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Joseph Hundeby A Well-known Personality In The Education Industry

Dedicated Professional

Joseph Hundeby has a strong educational background. He obtained his Bachelor's of Education from Iowa Wesleyan College, and then went on to receive a Master's of Education from the University of Minnesota, where his studies revolved around Teacher Leadership. He sees the value in continuing to delve further into the field as he learns about new subject matter. He has participated in number of advanced learning classes such as school district leadership, collective negotiations, educational systems and planning, advanced qualitative methods and many more.

Academic Achievements He has also taken more than a dozen courses relating to Special Education Joseph Hundeby is trained and experienced in behavior and learning intervention strategies advanced behavioral intervention training with Boys Town and Quality Schools intervention programs. He successfully implemented Plato Program for credit recovery and a student graduation intervention. His reading/math intervention programs led to improvements in reading and math scores of his students.

Expertise in Presentations

He presented educational aspects and strategies of social networking to educational scientists, technologists, distance learning experts, teachers, and trainers from around the world. He was invited to United States National Dropout Prevention Conference, to serve as the representative for the State of South Dakota. He has served as a co-presenter for the University of North Dakota/St. Cloud State University at International North American Educational Technology Conference, Canada.

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Joseph hundeby – a well known personality in the education industry  
Joseph hundeby – a well known personality in the education industry  

Joseph Hundeby is a Ph.D. candidate and a Graduate Research Assistant at the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks. He is licensed in th...