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LINEN Why every thread counts.

LUXURY An experience to savour. Once upon a time, luxury was about

instead seeking out personal experiences

making a statement. To be ‘dressed in

which lift the spirit. These can often

purple and fine linen’ spoke of linen as a

be the simplest pleasures in life, just

display of wealth and comfort in biblical

made special: the taste of an exceptional

times. But nowadays, true luxury marks

vintage wine, the appreciation of a

itself out as a more private experience.

wonderful painting, or a stroke of the

Today, connoisseurs of luxury are not

softest cashmere. The difference, as it

looking to make a loud statement, but are

always was, is in the detail.

HISTORY The mark of a good household. There was a time when the value of

bed linen has cast its spell on all who have

bed linen to a household was second to

experienced the difference – a feel which

none. Often woven by expert artisans

should improve with time and use. Indeed,

and embroidered by noble ladies, it was

to Louis XIV, bed linen was a treasure so

a symbol of wealth and would be listed

unique and personal that he would send

among one’s most treasured possessions,

his linen, in trunks, ahead of his entourage

alongside gold and silverware or even

wherever he travelled. Fine linen, it seems,

works of art. Since its earliest days, fine

has long been an essential luxury.

COMFORT From indulgence to addiction. You don’t necessarily need to be Louis XIV

the more you can refine your selection.

to know that there is something addictive

This is a journey of discovery leading to

about the comfort of a beautifully appointed

nothing less than your dream bed. In the

bed. What begins as a rare treat soon

end, it isn’t just about the quality of your

becomes one of life’s essential luxuries.

sleep, but the quality of your life. After

And the greater your understanding

all, what can be more important than

of bed linen – from the patina of a

feeling comfortable and cosseted when

high threadcount, to the extraordinary

going to bed, and waking up knowing

lightness of the finest cotton batistes –

you’re in the best place in the world?

RENAISSANCE A new appetite for traditional luxury. With the decline of large country

instinctively. And this belief has led us

estates as family homes and the rise of

on a personal quest to rediscover the

the disposable culture, the last century

original bed linen and household textile

witnessed a fall in the reverence for,

tradition and its great craftsmen, with

and delight in, fine bed linen. When

their generations-old skills.

we founded Josephine Home, it was

Now that tastes are returning once

with a belief that while fashions may

again to the comfort and reassurance of

change, a desire for true quality would

traditional and understated quality,

never entirely disappear. We believed

we are delighted to be at the vanguard

that one should know the real thing,

of this renaissance.

PURITY White is right. At Josephine Home, we adhere to time-

Today, there remains nothing quite

honoured traditions through every

as welcoming as the look and feel of

step of our production process – from

immaculate, crisp white sheets at the end

weaving to stitching. When it comes to

of a long day. However, the closer you

the colour of our bed linen, our great

look at our bed linen, the more variety

love is white. Historically, the whiteness

you will find in the detail. For example,

of bed linen said so much about its

our signature discreet grosgrain trim

owner’s sense of style and social status,

adds a contemporary twist, and will

that people went to extravagant lengths

either gently complement or cleverly

to make theirs the whitest of white.

offset the colour scheme of your room.

PREPARATION Getting ready for bed. When it comes to dressing your bed,

used on a bed (a recurrent question) is

we would recommend these few simple

truly a matter of taste and habit - seven

but effective tips: if using flat sheets,

being the upper limit on a super king

neat ‘hospital corners’ made by pulling

bed, with four flat sleeping pillows plus

the sheet extremely taut across the bed

three reading pillows. The main rule is

are a must. If using a duvet, make sure

to hide any pillows that have already

you give it a good shake to plump it and

been slept on underneath the least

spread the down evenly. Four pillows

creased pillows or behind the decorative

tend to make a bed more inviting than

pillows. So even a slept-in bed looks

two, but the number of pillows to be

fresh and new.

CREATIVITY Your bed, your rules. To go from a well-dressed bed to a

difference. Anything could work: a rare

‘couture’ bed, attention to detail makes

silk brought back from a special trip

all the difference. Once you’ve chosen

could be made into a bespoke cushion,

the mood and colour scheme of your

or a textured throw might perfectly

room, you can use finishing details

contrast with the fresh white linen

on the bed (cushions, throws and bed

underneath. Ultimately, there’s no room

linen) to create a harmonious tension

quite as personal as your bedroom, and

which will bring the whole room to life.

no part of it quite as private as your own

Remember, over-matching is really the

bed; all the more reason why returning

opposite of couture. Finally, to have real

to this part of your home should be one

impact, a personal touch makes all the

of life’s special occasions.

CARE Long live your linen. For generations, laundering, whitening

water area. Secondly, always iron sheets

and darning bed linen were vital rituals in

while they’re still slightly damp for an

the cycle of life associated with fine linen.

easy glide and a perfect finish. Finally,

Today, a few simple rules will ensure you

store well away from any dust - ideally

get the best out of your bed linen. Firstly,

in a separate linen cupboard, or even

wash at the lowest temperature (40- 60

drawer, perhaps adding an evocative

degrees) without filling the drum too

scent to infuse the linen. The result will

tightly as water must be able to circulate

be long lasting, crisply ironed, freshly

to ensure a thorough wash. Soft water

scented linen, which will make it a treat

makes a huge difference to the feel of

to get into bed every night. Given that we

your linen, so it is really worth investing

spend up to a third of our lives in bed, it

in a water softener if you live in a hard

just has to be worth it.

592 Kings Road, London

+44 (0)20 7751 0100

Josephine Home Linen Brochure  

Josephine Home Linen Brochure 2012

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