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Josephine Muench

Volume 1, Issue 1

Arriving at FHS My experience at Fishers High School began with one of the biggest transitions I ever made. From fifth grade through TABLE OF CONTENTS REQUIRED Inside this issue:

the middle of my sophomore year

The Meaning of Life


I was homeschooled, before that,

Personal Reflections of People


Personal Reflection on Memories


Personal Reflection on Achievements


whelmed me. During the transfer, I learned that the high school credits I earned

Top Ten


thus far would not be counted at Fishers High School. For me, this meant I

Inside Story


I attended a private Christian institution in Carmel. Needless to say, transferring to a public school during a second semester completely over-

would be required to give up the year and a half of work I had already accomplished and abandon my previous hopes to spend my first year out of high

Inside Story


school abroad in Nicaragua. My only option to earn my honors diploma was to attend summer school and repeat several classes. Special points of interest:

My high school career will consist of three and a half years that will

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be counted by the state, but my actual time involved will add up to five years.

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However, I have excelled at Fishers and welcomed the experience of public

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school as well as my experiences from homeschooling. I assume that the op-

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portunity to complete both has made me a better-rounded person than the average student who attends public school their entire life.

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Josephine Muench

Volume 1, Issue 1

T he Me a ni ng of L ife Much of my life has been influenced by my opportunities. Although I have made many opportunities available to myself through hard work and effort, many would have not been an option if not for my circumstances in life. I was blessed to be able to go on a mission’s trip several times to Nicaragua, a third world country in Central America. The chance to experience this culture changed my life forever and introduced me to the things that are really important in life. Although these people have next to nothing in material possessions, they always find something to smile about. They know the things that are truly important in life; education, religion, and family. These things are put above all others in this community. They know that without a good education, the next generation will only suffer the same hardships that they have. Their religion is what takes them away from the circumstances they are put in. When the village goes to the church down the street, the whole area fills with song, joy, and hope. And their family is what holds the entire place together.

Josephine Muench

Volume 1, Issue 1

Pe r so na l Re f le c t io ns on Pe o ple Who has influenced me the most: I would describe myself as my father’s daughter. My dad had always been the outcast, living in a house with four women and no boys. Growing up, my dad took me to everything he wanted to do while my mom would take my older and younger sister elsewhere. I went fishing, go-karting, worked on cars, went to Indy car races, and helped my dad with all of his projects around the house. It didn’t take me long to realize how hard my dad works for little credit or recognition. My mother has been a stay at home mom since my older sister was born in 1992. For almost twenty years, the burden of raising three girls and taking care of a wife has been completely on my dad’s shoulders. Although my father and I have not always gotten along, in fact we often argue to this day, I know that there is no one else in the world who would do what my dad would do for me. When I was little my dad used to tuck my sisters and I in as we begged for “butterfly kisses”. One day I found myself doodling in class and came up with a design that is now tattooed on my back to always remind me of

Help Along the Way: The picture to the right is of my older sister Haley and I on Halloween at Ball State this past year. My sister has been there for me through a lot and has always helped me even when we’re fighting. She left for Ball State when I was just entering high school at FHS which made it harder on me since my best friend left at the same time I was thrown into a whole new life. As time went on though, I adjusted to my new lifestyle and even began to go to Ball State for visits. It became a monthly occurrence for me to travel to Muncie to spend the night with my sister. I got a tattoo on my ribcage of an infinity symbol and told my sister she should do the same. After much coaxing and a while of waiting, she finally got the same tattoo on her ribcage as well. This, to me represents that my sister will be with me forever no matter how far she is from me or no matter how much we may argue or fight.

