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Table of contents 1. Contest 2. Advertisement 3. Dog attack interview 4. Maze 5. Coupons for Pet Emporium 6. Free puzzle poster 7. free valentine card 8. Snake attack 9. Real Life Saver: Dog Saves Blind Man from Car 10. Maze 11. Cat gives birth to puppies 12. Advertisement

This picture was taken after the attack and after the doctors and nurses cleaned up the blood on my right leg. (Bite mark on the leg)

1.Q: What were you doing at the time of the incident? A: I was walking to my uncle’s house for and errand my parents wanted me to do. I was bringing my uncle food, also some important papers for the Shop he owns down the street. (Parents & uncle work together) 2.Q: whose dog was it?

A: It was actually my uncle’s guard dog. It's usually tied up to its cage but since it was lunchtime my uncle untied it so it could eat. 3.Q: Why do you think the dog attacked you? A: I thought it attacked me because I was holding food that

was for my uncle and it didn't eat yet. 4.Q: What happened after the dog attacked you? A: After the dog attacked me my uncle and my parents rushed me to the hospital. I was bleeding allot, and I also had to get many different shots to make sure I didn't have any disease's 5.Q: Do you have any scars that were left from the incident? A: Yes, I do still have a bite mark left from the incident. 6.Q: What were you thinking at the time? A: I was thinking why is this happening to me, I have to get out of here, I was in allot of pain. And it hurted allot. 7.Q: How old were you when you were attacked?

A: I was 14 years old at the time. It was really scary because the dog was huge and it seemed like I was so small. 8.Q: When you were attacked how did you feel? A: I was really scared, I was in allot of pain, it was a really scary time in my life as a kid. 9.Q: Where were you at the time of the incident? A: I was right in front of my uncle's house when it happened. The dog actually jumped over the fence and physically attacked me. 10.Q: In which areas did you get bitten? A: I was bitten on my back, butt and my leg. But the scars are mostly on my back because that was where the dog’s teeth mostly pierced through my skin.


This is the picture of the baby alligator that was attacked.

We were at the Winnipeg Zoo in Winnipeg, Manitoba when mysteriously a snake came from the other side of the cage and physically attacked a few day old alligator during its swim. IT was a horrific sight of nature it’s self! And here’s what 8-year-old Daniel Hockspher has to say about the attack. Daniel Hockshpere, 8 years old --It was so cool! This was probably the fist time I’ve ever got to watch something with blood in it. It was really cool because out of nowhere the snake came flying into the water and it bit the baby alligator with its big teeth. Then the mom alligator

Started running into the water and roaring at the snake. But the mom alligator was to late the baby alligator was badly hurt. Then all the people that worked at the zoo came into the alligator cage and put the baby alligator onto a large blanket. After they took the snake and put it back in it’s cage. But after that I couldn’t really see the baby alligator because a lot of older people kept cutting in front of me to see what happened. It was like a TV show when the animals get hurt and then the veterinarians came to help them. And that’s the story of the snake attack from an 8 year olds point of view.

This is a heroic story of a dognamed Sally, and it’s owner Bill Johnston. As the owner Bill, tells the story of how his dog saved his life for hers the family takes a moment of silence to remember everything she has done for them. Bill says that they were just taking their normal walk, like they do every morning. It has always been the same route, Sally knows the way and she will never get us lost Bill says. But yesterday morning was different. As we came across a stoplight a few blocks away from my house, I heard some streaking noises from far off. But as we were crossing it got louder and louder like as if the car wasn’t stopping.

Then Sally started barking and pulling me backwards. But by Then it was too late, I fell to the ground and Sally pushed me out of the way and I heard a huge BANG! I was screaming Sally, Sally where are you? Tears were running down my eyes. I heard Sally barking and crying. It was one of the worst things I have ever heard in my whole life. I was horrified at the time, I just couldn’t speak. It felt like a part of me was ripped out. I was yelling for help and luckily someone called an ambulance and they brought us to the hospital. It seemed like forever in there, waiting for an answer, for someone to tell us that she was all right. But once the doctor came out they said that there was no chance of Sally coming back. I just wished that it were me and not Sally. She was my best friend, she did everything for me, and she even sacrificed her life. She was a true friend, Rest In Peace Sally.


Have you ever heard of a cat giving birth to a puppy? Well I have, because I’ve got a dog that got my best friends cat pregnant. It actually started a few months ago from now, when I started bringing my dog over to a friend’s house. I would always go there with other friends and we would usually watch a movie there every Friday. It was basically a routine we did every week. We had lots of fun and it seemed like our pets did too. It didn’t

really seem like anything unusual was happing between our pets, just that they get along really well. Knowing that they were cats and dogs I would usually suspect that they would be fighting, but they weren’t. But when we weren’t watching they’d sneak off to another room. Later on we started to come over every Friday and Saturday because they seemed to be getting along a lot. Two weeks after, my

best friend saw that her cat was getting bigger and bigger everyday. So I came with her to the vet to get her cat checked out. I brought my dog also and the whole time through he kept barking and crying, that’s weird I thought. When the veterinarian came out and told us that her cat was going to have a litter of kittens, I was wondering how could that have happened. If me and my other friends only had dogs, how could it have mate. Then we thought that it must have been the neighbour’s cat, but the veterinarian said that it was from a dog! I was really surprised; I didn’t know that could happen. To find out who the father was the vet asked if she could have the DNA of our dogs. It took a few days to get all the results in. And lucky my dog, her cat and me were about to have the first litter of a new cat/dog breed. It was really cool because everything was on the news! Cat and Dog collide, A new cat /dog breed, could this happen? There were many amazing titles all over the newspaper, and they were all about my dog and my best friends cat. As the days went by we waited until it was time. About 3-4 months later my best friend called me and said, “ Go to the vet’s because my cat is about to have kitten/puppies! “ By the time my dog and I got there, there were news reporters everywhere waiting to see the new breed. It was really exciting, I was even shocked myself of what I saw

come out. They looked like dogs with pointy ears and whiskers. But unfortunately only three of them survived out of the seven that were born. One of them was buried in a ceremonial graveyard, and the other two were sent to a college to be examined. This was an exciting story of a new breed, seeing how the two totally different animals combined to make a new species.

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