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Group Assignment 分站 介紹 - College of Liberal Arts


of buildings in the National Taiwan Univers ity was build during the time which Taiwan was Japan’s territory………


College of Liberal Arts in the National Taiwan Univ ersity was establish in 192 8, which is one of the olde st building in the NTU.


of Liberal Arts has arched windows and long h allway inside the building. These make it seems to be a grave building.


the College of Liberal Art s also has a special part-terra ce. And this historic building was made of a specific kind o f brick, which make the Colleg e of Liberal Arts stay dry and clean.


are some ladders in the entra nce of the College of Liberal Arts, wh ich means that teachers are in a high position. Students are never going t o be higher than the teachers.


it also tells people – wh ether students or teachers, t hey both need each other. A university without teachers is not going to be a universit y.

~The End~

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