1 Corinthians 13:13: And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

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Josephine Muench

Volume 1, Issue 1

Personal Reflections on Memories WHEREVER you put MEMORIES, also put TIME CAPSULE Major Changes: Coming to FHS after

My Neighbor and I catching bass on the White River

almost six years of homeschool was not only a change in school, but also at home. Changing to a public school made my parents step back and realize they would have to loosen the reins. I worked twenty-five to thirty-five hour weeks and took care of all my own expenditures. I was never late for curfew and I kept my grades up throughout my entire high school career. My parents noticed this and big changes took place. I was allowed to go out anytime anywhere without really letting them know where I was going or when I would be home as long as I called to check in sometimes and was home by one or two am. It was a huge step in trust for my parents, and even though I may be the only one of my friends with a curfew at age eighteen, I’ve come a long way since homeschooling. I know that I am trusted and that is a great feeling to have, especially in a household Cole Was my favorite dog like mine. at my job at PetSuites

How I Want to be Remembered: Independent and hardworking is how I would want to be remembered. I have always done my best to take care of myself, but I have definitely remained aloof from most people at Fishers High School. My closest friends have never gone to FHS or even lived here. When people ask me what school I go to and I tell them I go to FHS, I am automatically badgered about what sports, clubs, or activities I am or have been involved in. I am forced to cut them short and reply that I have never been involved in any extracurriculars with FHS; I simply go to school here. When asked why I never continued on in sports or activities after my transfer, I always reply that I had to get a job. With no allowance and only small babysitting jobs, I got my first real job at age fifteen, ever since I have been working at least twenty hours per week. Work has always been very important to me and I’m proud of myself for being independent and especially purchasing my own vehicle at age sixteen. I now pay for my own gas, insurance, clothes, and anything I want that is not a necessity around the house.

Josephine Muench

Volume 1, Issue 1

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Personal Reflections on Achievements Moments That Have Shaped Me: One moment that truly shaped the rest of my high school life was when I purchased my truck. It opened up many opportunities for me to become more independent. I was able to drive myself to and from work, and have my own vehicle that I knew I could always use without having to ask my parents permission. It made things a lot easier and a lot more fun. After working for the money to afford a truck for years, realizing that I actually had the money to afford my own vehicle was an amazing feeling. It became my pride and joy, I was adding extras and looking for more as soon as I bought it. There are still many plans I have for it, and I’ll be sad to leave it here when I go to school in the fall, but it will be something fun to work on when I come home.

Goals for the Future: My ultimate goal for my future is to find something that I love doing, and make great money doing it. I received a scholarship to Ball State University for $4,500 per year and plan on attending there in the fall. I haven’t completely decided what major to pursue yet, but I’m debating between a pre-med program or a pre-engineering program. I am currently leaning towards the engineering program. Either choice will require me to attend a secondary school. If I pursue the pre-med choice, I will attend ball state for four years then transfer to either Butler, or St. Francis for two years. If I pursue the engineering program, I will attend Ball State for Three Years and an engineering school of my choice, for two more years. Although either of these choices will require a lot of schooling, I am excited to pursue my education and begin my career, whatever that may be.

My Top Ten Songs 1. In Color– Jamey Johnson 2. Laughed Until We Cried– Jason Aldean 3. Dirt Road Anthem– Brantley Gilbert 4. Halfway to Heaven– Brantley Gilbert 5. Whiskey Lullaby– Brad Paisley 6. Country Boy—Aaron Lewis 7. Country Boy Can Survive– Hank Williams Jr. 8. Me and Charlie Talkin’– Miranda Lambert 9. Brave– Nichole Nordeman 10. Love Me– JJ Heller

1. In Color describes how something retold, is never as vivid as something that was lived.

2. Laughed Until We Cried reminisces about old times and how quickly time goes by. 3. Dirt Road Anthem has just always been a favorite of mine since it came out, I prefer Brantley Gilbert’s version. 4. Halfway to Heaven describes Brantley’s near death experience when he crashed his car, at age nineteen while intoxicated. 5. Whiskey Lullaby is just a beautiful song describing a tragic love story. 6. Country Boy describes my life as it is and what I want it to be, 7. Country Boy Can Survive is my favorite classic Hank Williams Jr. song. 8. Me and Charlie Talkin’ reminds me of a friend I had when I was a little girl. 9. Brave is a Christian song that describes my relationship with God very well. 10. Love Me is song that touched me the first time I heard it, I now have the lyrics from the chorus “He loves me for me, not for what I have done, or what I will become” tattooed on my right side.

