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JOSEPH JOHN COY Product & Fu r n i t u r e D e s i g n

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Curriculum Vitae Education


- York St John University, York

CAD • • • • •

BaHons Design Practice; (Specializing in Product Design)

Year One:

-Interior transport design specializing in furniture conceptualization. -Functional furniture design for moveable, stackable, and lightweight seating. -Design History; The most influential designs and designers in product and furniture design.

Year Two:

-Business Management Project (team); focused on a home security product and how you would design and market it. -Transport Products; a ‘green’ solution to the commuter experience. -Work experience and personal development; worked with an entrepreneur developing a product.

Year Three:

-Research and Development; A self identified brief leading to a fully researched product solution. -Final Show; a self identified project with a final large showcase presentation.



Experience Wolfson Design; Product and Furniture Designer/CAD Technician. August 30th 2010-Present Job: My role at Wolfson Design is to create and develop concepts for a multitude of design disciplines including lighting, furniture, product, and interior architecture.

Pure Seals;

Freelance Graphic Design. December 15th- August 5th. Job: For Pure seals I designed the layout for their product information web pages, and brochure.

Solidworks (Including Sheet Metal) 3D Studio Max Alias (In Training) Rhino (In Training) AutoCAD (In Training)

Illustration/Image • • •

Photoshop CS4 Illustrator CS4 In Design CS4

As a designer I believe my greatest skill is my creativity; being able to really break boundaries with my designs and explore new and exciting avenues of any concept. I also pride myself on by time keeping, and not only my ability to work well within a team, but also to manage when the time is called for it. I have a good knowledge of manufacture methods and techniques in a variety of common place and luxury materials, and if needed I can be very hands on; making models out of anything I can get my hands on to best depict a developing idea. I also have a good understanding of electronics and circuits, especially with lighting. My sketching skills are something I pride myself on, and I almost always start any design project by brainstorming ideas though a hand drawn medium.

Reference Philip Michael Wolfson Director 02072293221 Christopher Ridout Senior Designer 07921165305


A small collection of work

‘The creative habit is like a drug. The particular obsession changes, but the excitement, the thrill of your creation lasts.’ Henry Moore


Concept Hygiene

The common toilet cleaning implements have not radically changed for about 70 years, this has left private and public rest rooms with a product that is outdated and unhygienic. The Hydra toilet cleaning tool was designed to be extremely hygienic whilst also being a superior piece of cleaning apparatus. This product was in response to the NHS Super Virus epidemic and was submitted as my final project at University. Material: White PVC Shell Thermoplastic Elastomer Polypropylene Blades Creation Date: May 2010


Concept Light

The Aeon is an energy efficient LED light that was designed to be multi-functional. To make this possible magnetic ports were integrated on the top, bottom, back, and sides of the unit. It could be attached to other units as an expansive piece of strip lighting, or arranged on a wall as a piece of sculptural illumination. This lighting design was created for the PHILLIPS Student Lighting Design Competition 2010 Material: Semi-Translucent White Acrylic Creation Date: March 2010


Concept Energy

In the current economical climate, the development of alternative energy solutions is attracting more and more interest. The HUB or Household waste Utilizing Bio-digester uses waste green food products to fuel a grow chamber for kitchen herbs and plants, providing heat, light, and nutrient soil; the perfect environment for flora. This product was in response to the raise in petrol prices and press articles on how the UK had more Landfill sites than any other country in the EU. Material: Powder Coated Aluminium Mild Steel Glass Creation Date: October/November 2010

N 700

Transport Interior

The N700 Bullet Train is Japan’s fastest train link. It is a testament to modern engineering. This project was aimed at developing new interior design concepts of the N700 bullet train, and its massive number of daily commuters. In my first year at University I designed a range of futuristic carriage furniture. This project was for a presentation to the Senior Executive and Chief Engineer of Japanese Rail who were visiting the UK for talks concerning the UK’s North to South Bullet train. Creation Date: November 2007


Desk Lamp

The ‘PURE’ desk lamp is an active study for Phillip Michael Wolfson that uses an unbroken pure form incorporating certain structural characteristics to make the product functional. The Project is linked with PHILLIPS INTERNATIONAL Lighting and uses their OLED lighting panels and a light source. Material: Carbon Fibre Creation Date: August 3rd 2011


Origami; The Japanese art of folding paper. The Origami series by Phillip Michael Wolfson is a large collection of folded steel furniture items, each with its own aesthetical appeal. The Origami Lamp was the addition of a lighting product to this collection. A piece that not only utilized the aesthetic folds of the Origami series, but a custom made tubular lighting source. Material: Mirror Polished Steel Creation Date: January 2011

D -LINE DESK Exhibition Desk

The Dynamic Line series is a relatively new range of furniture by Wolfson Designs, and is inspired by the dynamic sketch lines of a developing concept. It is an adventurous series that plays between aesthetic sculpture and functional furniture. This desk was designed as an exhibition piece for a gallery space in New York. Material: Spray Coated Carbon Fibre Creation Date: February 2011

D - LINE TABLE Coffee Table

This piece, designed for Phillip Michael Wolfson’s D-line series, is a union of two dynamic forms as a supporting structure for a low coffee table. The element of functionality also played a role in the design of this table as the form also works well storing associated items like magazines and books; potentially enhancing the aesthetics of the piece, rather than diminishing it by adding complex distractions to its overall shape. Material: Spray Coated Carbon Fibre Creation Date: December 2010

S OUNDFORM 475 Sculptural Installation

The Soundform 475 was a proposal for an installation in 475 Park Ave South, NY. This Soundform was designed to interact with the surroundings as a ‘crash’; as though it had collided mid journey into the architecture of the building. Material: Powder Coated Steel Creation Date: August 2011

L I QUID BENCH Sculptural Installation

A study in flowing forms; the Liquid series is the most recent in the Wolfson Design series. This piece in particular represents a study of moving flowing architecture that follows a seemingly invisible set of obstacles. The study also incorporates a functional aspect as a piece of public furniture. Material: Concrete Composite Creation Date: August 2011

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Joseph John Coy  

A small sample of work