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Joe Hundeby: Educator Par Excellence

After serving the education field for over 20 years, Joe Hundeby has the experience and knowledge needed to help students achieve success in the classroom. He received his Bachelor's of Education from Iowa Wesleyan College, and then went on to receive a Master's of Education from the University of Minnesota. He is completing his Doctorate of Education Ph. D. at the University of North Dakota.

As a teacher, coach, and administrator, JOE HUNDEBY believes that students are the future of our country, and of the world. He was invited to the United States National Dropout Prevention Conference, serving as the representative for the state of South Dakota. While at University, he wrote a dissertation titled “A Grounded Theory Study of Dropout Rates in a Pine Ridge Native American Community in South Dakota.�

Joe Hundeby has taken many classes in the field of Special Education including.. • • • • • • •

Special Education Foundations Behavioral Theory/Practices Special Education Law Classroom Management Early Cognitive Development Innovations of Instruction Family Development

According to research, a practitioner in special education requires mandatory expertise and a certain personality type and set of abilities. The following are some qualities which are necessary according to Joe Hundeby. 1) The ability to look at difficult moments with a sense of humor. 2) They know how to have fun without getting caught up in the details.

3) They understand the important impact they have on their student’s lives. 4) They don’t become enraged or flustered, even in a crisis. 5) They remain dedicated to their class and monitor their student’s progress. 6) They work closely with parents, primary caretakers, therapists, and doctors to ensure their students health and well being.

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Joe Hundeby Educator Par Excellance  

As a teacher, coach, and administrator, Joe Hundeby has the experience and knowledge needed to help students achieve success in the classro...

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