economy. As more companies reach outside their organizations for professional assistance, finding proven, best-fit talent in the swelling pool of available resources is harder than ever.

Our Clients We serve companies and organizations seeking to hire proven Professionals for ad hoc assignments and/or ongoing employment.

While other placement services have rushed to technology solutions, our unique talentmatch model depends on the personal recommendations and endorsements of trusted business leaders working in our community.


Why waste time on impersonal web-based searches that leave you with piles of resumes? Talented, experienced, disciplined and diligent —the k...

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