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The Most Kidney-Friendly Foods For Your Kidney Disease Diet A recent study shows that the best foods that should be included in a kidney diet plan are foods that contain antioxidants. Antioxidants help protect the body from several bacteria and viruses and also help neutralize free radicals. Eating healthy foods, seeking help from a kidney disease dietician, and following a healthy kidney disease diet is vital as this will reduce the chances of having more inflammation and developing cardiovascular diseases. By doing so, you are also helping your kidneys perform their functions easier. Here we give you the most kidney-friendly foods containing great amount of antioxidants which you can include in your kidney disease diet. Olive oil Olive oil contains oleic acid, which is an anti-inflammatory acid. This acid protects the body against oxidation. Several studies have found that people who are using olive oil have lower rates of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. When cooking, use olive oil instead of regular oil. Even when making salad dressings, or in marinating, use olive oil. Note that 1 tablespoon of olive oil contains less than 1mg of potassium, less than 1mg of sodium, and 0mg phosphorus. Fish The fish contains fats that prevent inflammation known as omega 3. These fats help battle diseases like cancer and heart diseases. Omega 3 also helps reduce the low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, or the bad cholesterol in the body, and increase the high-density lipoprotein (HDL, or the good cholesterol in the body. Note that 3 ounces of salmon fish contains 368 mg of potassium, 50mg of sodium, and 274mg of phosphorous. Egg whites Egg whites provide a good quality of protein including all the necessary amino acids. Many say that protein are bad for the kidneys, yes it is true with animal proteins. However non-animal sources of protein are not harmful and can be included in your kidney disease diet plan. Egg whites also contain very small amount of phosphorous. With 2 egg whites you will get 108mg of potassium, 110mg of sodium, 10mg of phosphorous, and 7 grams of protein. Red grapes Red grapes have flavonoids that help prevent oxidation and heart disease. They help decrease the construction of blood clots and stimulate the production of nitric oxide which is vital in increasing the blood flow in the body. With every ½ cup serving of red grapes you will get 88mg of potassium, 1mg of sodium, and 4mg of phosphorus. Apples Apples are very high in anti-inflammatory compounds and fiber which reduce the cholesterol level in the body, prevent constipation, reduce the risk of cancer and protect the heart from any

diseases. Include eating 1 medium sized of apple in your kidney disease diet and get 158mg of potassium, 0mg of sodium, and 10mg of phosphorus. Red bell peppers Red bell peppers are good source of vitamins A, C and B6, as well as fiber and folic acid. They also contain antioxidant and lycopene which are good in preventing inflammations. Red bell peppers are also low in potassium which will not harm your kidneys. It is best to eat them raw if you have a kidney diets. With every ½ cup serving of red bell peppers you will get 88mg of potassium, 1mg of sodium, and 10mg of phosphorous. Cabbage Another healthy food you should include in your kidney disease diet is cabbage. This vegetable contains phytochemicals which break the free radicals that can cause damages in the body. It is also rich in vitamins C, K, and B6, and also folic acid. It is also low in potassium. With every ½ cup serving of cabbage you will get 60 mg potassium, 6 mg of sodium, and 9mg of phosphorus. Other foods which are recommended in your kidney disease diet are the following: cauliflower, garlic, onions, cranberries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and cherries. About The Publisher: Kidney is one of the most important organs in our body, And having the right solution for the problem in one’s kidney is very hard to find due to different ideas about it. Kidney diet have many ways in treating them and we just need to know and to perform them correctly. For more information visit my site at

The Most Kidney-Friendly Foods For Your Kidney Disease Diet  

Everyone can agree that kidney infections are no fun. The good news is that you can fight against them by changing up your diet choices…

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