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Ithaca College Graduate - Bachelor of Art in both Architectural Studies and Environmental Studies. Aspiring planner, who knows that sustainability isn’t just an option anymore – it is imperative in every new design. I think critically, and innovatively which I have shown through this portfolio.

Table of Contents Part One: Architeceutre Press Bay International Housing Project Cliff project

Part Two: Envrionmental Studies Belize Case Study Environmental Sentinels

Part Three: Field Work Wildcrafting

Part Four: Art Introduction to Drawing Two Dimensional Design Figure Drawing

After documenting the site, I used one and two inch cubes to design a small shopping center that acts as an extension of the existing Pressbay Alley in Ithaca, NY. Above both sections of the shopping center there is an outdoor terrace, and below the cantilevered structure there is a covered seating area to encourage increased use of this space. My drawings include a current tax map to show the plots that surround the site, and a map displaying road, and foot traffic that is possible around the alleyway.

Pressbay Alley Architectural Studio 1 - Fall 2016 Site: Ithaca, NY


International Student Housing Architectural Studio II - Spring 2017 Site: Washington D.C.

Multistory housing complex for international students in Washington D.C. My concept was to allow for the most urban friendly gardening, and green space possible.


Each floor has two apartment style facilities, and each apartment has access to their own terrace, along with a shared terrace. This may increase mingling, and the use of space for plants. My hope was to have each combined terrace acting as a green wall. My design allows for the most abundant sunlight, and wind flow to allow for cross ventilation, and a proper growing environment for the green wall. Each floor has their own greenhouse style lounge space where they can plant what they will, and hopefully share their yields with the other residents. The ground floor is a space that can be reserved by different communities within the school to hold events. It is designed in a way to accommodate any event. The small walls are there for gallery space, but can be moved to create more space, and to allow for small changes in the area.


Cliff Side Architectural Studio I - Fall 2016 Site: Ithaca, NY

The “Cliff Side� is an observational lab located on the Six Mile Creek gorge. The lab is plugged directed into the Cliff side with access to the bedrock, and water for testing from the balcony hovering over the water.


Belize Case Study Ithaca College - January 2017

Winter Session 2017 – Traveled to Belize, Central America with peers after a semester long course that focused on the environment and culture in Belize as a case study to explore topics such as: structure and function of tropical ecosystems, and Mayan Civilization, factors leading to high biodiversity in the tropics, importance of biodiversity to human civilization, and threats to these ecosystems. Explored Mayan Ruins, snorkeled in the Belize Barrier Reef, and spent two nights sleeping in the jungle. I made connections between architecture, and the environment that I never thought possible. 13

Envrironmental Sentinels Ithaca college - Fall 2016

Left image: Harvesting cattail. Right Image: Harvested cattail. Environmental Sentinels is a field-based course that focuses on natural history, biodiversity, and the ability to perceive subtle changes in the environment. In this class I learned primitive skills such as friction fires, natural rope making, medicinal plants, tracking, and field [tree] identification. Blending these skills and the approaches of deep wilderness awareness, I developed an ability to read land-use history and an appreciation for modern ecological science and natural resource management.


Wildcrafting Internship - Summer 2017

Summer Internship - Primitve Pursuits. taucht wilderness survival skills to children ages 3-15. Learned how to turn natural materials into functional products. Top images: Putting natural clay pottery into a homemade kiln. The bottom left image: Natrual clay vessel, firehardened in a homemade kiln. Bottom Middle: Small basket made from Eastern White Pine bark. Bottom right: four of the spoons I coal burned, and carved from the wood of Aspen, Pine, and Basswood trees.


Figure - charcoal (18” x 24”)

Figure - charcoal (10.5” x 13”)

Still Life - Charcoal (18” x 24”)

Introduction to Drawing Ithaca College - Spring 2015

Abstraction of Still Life - (18” x 24”) 19

Extreme Foreshortening - Ebony Penicl (18” x 24”)

Structural Head - Ebony Penicl (12” x 14”)

Structural Feet - Ebony Penicl, Compressed Conte (18” x 24”)

Figure Drawing Ithaca college - Fall 2017

Superimposed Skeleton - Ebony Penicl, Charcoal (18” x 24”) 21

Self portrait - Ink wash Painting (8.5” x 9.5”)

Two Dimensional Design Ithaca college - Fall 2015

Crumbled Cookie - Fine Point Marker (3� Squares)


Jhover portfolio  
Jhover portfolio