My Time Capsule 1. My mother’s letter to me My mom wrote me a letter when I was three years old explaining the way I behaved and the things I did. She gave it to me on my sixteenth birthday and I’ve cherished it ever since. 2. One of my grandma’s glass dogs My grandma has collected glass dogs for a long time and for years, every time we went to visit her (a three hour drive) she would give my two sisters and I one dog each, they mean a lot to me. 3. A lock of Stormy’s hair. Stormy was my horse when I was little, we had a bond like I haven’t known since and this makes me feel like I still have a part of him. 4. My Senior Key This was the only thing I have ever ordered from FHS. I never got a class ring, a yearbook, or even graduation invitations from FHS. I never saw the point, but this necklace proves a point to me that I made it through years of school, to graduation. 5. A few of my art pieces I would like to see how my art progresses over time, whether it improves or worsens, it would be interesting to see.

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Josephine Muench

Volume 1, Issue 1

Personal Reflections on World Events (?) learning/general/onthisday/ big/0911.html In 2001, the twin towers were hit by a plane that had been hijacked by a terrorist group. While this is common knowledge to my generation, and will be for generations to come, I think it is important to realize that we lived through something that will be in history books for our children and grandchildren. Some of us may barely remember it. This year one of my teachers commented that this may be her last senior class that truly remembers 9/11 and the complete destruction that took place. America took one of the big-

gest blows it has ever incurred and came through it, it’s important to remember that this happened in our lifetime. news/obama/ articles/2009/01/20/barackobamas-inauguration-is-onefor-the-history-books In 2009, we elected our first African American President, Barack Obama. Running against Sen. McCain, Obama was the democratic candidate. His campaign was centered around “hope” and his inauguration was no different. The theme was “A New Birth of Freedom”. He was sure to

include many diversities in his inauguration, an attempt, no doubt, to emphasize his acceptance of the masses. Since his inauguration, Obama has had many proposals, one of the most controversial being his gun restrictions. The proposal includes more vigorous background checks, a ban on military assault type weapons, and launched a national gun safety campaign to encourage education about guns. Much of this was in response to the tragedy at Sandy Hook earlier this year.

Josephine Muench

Volume 1, Issue 1

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Personal Reflections on Pop Culture (?) It seems that fashion and style are becoming more and more judgmental as time progresses. I can’t go to the drugstore without seeing pictures of a very pregnant Kim Kardashian being splattered across every magazine possible. I found an article from US weekly that discusses the maternity outfit she wore on an outing in Paris. It raves about how the outfit cost an outrageous amount of money. Although I too find the amount of money celebrities spend on clothes to be ridiculous, there wouldn’t be clothes priced for those amounts of money if there weren’t people with the amounts of money to

afford them. It is really none of anyone’s business how much her outfit cost. celebrity-style/news/kimkardashians-maternity-outfit-in -paris-costs-more-than-7000201335 Something else I feel I cannot get away from, are the copious amounts of pictures and articels about celebrities and their gained baby weight. I find it ridiculous that the public will harshly judge these people based on the condition of their body, immediately after they have a baby. It is common

He cries in the corner where nobody sees He's the kid with the story no one would believe He prays every night, "Dear God won't you please... Could you send someone here who will love me?" Who will love me for me Not for what I have done or what I will become Who will love me for me 'Cause nobody has shown me what love What love really means Her office is shrinking a little each day She's the woman whose husband has run away She'll go to the gym after working today Maybe if she was thinner Then he would've stayed

knowledge that babies, and age in general can affect a woman’s body. Why make it that much more difficult for any woman. I find the current generation’s need to judge others on their bodies to be a reflection on their own insecurities. People magazine’s website has a whole archive dedicated to “Body After Baby” that discusses how to lose baby immediately after the baby. I just don’t see why this is the most important thing to us when they have just had an infant child. That is what should be focused on, not their lingering baby weight.

Caption describing picture or graphic.

Who will love me for me? Not for what I have done or what I will become Who will love me for me? 'Cause nobody has shown me what love, what love really means He's waiting to die as he sits all alone He's a man in a cell who regrets what he's done He utters a cry from the depths of his soul "Oh Lord, forgive me, I want to go home" Then he heard a voice somewhere deep inside And it said "I know you've murdered and I know you've lied I have watched you suffer all of your life And now that you'll listen, I'll tell you that I..." I will love you for you Not for what you have done or what you will become I will love you for you I will give you the love The love that you never knew

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